Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 792 - The Falling Out of Two Ancient Powers! II

Chapter 792 - The Falling Out of Two Ancient Powers! II

The frustration felt by the Holy Emperor was immeasurable as he looked towards Noah, knowing this being was too much of a genius and too valuable. But there was also the alliance that would affect the lives of trillions to consider...

As if Noah could see the thoughts of the Holy Emperor, he sent a telepathic message that dripped with dominance and calm.

"I told you before that a single me would be a more powerful support than even an Ancient Power. Just days after stepping into your Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, I’ve unearthed the Great Sage’s Legacy and brought to fruition multiple Peak GALAXY Summons that are just waiting to be contracted, with many of them nearly mastering their respective Daos as each would soon become an Entity in their own right. I did this in just days, can you imagine what I will do in weeks?"


Noah’s words were like strikes of lightning in the mind of the Holy Emperor as they continued.

"The choice is yours to make!"


A contemplative look appeared on the Holy Emperor’s face as his gaze locked with the Primal Emperor.

The Primal Emperor saw the gaze of Windsor as he shockingly knew what choice was made!

"You’re sure about this, Windsor?!"

"To fully destroy our alliance and become enemies? To add another Ancient Power to your list of enemies?! Because of a mere genius?!"


The regal and majestic air of a ruler erupted from the Holy Emperor atop his Peak Tier GALAXY Summon, his eyes seemingly aged and wise as if he had seen countless things! With such a magisterial stature, he let his choice be known!

"Alexander was merely protecting himself and Anna, I cannot let him be punished for doing such a thing. The people of my Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter shall always be protected!"


Resounding words that sealed the fate of two Ancient Powers.

Words that made the expression of the Primal Emperor livid as he nodded vigorously!

He let his wrath be known as he waved his hand, the entire delegation of the Primal Winged Expanse sending deadly looks all around them as they pulled back.

The Holy Emperor and Old Man Khan remained still as their senses observed the luminous multi winged delegation of beings leave the Holy Land and ultimately the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter without making any moves, their eyes only turning towards the beings they protected behind them at this time.

The gaze of the Holy Emperor was furious as he understood the significance of what had just occurred, his pressure bearing down towards Noah as in the next second, he saw the fearless face of Anna get in front of him! Anastasia followed thereafter as the mother and daughter pair actually stood between the Holy Emperor and Noah.

The anger of the Holy Emperor only increased at this scene as his voice reverberated out.

"Unfilial children and dumb geniuses, truly a combination! I’ll deal with the lot of you later!"

Essence erupted out as the Holy Emperor set off with his Stellar Spiridoro, knowing that his closest ally had now turned enemy as he had to give out many commands to tighten their borders and be ready for the outbreak of a war!


A tumultuous period was coming for many beings through a variety of means, the looming Cataclysm being the biggest thing in the minds of Ancient Powers.

Thus they raced to find anything that dealt with the Tools of Ruination, as well as the Legacy of forgotten Sages as they sought to achieve this realm of strength!

At the same time, the Entities that had bound themselves to the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter were alerted as the auras of powerhouses permeated around different regions!

Far off in the vast chaotic void, there was also the Primal Winged Expanse, a grand cl.u.s.ter of Galaxies under the rule of the Aileron Race.

This cl.u.s.ter of galaxies was particularly unique as if a being who could glance at all of them in their entirety existed, they would be able to notice all the galaxies forming into a triangular shape, the Primal Winged Holy Land being the Galaxy that sat at the very top of this triangular cl.u.s.ter of Galaxies!

At this moment, the delegation of Aileron Royals that the Primal Emperor led returned home as the wrath being released from the Primal Emperor was extremely chilling.

His generals stood on stand by as the Entities connected to the Primal Winged Expanse were already alerted.

"Making friends is hard, but becoming enemies can be done in a heart beat!"


The resonant voice of the Primal Emperor resounded as he spoke out to the Entities that gathered the fastest.

Each of them had 5 pairs of wings on their bodies as they shone with the beautiful light of a fully comprehended Dao that made them an Entity, and one of them didn’t even have wings as he was actually a human!

"We tried making friends with the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, and spent thousands of years on this task to be allies. Yet in just a single day, all of this was broken down."

"We were to be allies because of mutual interests, because of the Legacy of the Great Sage that Windsor promised to share, because of the Tool of Ruination he had on him!"

Shocking secrets that others didn’t know were released freely as the Entities looked amongst each other.

"Since we cannot be allies and enjoy Legacies and research Tools of Ruination together...then we shall be enemies as we take them for ourselves and put them to use so that we can survive the coming Cataclysm!"


With a somber tone and eyes blazing with the light of malevolence and fervor, the Primal Emperor uttered words that would be the cause of something huge.

"As of right now...we are at war!"




Bellows after bellows erupted out from the Primal Winged Expanse as at this moment, a declaration of war was called out from the ruler of an Ancient Power!

The consequences of this war...would be horrendous as they would be the cause for the rise of a ridiculously domineering Entity...

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