Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 83 - The Crown Prince

Chapter 83 - The Crown Prince

A grand occasion was taking place on the Snowy Peak of the Frozen Kingdom. A new Royal Guard was about to be appointed, and the selection would take place in the form of combat!

All of those that deemed themselves worthy and had sufficent status climbed the long bridge into the luxurious world atop the Snowy Peak. Grandiose establishments were left behind as many nobles, adventures, and mercenaries found themselves congregating in a large square field that had tiered seats in their surroundings

At the forefront, an elevated seating was present where the Ice Princess herself would be observing the match. Lower seating was present on the sides for merchants, adventures, mercenaries, and anyone else with sufficient status to attend. Nobles would be seated on the opposite side of the Princess observing the matches as well

An occasion like this would not normally draw such huge crowds, but it was the presence of the Princess that forever wore a cold expression that people were waiting to see. When the new Royal Guard would be sworn in, there was a tradition of the veil that covered the entirety of Princess Adelaide’s face to be gone for an instant. Many came just to be graced by this sight


I could see many figures congregating as I remained hidden in the far corners of the high seats that the princess was looking down from. My figure was fully transparent with the rank S equipment I recently received as well as the many hiding skills that nearly erased my existence from people’s eyes

I could see the figure of Captain Ryner standing valiantly on the side of the people that would be competing, with his face showing an expression of confidence. Various types of foods and refreshments were being passed around by a collection of expertly dressed maids

I turned my attention from the sights of people into the surroundings as I enjoyed the peacefully rustling white colored trees that symmetrically lined up this entire venue.

One of the things that continued to surprise me in this kingdom was the different types of beauty you could see with their architecture and simple layouts of the various snowy and colorful trees. It continued to remind me just how different the world I was currently living in.

Figures continued to fill in as discussions rose to their peak, before Princess Adelaide rose with her hand glistening in the air, bringing an abrupt silence. I had half of my attention placed on watching the skills that continued to rise in proficiency and combining the ones I could, with the other half of my attention on the events playing out in front of me

The rising of her hand signalled the beginning of the affair, as the people coordinating the event moved around to start the first match. At this point in time though, rough winds blew out as something majestically appeared in the skies

The beast that just appeared perfectly fit the description of a Gryphon, with large outspread wings and a sharp beak that glistened in the light. Atop this mighty looking beast was a dashingly handsome man accompanied by a woman that was letting out a crazy level of power

My focus fully shifted onto them as I felt the feeling of an EPIC ranked individual once again.

"My dear sister, you would hold such an event without inviting your loving brother?"

In a playfully berating tone, the voice rang out from the figure as the Gryphon slowly landed near the elevated seats where we sat. Looking at the figure drifting up to the princess and matching it with the information I held, this would be the powerful Crown Prince that was currently set to become the next ruler of the Frozen Kingdom

He truly did have the strength to prance around as he did, with the only guard he brought along being EPIC ranked. The terrifying guard’s eyes observed everything in the surrounding, the gaze landing on Princess Adelaide’s rank S aides that stood around her.

The seemingly loving brother ascended the platform and came face to face with the Princess, his arrival bringing with it a level of tension in the recently calm surroundings. His hand moved out and landed on the shoulders of the veiled princess with a light pat, and I observed a slight tremble occur on her figure

"That is no way to welcome your older brother. Come on, let’s see if we can get a few words out of you today. How about ’Brother, it’s nice to see you!’? Hmm, no? Haha, oh well!"

The Crown Prince talked this way as the veiled princess remaining still, her covered face only blankly staring back at him. He smiled brightly at this response as if he had won something and turned aorund to the mass of people around us

"Today is an auspicious day where our favorite Princess will add another guard to her collection. Let us enjoy ourselves, and watch the great matches unfold!"

Exclamations rose out as people matched the Crown Prince’s enthusiasm, and two figures stepped into the square arena to start the first match. The dangerous EPIC ranked woman stood behind a chair that was right beside the Princess, where her old brother took his seat when the match started

Not a single word was traded between the siblings after this, as the platform we were standing on became filled with an uncomfortable air.

I looked at this newly appeared Crown Prince and recalled the things Princess Adelaide mentioned the night before. Among the many things she brought up after we agreed on a mutual cooperation, the name of her older brother occupied much of the discussion

Crown Prince Aeneas, the royalty that controlled Summit Peak, as well as the Frozen Paradise that the youngest Prince Theodred occupied. The biggest thing she told me to keep in mind was to be careful of the rapidly changing face of this Crown Prince.

The berating persona of an older brother was not in any way how the person was in the dark. He was a shrewd individual who had taken control of two Peaks, with the Princess losing the battle against him when it came to the Frozen Paradise that their younger brother occupied.

The Crown Prince’s hands had dug down deep and now controlled a majority of the businesses and commerce there, elevating his status even further and giving him increased wealth. She told me that if there was anyone to cause us trouble in the future, it would be him. She was much more guarded against him than even the demons that would eventually wage war on these lands

His figure let out peak rank S strength, similar to the Princess, but the main worry was his EPIC ranked woman that was guarding him with a fierce expression. My body remained veiled in the dark as I watched this Crown Prince and the ongoing matches below.

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