Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 94 - Ambition and a Demon King

Chapter 94 - Ambition and a Demon King



I’ve been feeling a rare semblance of peace these past few days. If I could put it into words, it would go like this.

You had a constantly sharpening blade hanging above your neck, and it could drop down any minute. This blade was so sharp and deadly that it built up a fear of the approaching death and continued to fill you with anxiety and dread. You then spend the next few years just constantly trying to avoid that blade, but it still hangs over you.

Then one day, out of nowhere, you find a person that would lift this blade off your back, and make sure it never approaches you again. The blade hanging and waiting to strike down on me was lifted by Sir Osmont. The stress and anxiety I had been feeling all this time, gone.

Even now, I don’t think this esteemed person knows just how much influence he has over me. I couldn’t even begin to recount the amazing feats he continued to do. I expected his power to be very high for the unique skill to confirm that he would be the one to prevent the coming calamity, but I didn’t know to what extent.

An adventurer taking down a rank A dungeon by himself was rare, but not mind-bending. Doing the same thing for rank S dungeons? That was a whole other level. Putting his battle power aside, something even more magical was his power that allowed him to turn a barren land fertile and cause the almost instantaneous growth and ripening of plants. This was the thing that completely cemented my trust in him and made him all the more special. I was able to put this dukedom’s leader completely under my influence with the sudden abundance of foods that ’I’ provided.

And now, I was waiting beside the carriage as he went to face a deadly EPIC ranked powerhouse with a smile. "Haaaa". I patiently waited as I held full trust in him, and soon saw a gold light fly in from the distance.

This was one of the secrets I held, the ability to see his light whenever he was near due to my unique skill. He seemed to have an even more amazing skill that allowed him to become completely hidden to anyone near him along with the addition of the purposefully made veiled suit. But my skill always reacted when he was near.

I smiled at his expected successful return and opened the doors to the wide carriage, overlooking the long line of wagons behind us as I gave the signal to prepare to move out. The esteemed sir silently got in the ride, with me going in last and closing the door, multiple barriers encircling the carriage soon after.

He had the same calm face as he reappeared in front of my eyes, with a hint of worry as he seemed to be lost in thought. The significance of the event that just occurred seemed to be minor in his eyes, but it was something tremendous. EPIC ranked powerhouses were a nation’s deterrence, and he had just defeated one.

He had successfully taken down those that wished us harm, and the effects would be large. I would be using this event to my advantage and seek an audience with Father as soon as we get back to the kingdom.

He seemed to have made up his mind after a while and spoke,

"You asked me before what I wanted?"

Yes. What exactly did someone like this want? I had an inkling but wanted to hear it from him first. If it was what I had in mind, I would wholly give it to you. He looked at me seriously as the golden light on his body shined even more.

"If I told you that I wanted to take this whole world into the palm of my hands, what would you say?"

I could feel my heartbeat increasing when he said this. It was better than my wildest dreams. I replied as I could feel a smile slowly form on my face.

"For someone with your power, it would only be natural."

Did he finally decide on his ambitions? For him to prevent the coming calamities, he had to lead us through them. My peace-loving father would not be able to do it. My scheming older brother would fail even more.

My unique skill told me this was the person to stick to in order to pass through the coming times. If not just me, but the entire world that attaches itself to him, then naturally the whole continent will find itself with less anxiety just like me. I trusted my skill that much.

My mind had long ago been made up as I rose in the wide carriage... and bowed towards this man once again. The cold voice that I wished had more emotion rang out. My heart was pounding as the words left my mouth.

"I formally greet and show respect to Esteemed Sir. As I have said before, whatever you need, I will provide. For the prosperity of myself and many more that are suffering, I will follow the direction you lead us to."


[Somewhere in the frozen lands]

A Demon King was surrounded by scantily clad figures in a compound that seemed recently erected.

Ranked 56, he was Demon King Gremory. Two horns could be seen growing on the sides of his temple, with a face that seems to be a better fit if it were placed on a woman.

He was the holder of the Unique Skill, {Primal Conjurer}, which allowed him to call upon two powerful primal spirits of the same level as himself. His presence alone was the equivalent of three beings of the same rank, and he was terribly powerful.

He was not fond of the cold, and yet he was the one assigned to the weak kingdom in the north. He was currently moving one of the Demon Legions towards this place slowly, as the cold and the mountains surrounding this kingdom were the only thing slowing their destruction.

That didn’t stop him from sending a few forces ahead to do what demons do best, sowing discord. Of course, someone had taken the bait. They had been hesitant at first but soon came to willingness after realizing the number of forces the Demons had on their side, as well as...other factors in the mix.

Since that time, they had slowly moved forward, taking over a few counties and duchies, their advance not slowing down.

Yet, something out of his expectations had occurred a few hours ago. One of the few Power Jewels he had procured had been used, only for its user to die a few seconds later. The protector he had sent forward to placate one of his pieces had fallen. This meant some problems had occurred. For them to be forced to use the Power Jewel and still die meant they had come across a powerful enemy.

He was already waiting for his messengers to return after establishing a line of communication, but the event made him begin taking his mission seriously. Losing a Power Jewel, as well as its user was a very big loss, and he did not enjoy taking losses.

He called forth his lieutenants as he gave the order for the Demon Legion to start moving once more, increasing their speed towards the lone kingdom in the north.

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