Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 801 - Merely an Entity! I

Chapter 801 - Merely an Entity! I

Even though the Blue Slime that Noah had contracted looked innocent, one must still remember its identity!

[Blue Slime](PRISMATIC+) :: An Animus Summon at the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm. A unique species rarely seen in the Animus Universe, this Blue Slime comes from the thought to be perished lineage of Universal Emperor Slimes that were hunted down to extinction in the Animus Universe by a coalition of beings from the Primordial Cosmos. The defining racial skill that made it a target for extinction is <<Universal Devouring>>, an ability that brought about a Universal Emperor Slime that held an entire Universe in the Primordial Cosmos hostage for 1000 years. Its unique composition gives it complete immunity to physical attacks and 50% Damage reduction to all other forms of damage. This Blue Slime has nearly mastered the Grand Dao of Devouring, but is also proficient in the Grand Daos of Four Elements, Slaughter, and Macrocosm, along with the Lesser Daos of Alacrity, Voidspace, and Vitality. When it fully becomes a Universal Emperor Slime, it will naturally awaken the Cosmic Dao of Annihilation...

A creature proficient in 4 Grand Daos and 3 Lesser Daos while also being at the Peak Tier GALAXY!

Not to forget its stupendous <<Universal Devouring>> that made its brethren a target by the experts of the Primordial Cosmos!

Such a creature was acting like an assassin as an invisible aura built up in its body while it was situated below the feet of the Entity Vast!

"Haha, have you not heard of me? Do you not know what the Grand Dao of Vastness represents?!"


While being surrounded on four sides by Old Man Khan’s summons and the terrifying Tiamat above, Vast continued to talk boisterously.

"My essence is more vast than anyone you will come across in this Dark Universe, so even though pesky flies are keeping up with me now- you all won’t be able to do so in a few hours!"


"When that time comes, you can only prepare for death! Haha!"

Vast was boisterous as he launched attack after attack, the black holes and Quasars he was throwing out truly seeming endless as his mana constantly brought more of them forth with every strike.

Old Man Khan’s aged eyes had a troubled expression as he knew without the support of Tiamat, he might have already been forced to retreat from the relentless attacks of this Entity!

But how would they get out of this situation around at a time like this?

"Be on stand by to have your pets release their most powerful attacks soon. I’ll let you know when."

While wondering about how they would get out of the worsening situation, Old Man Khan received a telepathic message from Noah that would have caused him anger before, but his brows tightened in seriousness as he knew this being had too many surprises.

"Haha, in front of this Vast, what can you do but di-"


Vast’s arrogant words were brought to a halt as he paled at this moment.

It wasn’t just vast, but everything on the battlefield paled at this moment as a terrifying aura burst forth!

What made it terrifying wasn’t because of its Realm, but the fact that it was the instantaneous release of the essence of four horrifying Grand Daos, this horrendous release coming from below the body of the Entity Vast!

His expression turned ashen as he tried to move, but the reaction simply was not fast enough as an instant later, a blue light expanded out and began rapidly covering his over 1000 meters body.

The red essence of Devouring and Slaughter covered this expanding blue light as the thing allowing its expansion- the essence of the Dao of Macrocosm, gave the body of the Blue Slime a glimmering starry l.u.s.ter that was reinforced by the Dao of Four Elements!

This seamless combination of 4 Grand Daos allowed the deadly expansion of the body of the blue slime to cover half of the Entity Vast before he could even react!


Vast bellowed out crazily as his face obtained a tinge of fear, utilizing him immense mana reserves to push all of the essence of Vastness he could command to stop the advancement of the body of the slime, a brilliant light shining out as the being that had not yet become an Entity had its swallowing stopped only halfway.

<<Universal Devouring>>.


The skill that caused the entire lineage of the Universal Emperor Slimes to be hunted down was cast.

What was terrifying about this skill was that when activated, the target that the body of the Blue Slime was wrapped around in would experience total devouring.

Not gradually or in a few seconds!

But...instant devouring!



An instant was all that was required, and the lower half of an Entity disappeared.


Old Man Khan’s expression turned ashen as the Entity Vast that was merely a torso with arms and a head screamed out a blood curdling cry!


The cry was one of immense fear and pain as it wasn’t just his body that was devoured, but half of his soul as well!

At this moment, there was but a single thought in this Entity’s mind.

That thought was to run!

To run and run extremely far away and at a rapid speed!

This was because Vast in his horrendously injured state could sense the viscous body of the slime beginning to expand as it wanted to swallow the rest of him.

So his half body shimmered with light as he was about to turn into a streak of light!

But it was at this time that Noah’s command descended onto the mind of Old Man Khan.



Instantly, the attacks of four Peak Tier GALAXY Animus Summons that Old Man Khan had ready were thrown out, space thrown in chaos as his half body was pushed down towards the expanding Slime!

Horror filled his face as he saw his stomach fall into the viscous blue jelly, but he had no time to think as another horrendous attack descended down.

||Wrath of the Dragon Queen||.


The chaotic void quaked as a magisterial presence descended yet again, hellish pillars of scorching multicolored flames from 4 illusory ten headed dragons and 1 very real one smashed into the half body of the Entity Vast, pushing him further into the expanding Blue Slime as even his head fell into the starry blue viscous mass!


Dread filled this Entity’s whole body as beings at this level were extremely perceptive- and his senses shockingly told him that an instant later, he would be forever erased!

And this Entity’s intuition was correct as an instant later, terrifying words were uttered!

<<Universal Devouring>>



As if he had never existed, the body of the Entity Vast ceased to be.


The now 1000 meter body of the Blue Slime shone with immense blue light as it trembled with happiness, its aura beginning to shoot up rapidly as something shocking was occurring within its body after it devoured an Entity!

Yet those on the battlefield only looked at the scene in stunned silence!



"What the f*ck just happened..."

Something unbelievable and terrifying took place as the entire battlefield came to a halt, only a single creature being able to move nonchalantly as a vibrant blue slime burped out happily while its aura rose!


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