Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 778 - The Sealed Tower of a Great Sage!

Chapter 778 - The Sealed Tower of a Great Sage!

The secret realm that was the Primal Holy Land was wide and filled with many lush mountains.

The recent battle against 20 GALAXY Realm experts had taken place in one portion of this secret realm, where the young experts from the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter had no idea of its happenings!

Currently, they were still exploring the secret realm carefully as they battled Wild Animus as they were none the wiser about the shocking battle or what its effects would be when they left the Primal Holy Land.

But even this news would take the sideline as something even more wondrous was about to appear in the mystical secret realm!

Noah and Anna were piercing deeper and deeper into this Primal Holy Land, the Colossal Helios Leviathan going in unhindered as they farmed more and more loot.

After they passed through the outer periphery where they would occasionally meet QUASAR and Low Tier GALAXY Wild Animus, the depths of the Secret Realm contained divided regions where Middle Tier GALAXY Wild Animus Kings ruled!

Noah came across beasts such as Wyrms, Elemental Golems, and a variety of other creatures as in a few hours, he was able to collect loot equivalent to the 20 GALAXY Realm experts of the Primal Winged Expanse that had thrown themselves at him before as he passed through the different regions and took dow multiple Middle Tier GALAXY Wild Animus Kings.

Atop the Colossal Helios Leviathan, Anna had already broken through into QUASAR as ridiculously, Low Tier GALAXY wasn’t too far away for her. She had multiple cores of such a level to absorb, and as someone who wasn’t bothering with achieving Grand Completion- what stopped her from just piercing through realms?


On their way deeper into the secret realm, they had entered into another region where a Wild Animus King resided as Noah felt some unique changes, his senses honing in on the area where the powerful aura of a top Middle Tier GALAXY Wild Animus could be felt.

In this area, he didn’t just see the Wild Animus, but his gaze was honing in on a rectangular shaped object about 20 meters wide that this Animus was standing in front of!

Noah could feel a unique aura erupting out from this object that was unlike all of the things he had come across in the secret realm, turning the Colossal Helios Leviathan towards it as his curiosity intensified.


The wild Animus at the Middle Tier GALAXY Realm guarding this object bellowed out as they neared, with Noah only gazing towards it languid eyes as at this stage of his strength, he didn’t even see beings of this level as a life threatening calamity anymore!

He had his three PRISMATIC Pets released as within his Origin, he was already casting the [Animus Growth Empowerment] skill multiple times to bring his other three pets to the Low Tier GALAXY Realm as well.

"Gang up on it."


He gave a command as the Obsidian Panther flashed forward with a devilish smile, the Void Serpent descending down with its jaws open in an apocalyptic manner as the Colossal Helios Leviathan began to shoot off beams of horrendous plasma!

Against this single Animus Summon a level higher than them, they were fearless as their Realms at Grand Completion allowed them to have a similar level of essence, and their rarity and bloodlines made it so that they could have much greater battle power.


The Wild Animus that looked like a Komodo Dragon received attacks on all sides as Noah sent his aura out to observe the unique triangular structure better, seeing that the very top of it- it didn’t have a pointed shape as instead, a tear drop depression could be seen!


The Middle Tier GALAXY beast bellowed out again amidst all this as Noah looked towards it with annoyance, waving his hands as the Infinite Galaxy descended down rapidly to smash atop the hard scales of this beast.

The ground beneath it quaked as it released a pained roar, its sturdy body putting all of its power towards defending against the weight of a Galaxy as the pets used their horrendous skills at this moment to deal deadly strikes!


The moment these strike were dealt, the pressure of the Infinite Galaxy could not be withstood anymore as it pulverized and split apart the Wild Animus in half, Noah finally recalling it to him as the area regained its quietness. He then flew towards the 20 meter structure as he used Eyes of Truth, his body beginning to tremble thereafter as the identity of the object revealed itself to him!

[Tip of the Great Sage Aoin Tower](Sealed) :: A unique Inheritance Ground left behind by the Great Sage Aoin. The Great Sage used his complete assimilation of the Dao of Summoning to call forth Animus Summons ranging from Low Tier to Peak Tier GALAXY within, while also utilizing the Dao of Voidspace to create a unique spatial environment that incubated and sealed these Animus Summons that would only be released after specific requirements were met. The succeeding inheritors of the Great Sage will be told of the conditions once the Aoin Tower becomes unsealed. To unseal it, the blood of a PRISMATIC Summon is a required condition set beforehand by the Great Sage...

The stupendous details of the singular thing many beings were looking for appeared in front of Noah grandly as his eyes nearly erupted out with golden beams of light.

"What is it?"

Anna came beside him curiously as her gorgeous crimson hair looked fiery in the light, Noah spreading his arms out wide as he laughed while explaining out.

"Treasure! A great deal of treasure! Jörmungandr, let me borrow some of your blood...!"

Noah called out to the future Jörmungandr as it nodded without any complaints, its scales splitting apart as an enormous drop of blood floated out.

Noah controlled it as he let it fall onto the triangular object that was the tip of the Great Sage Aoin Tower, the instant this large blob of blood fell causing a stupendous reaction as a terrifying beam of light shot to the skies, the very secret realm they were in beginning to tremble as the multicolored skies began to shine ever brighter!

On the ground where the triangular object was, the earth had begun to split apart as an enormous luminous structure began to rise, a terrifying aura spreading out as Noah pulled Anna back and watched this scene play out with blazing eyes.

At this moment, something wondrous was happening in the Primal Holy Land of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter as an outsider that had just arrived activated the right conditions and brought forth the Legacy of a Great Sage!

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