Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1012 Flight

Chapter 1012 1012: Flight

Lucifer had managed to distract the enemies, but that also put him straight in harm's way.

A person emerged from the ship with specially made Shackles, approaching Lucifer. A smug look remained on his face as he came closer.

Lucifer immediately identified the young man as someone he had encountered before. They had both participated in the Promotion Exams. During the exams, the young man had managed to secure the fourth position.

"To think that the first rank would be in this position after such a short time. What a fall..." the young man laughed. "Meanwhile, after your fall, I'll get the position that will be vacated by you. I should thank you for that!"

"A position that's worth nothing?" Lucifer asked in response. "To think that you would be so happy to become a servant of the Star Alliance."

"Shut up! A traitor like you has no right to talk about the Star Alliance! You got everything! A trash outsider like you got the promotion, and also managed to marry the Queen! Even after all that, you were so greedy that you wanted more and killed her! You're the last person I would take advice from!"

The young man stopped just half a metre away from Lucifer, raising the shackles. However, contrary to his expectations, Lucifer didn't raise his hands to let him place the shackles.

"I've no interest in giving any advice to you. But you shouldn't have come out of the Ship..." Lucifer spoke, his expressions remaining calm.

He didn't care who came out of the ship, since the outcome was the same. But it was just a pity that the one who came out was such a weak person. He had thought that at least he could get a stronger person...

The young man felt like he was being looked down on, but at the same time, he felt something wrong in Lucifer's words.

These weren't the words of someone who was scared of what was going to happen to him! These weren't the words of the man who was about to surrender. Instead, these sounded like a threat.

The young man had a bad feeling about this. But before he could react, his face went pale. Tens of Black Lightning Bolts appeared all around him. He couldn't even let out a single word before all the Lightning Bolts impaled him.

The sheer power and precision of the Lightning Bolts left no room for escape or resistance. It was a ruthless and swift execution, leaving those who witnessed it in shock and horror.

Lucifer took the shackles from the man's hands, whose lifeless eyes remained open even in death. The man's body fell down, a loud sound resounding as the man's body fell flat on the ground from thousands of feet.

All inside the ship who saw what Lucifer did were stunned. Instead of being scared, Lucifer had reacted more firmly. It was as if he had slapped them in the face at that moment.

The Generals were furious, but before they could decide, they saw Lucifer turn around and fly in the direction of the Star Alliance Headquarters.

Since all the forces were here to capture Lucifer, the Star Alliance Headquarters was mostly defenceless. The Generals who saw the sudden change were stunned. Even in his last moment, Lucifer was They were convinced he wanted to destroy the Star Alliance Headquarters as his last action before his death.

"This crazy boy." Even Ron's Grandfather was stunned at the sudden change.

The Ships that were blocking the path of Lucifer's ships were all commanded to attack Lucifer. Multiple cannons fired at the same time. In the absence of his Teleportation, there was no way to avoid the attack.

Even the strongest shield couldn't stop the attacks that came from the Star Alliance Ships.

Back in Lucifer's ship, Ron was also taken aback by the change. He wanted to help Lucifer, getting agitated. However, he remembered Lucifer's words before he had left.

He was told to not react, no matter what happened. Lucifer had asked him to take the opportunity to escape and not get involved in anything else. Their goal was to get to earth in time!

Clenching his teeths, Ron made a decision! He was to escape with Lucifer's friends and go to earth and try to stop the Destruction Squad from destroying earth.

He took the Commander Seat and controlled the ship, issuing instructions to Lucifer's friends. Although the others insisted that they weren't going to leave without Lucifer, even trying to leave the ship to help Lucifer, he didn't let them.

Ron sealed the ship from inside. Other than him and Lucifer, no one could unlock the ship. At the same time, he activated the flight.

With all the enemy ships focusing on Lucifer, a big gap was left in the blockade. Ron wasn't officially a Captain, but he was the Grandson of a General, and the young prince of an entire High Grade World. He had been taught many things since his childhood.

Although he sometimes came across as a silly person who was only interested in fighting strong people and challenging his limits, but at the core, he had great talents in many fields. And commanding a Ship was one of those talents.

"Activate the emergency manoeuvre protocol," Ron shouted, quickly assessing the situation. "Unless you all want to be buried here and let your home world be destroyed?! Do you think he would be happy with that decision?!"

He turned on some settings, using the secret codes that only a General was supposed to know. With the Codes, he removed the extra restrictions from the ship, giving it a momentary burst of power. The limit was placed for the safety, but at the moment, that wasn't needed.

As if his words had some effects, Kellian agreed. He took the lead in convincing the others and just like that, although unwillingly, the entire Ship Crew was on board.

A sudden burst of Power went through the ship's engines. In the blink of an eye, the ship shot forward. With Ron controlling the ship, he surprised the Captains of the Ship that were part of the Blockade.

However, since the ships were focused on Lucifer, they couldn't react fast enough to Ron.

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