Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 865 - Give Me a Second to Become a Sage!

Chapter 865 - Give Me a Second to Become a Sage!

As the incorporeal Sages from the Spirit Domain pondered on the Dao of Destiny to find the correct path for their goals, the Tyrannical Entity was still in the Consummate Sword Expanse communicating with two Sages!

The Sword Kings and the left out Traverser were by the side as Morgana was even more actively talking after the news about the destruction of the Desolate Galaxies.

"The Spirit Domain has multiple Sages, those bastards having always seemed sneaky as hell to me as I don’t doubt they’re hiding some shocking secret."

Her words made the expressions of many harden as her eyes focused on a singular being.

"We must prepare, and have someone actually strong enough to stand against the suicidal Spirit Race!"

Morgana tauntingly looked towards Noah as she spoke, sensing how this being had not even assimilated a single Dao.

Even though he might have battle power nearing a Sage, he wasn’t one himself!

"The one to lead us is someone who hasn’t even assimilated a single Dao? A being that barely qualifies as a Sage in terms of strength?"

Her voice was extremely piercing in the starry space as it was filled with mischief, Noah looking at Morgana as he waved his hands to return his pets but the Blue Slime into his origin, sending his now unmerged clones back into a Time Space of the Infinite Galaxy as he planned to do something stupendous!

Morgana and the others looked at this scene quizzically as Noah let out dominating words.

"Assimilating daos...huh? Give me a few seconds to assimilate some Daos and become a Sage."


Shock and incredulousness filled the eyes of those that heard the words, the Sword Emperor’s face being the most shocked one as he had heard words similar to this not too long ago!

This being had told him to give him a minute as he came out having somehow comprehended a Cosmic Dao thereafter, and now he was saying to be given seconds before he assimilated Daos and entered the ranks of Sages...


Amidst the stupor and shock of others, Noah’s clones had entered the Time Space of the Infinite Galaxy as they each held and had already started actively absorbing Dao Assimilation Crystals!

Noah now knew he couldn’t use them on his Cosmic Dao, so he went ahead to assimilate his fully comprehended Daos as he planned to step into the folds of a Sage in a matter of seconds in the outside world!

The Affix of [+15,000% Increased Comprehension and Assimilation of All Daos] that would have normally been just a mere 7,500% with the addition of two more Ruination Cores as it used to be 2,500% when he obtained the second Ruination Core was also set, a tremendous amount of boosts becoming available for this session of assimilation as one must not forget the +10,000% from the boost of merely having the Cosmic Dao of Ruination itself!

It meant that for the Assimilation Crystals...Noah would not have to absorb many to have his percentage shoot up by a large amount!


The absorption session of Dao Assimilation Crystals began for the first time ever, Noah making his way across the fully comprehended Daos of the Sword and Withering as the Grand and Lesser Dao began to skyrocket up at the same rate.

His clones worked in conjunction to absorb multiple Crystals as it didn’t take him too long to observe the percentage of assimilation on both Daos shoot from 0% towards 100% after absorbing just 5 rounds of Assimilation Crystals on all his clones!


A unique air began to surround the clones as Noah’s body in the outside world was even more vibrant.

Morgana, The Sword Emperor, and many of the watching Entities observed the essence around Noah to shoot up the moment he said to be given a few seconds to become a Sage, watching in shock as this being erupted forth with the essence of the Sword and Withering in large amounts as seconds later, they receded onto his body calmly as if they were all reigned in- as if they were all subservient!

A second later...the aura of a being that assimilated Daos erupted as the eyes of watching Entities and Sages nearly bulged out of their sockets!


Morgana was pointing towards Noah in a stupor as her bountiful c.h.e.s.t shook, the Sword Emperor looking form in blatant amazement as next, the saw the space trembling above Noah’s head as a phenomenon similar to what the Blue Slime had undergone took place once more.

This time, the hole that tore open the space was barely an inch in size, nowhere near as monstrous as the Blue Slime!

Wondrous and regal looking blue Primordial Essence came from this tiny hole in the sky as it dr.a.p.ed over Noah, piercing into his origin and soul as he underwent another round of purification.

This time it was from an entirely different essence, and something unique that Noah had not expected occurred when the Primordial Essence entered his Origin!

It seemed to sense the Ruination Essence that had already purified him as it swirled around seemingly in confusion for a few seconds, but the essence had to purify nonetheless as it did its job a second later!

Noah found to his shock that unlike the piercing soul rending pain he had gone through when he underwent his first purification under Ruination Essence, the Primordial Essence felt extremely warm and cool as he felt no pain.

Only the sensation of him becoming stronger as he received another +1,000% to All Parameters!


His body shook with majestic power as the genuine aura of a Sage leaked from him, those watching by the side having their jaws nearly detaching from their bodies as they stared at him with utter disbelief.

"Well, it took longer than a few seconds, but a Sage is a Sage."


Domineering words left his mouth as the Entities were roused up, Traverser looking towards Noah with increased shock as he met this being not even a few days ago when he was just an Entity!

What the genuine f.u.c.k was going on here?!

Morgana finally had no words to spare as in the starry space, only the joyful laughter of the Sword Emperor had begun to resound as this old Sage felt his heart rest easier and easier with this show of power.

On this day, Noah Osmont had become a Sage!

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