Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 783 - Against Peak Tier!

Chapter 783 - Against Peak Tier!

As Noah was about to face off against a Peak Tier GALAXY enemy, his subordinates in the Burning Domains Galaxy were doing something shocking in their own right!


The resonant cry of the Holy Millenium Phoenix could be heard as Barbatos grandly stood atop it. Holy white flames were constantly washing off of the body of this Millenium Phoenix as they actually went on to strengthen the enormous figures of Abyssal Undead that Barbatos commanded, giving a horrendous contrast as the essence of death was mixed in with something it should not have been.

Yet it molded together perfectly as the strengthened undead swarmed the Low Tier GALAXY Elder Fiend constantly for the past hour while backed with the support of other Harbingers, this powerful enemy currently being on his knees as he was disbelievingly being taken down by being of a rank lower than it!

"This is the GALAXY Realm? Hmph, Little Phoenix, immolate this dumb thing!"


Barbatos called out to her Holy Millenium Phoenix arrogantly as the Elder Fiend was swarmed to his death, a similar scene occurring in another domain as the Emperor Penguin has become gargantuan while moving with his Mythical Frostbourne Mammoth to domineeringly smash into another Lower Tier GALAXY Elder Fiend.

The starry space around them was frozen with ice as it created a unique scenery, the golden light of pride shining brilliantly from the Emperor Penguin as its flippers smashed into the Elder Fiend the same time that the deadly tusks of his Mythical Frostbourne Mammoth pierced into its body.

With this, the most powerful experts of the Burning Domains Galaxy were no more as they were actually taken down by beings a Realm above them, this event occurring silently within this Galaxy as it would have no audience. Yet in the coming future, many beings and Ancient Powers would come to know of the unique figures of an Emperor Penguin sitting atop a Mythical Frostbourne Mammoth arrogantly, while the image of an Undead Legion crossing through the chaotic void while strengthened by a holy essence from a Millenium Phoenix would etch itself into the eyes of all!


Back in the Great Sage Aoin Tower, Noah’s face was cold as he faced the oppressive pressure of a Peak Tier GALAXY Animus Summon.

Most Animus Summons at the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm would have fully awoken their bloodlines as they each cultivated their own unique Dao, those in the Ultra Rare and PRISMATIC rarities being especially deadly as they could have bloodlines that granted them comprehensions in Grand Daos!

The Wandering Void Tarantula in front of Noah wasn’t that deadly, his Eyes of Truth telling him it was a creature proficient in the Lesser Dao of Poison as he could already see extremely verdant liquids leaking out of its grotesque jaws.

Its many eyes seemed mesmerizing as its numerous legs wriggled towards him terrifyingly!


The Colossal Helios Leviathan moved first by shooting out numerous plasma beams, Noah turning into a figure of light as he shot into the body of the Void Serpent and instantly merged with it.

The abilities of [Yggdrasil] and [Incandescent Emperor] were cast as a thick armor and golden crown appeared on the Void Serpent, its draconic head raised arrogantly as it went on to clash with the horror of a Wandering Void Tarantula!

Of course, the lights of the Sins of Envy and Pride were already cast as the boost in abilities was applied to Noah while the attributes of the Tarantula were reduced, but the reduction of attributes wasn’t enough to hinder this Peak Tier creature.


Space quaked at the impact as the Void Serpent was pushed back, the thick armor of Yggdrasil having numerous cracks as it tried to heal rapidly. Noah only nodded at this scene as even while facing such a creature, he was merely using it as a chance to test out his new skills from the upgraded skill trees.

This Summon had only embarked on the Dao of Fortification and had not mastered or assimilated it, so it was nowhere near the level of an Entity as it was only a Peak Tier GALAXY beast.

So he further explored his new skills from the upgrades of the Tree of Life as next up, he utilized [Galactic Tree] and [Life Seed]!

[Galactic Tree](5/5) :: The ability of Yggdrasil is further enhanced as it gains the force of a small galaxy, its defenses boosted to a great degree as only those proficient in an offensive Dao are the only ones capable of shattering it.

[Life Seed](5/5) :: A delicate seed forms above the caster as they are granted constant regeneration and the constant enhancement of 500% in all abilities. When the seed blooms into a flower, it collects all the damage dealt to the user since its formation as all of this damage is redirected onto the enemy with a single deadly strike.

Essence raged out wildly as Noah used the support ability of Galactic Tree to cause the armament around the Void Serpent to become even thicker as instead of the verdant green sheen it had, the glimmer of stars could be seen on it as it now had the image of an illusory Galaxy!

Above him, a verdant light also erupted as a shimmering seed appeared, this seed releasing waves of light over the merged Noah and Void Serpent as the moment these two skills were cast, Noah fearlessly went back to clash with the Wandering Void Tarantula!


Its dense green poison was shot out as Noah watched it splash onto the body of the Void Serpent, this deadly poison merely bouncing off the starry verdant armament of Yggdrasil as he moved forward unhindered.

Meanwhile, the Obsidian Panther and Colossal Helios Leviathan provided support as Noah actually created for a stable battle where he tanked a Peak Tier GALAXY Animus Summon with the use of many support abilities, his pets gradually getting in the groove as they avoided any injuries and began to grind down this enemy that was actually 2 levels above them!

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