Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 798 - A Glorious Clash! II

Chapter 798 - A Glorious Clash! II

From the side of the Aileron Army, a great deal of GALAXY experts filled the front of this army as multiple beings at the Peak and Middle Tiers were situated right behind the Entity Vast.

Their eyes were honed in on the other GALAXY experts of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter as at this moment, powerful beings were given the order to set their sights on them as well!

The beings were naturally Noah’s 6 Animus that were just summoned out, him giving them the commands to focus on taking down the GALAXY ranked Aileron experts who had understanding in the Dao of Withering so that he could collect Dao Crystals from them!

He had changed the Affix of the Ruination Core to be [Slain enemies have a 10% chance to drop Dao Crystals based on the Dao they cultivate], and of course, this was applied to his pets as they were a source of his strength. This Affix was for the goal of farming Dao Crystals from the Ailerons as be would very quickly be able to produce Entities in a short period of time.


The bellow of the Colossal Helios Leviathan reverberated out as plasma beams already began to shoot from it while it barreled forward, the other summons staying around its enormous body as the black flash of light that was the Obsidian Panther melded into the chaotic void to act as the deadliest assassin!

Noah watched as his pets went forward, his gaze turning to Tiamat who still had a nonchalant expression beside him.

He smiled mischievously as he spoke out.

"Let’s see the strength of the fearsome Queen Dowager that ruled countless regions in the past."


The gaze of Tiamat was silent as her eyes twinkled with light, the situation happening currently actually being favorable towards her.

This was because she had been locked up in the Great Sage Aoin Tower this whole time while comprehending her Grand Dao of Destruction and was actually on the cusp of fully mastering it!

But since she hadn’t been able to do what her Dao stood for, she couldn’t finish that last step! But now, she was being provided a battlefield where she could carry out destruction on a large scale...a battlefield for her to home her abilities and possibly approach the rank of an Entity!

Dense red smoke erupted out as her body very quickly began to morph, a fearsome dragon’s cry that made all other dragons on the battlefield tremble ringing out as a magisterial scene played out on the Rising Stellar Peaks.

It was the scene of the powerful Old Man Khan atop a Starry Behemoth Tarragon surrounded by 3 other Peak Tier GALAXY beasts going to match a wildly laughing Entity Vast who had actually begun ballooning up into an enormous figure!

The Grand Dao of Vastness was utilized as the body of Vast became insurmountably large and powerful, very quickly causing the appearance of a 1000 meter tall human being in the stellar chaotic void, this single human being throwing out an enormous punch that eclipsed Old Man Khan and all of his summons.

Yet in the middle of this scene, the roar of the Queen Dowager rang out as red smoke permeated, yet another figure at a shocking height of 1000 meters coming to be, and this one was terribly frightening to look at!

Ten draconic heads each with their own shimmering magnificent colors, the scales beautifully glistening in the chaotic void as her manifested GALAXY brightened up the surrounding miles.


Glorious red-black wings spread out on its back, each of them causing the void to tremble as they seemed to be releasing billowing waves of destruction.

Even the two Entities were brought to a halt as they stared at this newly appearing Ten headed dragon the same size as Entity Vast, while all the other summoned dragons on the battlefield felt their blood boiling and calling out towards this majestic being, their very origins screaming for them to bow towards it!

This was the descent of the Dragon Queen, of the being that was the Progenitor of one of the 9 Supreme Bloodlines of the Animus Universe!

An indistinct clone of himself teleported in as he turned into a flash of light towards Tiamat, sending his thoughts towards her as he cast the merging ability!

"I’ll be becoming one with you for a bit."


A dense wave of essence erupted out as the Queen Dowager felt a consciousness enter her, her strength beginning to rise rapidly after merging with her Master as she let out a loud snort.

"Hmph, let’s just show some weaklings what it really means to be strong."

Her domineering words were followed with her enormous figure moving its wings as the instant later, it bounded towards the Entity Vast and Old Man Khan as shockingly, this Peak Tier GALAXY Realm Animus Summon that wasn’t yet an Entity went forward to fight in a battle with Entities!

On her way there, Noah cast [Incandescent Emperor] as the golden light of fate filled the dragon, a shimmering golden crown appearing atop each of its heads as a simply majestic scene came to be.

This golden light was even further enhanced as the Sins of Pride, Envy, and Wrath were running at full speed- the oppressive air that Tiamat received only becoming grander!

Noah then cast [Yggdrasil], [Death Scythe],[Life Seed], [Galactic Tree]...and numerous other skills that caused the burst of Fate, Life, and Death Essence to permeated and leak out wildly, the Queen Dowager becoming armored all around while a shimmering green seed appeared above the entire battlefield while showering down a green light.

This wasn’t to forget the abilities of the upgraded Blood Lord skill tree that had evolved into the [Void Devouring Blood Terror], a skill tree that made Noah and any pet he merged with even more powerful in the chaotic void outside of Galaxies!

There was the [Clone Enhancement] ability from the [Void Devouring Blood Terror] skill tree that allowed Noah’s clones to stupidly have 120% more power than even himself- thus why he had his clone merge with Tiamat.

There was the [Void Clones] ability that made his clones a 50% damage reduction in the chaotic void! There was also [Ubreakable Void Body], [Void Displacement]...just too many damn skills that would go on to support this Queen Dowager!

Noah was simply continuing to buff this Peak Tier GALAXY expert as much as he could as he wondered, just how many buffs would be enough to stand against an Entity while having not fully comprehended a Dao?

This was because the simple action of comprehending a Dao was what made one an Entity after they entered the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm, where they could defeat any others who hadn’t done the same!

But what if the opponent was a dreadful Queen Dowager that was the Progenitor of Dragons, a being who nearly completely comprehended the Grand Dao of Destruction and on top of this...was boosted by Noah’s ridiculous support skills that had percentage boosts in the thousands?

The results...was something Noah couldn’t wait to see!

The light of the Grand Dao of Destruction filled the entirety of Tiamat’s body, her enormous claw coagulation with it as it swiped towards the 1000 meter human Entity that was Vast!

At this scene where both the Entity Vast and Old Man Khan looked in a stupor towards a non-Entity entering their fight, Noah reached above his head as he brought down the wiggling blue slime.

"Hey little guy."

He looked at this blue slime with a smile as a glorious and space-rending clash was about to take place from the claw of Tiamat filled with Destruction smashing into the fist of a genuine Entity.

At this scene, Noah spoke words to the Blue Slime that would be extremely shocking and ridiculous to anyone that heard them, but he wanted to make it into a reality!

"From this battle, what do you say about becoming an Entity?"

A question that was said easily as if it could be achieved with no effort.

A question that would shockingly be brought into reality not when the battle against the Ancient Powers was over, but just this battle at the Rising Stellar Peaks!


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