Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1009 1009: The Prisoner Escape

Chapter 1009 1009: The Prisoner Escape

"Moreover, I know my old man. He won't do it sneakily. He'll go and tell the Star Alliance about your presence and that he is going to free your friends to save me. It's only a matter of time before your friends are free," he added.

Lucifer nodded. That's exactly what he thought was going to happen. If that wasn't the case, he wouldn't have asked Ron to help him.

"But the problem will start after that," he stated.

The Old Man was going to free his friend. And he could even ask his friends to be brought here, but that was the extent of it.

He couldn't get them back without releasing Ron. And even if he managed to achieve that, the aftermath was quite troublesome. Even in his plan, he was certain that there were many headaches.


"To think that we would end up like this." Back in the prison cell, Kellian sighed.

Not only him, but the others were also caught. Even worse was that they were shackled in these mysterious things that interfered with their abilities. For now, they were no different than mortals that could be killed easily.

Even though they were captured, they weren't informed as to why it happened. They were kept in the dark. If it wasn't for them overhearing the conversation of the guards, they would have been lost about the reasoning.

"Do you think that he actually killed the Queen?" Tristan asked, sighing.

"I am not sure. But even if he did, there must be a good reason. The only thing I worry about is his whereabouts. Just like the queen, he hadn't been seen either. Could something have happened to him?'

The people in the cell dreaded the possibility. They had already expected their death, but at least they wanted him to live.

Their conversation was cut short as they heard the sound of the metallic door opening.

"Enough talking. It's time for you to be taken to the last place you'll ever see in your life!"

The Guards entered the prison and attached even more shackles to the Guards before dragging them outside.

The date and time of their execution was almost here.

The Guards dragged the prisoners out as if they were animals, yet they maintained an unbreakable spirit of resilience. Even if they were to be executed, they don't show a single trace of fear.

The Guards took them through the hallway to the first floor, but as they were on the way, they felt a heavy suppression on their body. Taken aback, they looked around to find the source of this unexpected force.

It was a General... One of the Highest Ranking People in the Star Alliance.

The Guards respectfully greeted the General. "My Lord!"

The General nodded and acknowledged their salutation, exuding an air of authority.

"That's enough. You can leave the prisoners to me. I'll handle the rest."

"But..." The Guards hesitated, their eyes darting nervously between their superior and the prisoners. They were granted this responsibility and they were under a different general.

Moreover, they hadn't received any orders from their commander that a General was personally going to escort them? They couldn't understand why that would be the case.

"Are you going to refuse my command?" The General asked, his killing intent so heavy that it made the Guards shiver in fear.

"N-not at all. As per your orders, we will hand over the prisoners to you."

The Captain of the Guards swiftly took a decision. Since the matter was related to the Generals, he couldn't do much. A General had too much authority in the Star Alliance.

Even if he killed them, no one was going to hold him accountable.

The Guards stepped back. They turned around and swiftly left. The room fell silent as the mysterious stranger's cold gaze lingered.

In that tense moment, the air was filled with an eerie anticipation as Lucifer's friends noticed heavy hostility in the eyes of the old man.

"If your friend thinks he can survive for long by doing this, then he's in for a rude awakening. So don't be happy about this freedom!" The Old Man exclaimed, before waving his hand lightly.

Multiple black lightning blades appeared around Lucifer's friends. The blades shot towards them.

Expecting this to be their last moment, Kellian and the others closed their eyes, with a serene look on his face. There was no fear or regret. They had accepted their fate and embraced the unknown ahead.

To their surprise, the attack didn't hit them. Instead, they could feel their powers being unrestricted. They opened their eyes to find that the shackles were broken!

The Old man hadn't attacked them, but he had attacked the chains that were holding them captive.

In another place in Star Alliance, a message was delivered to every General at this moment. As soon as the Generals opened that message, they were shocked. It was a message from Ron's grandfather.

In the message, he informed all the Generals about the fact that his grandson was kidnapped.

"By the time you receive this message, I would have freed the prisoners and let them escape. And if any of you were in my place, I'm sure you would've done the same thing," the Old General spoke.

"After I manage to get my grandson back, I will return and accept any punishment for my actions..."

With the last sentence, the message ended.

Many Generals were furious. In anger, they slammed the table, shattering it to pieces.

They all rushed out to check up on the prisoners to make sure they hadn't escaped. At the same time, they called for all the exits of the Star Alliance Headquarters to be sealed.

Unfortunately, it was too late by now. Ron's Grandfather had already left and they couldn't find anyone.

The Star Alliance gathered their forces, being led by the Generals. Even if they couldn't stop the prisoners from escaping, at least they knew that Lucifer was in this world! They also knew the location.

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