Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 773 - Merely 20 GALAXY Experts! II

Chapter 773 - Merely 20 GALAXY Experts! II

The [Life Realm] ability that Noah had just utilized came from the Primeval Life Usurper skill tree. It was just one of the 8 abilities that he received after he advanced the Primeval Tree of Old into [Propitious Life Master] and then into the [Primeval Life Usurper]!

At this stage, the skill tree shone with brilliance in the stat panel.

QUASAR [Primeval Tree of Old- Yggdrasil] :: A skill tree that includes a set of techniques meant only for a being that holds a growing Primeval Tree within their Origin. Abilities include [Life](5/5), [Yggdrasil](5/5), [Primeval Propitious Physique Forging ](5/5), [Ashes to Ashes](5/5). >>> [Propitious Life Master] :: [Tree of Life Support] (5/5), [Forging Master](5/5), [Summon Treant] (5/5), [Chlorokinesis](5/5). >>> [Primeval Life Usurper] :: [Life Realm](5/5), [Galactic Tree](5/5), [Life Seed](5/5), [Usurper](5/5).

There were a few support abilities that further enhanced the previous skills of the skill trees as well as attack and defensive abilities that Noah would have to explore slowly over time.

But at this moment, he just wanted to utilize [Life Realm] in order to hold the experts of the Primal Winged Expanse in a cage they could not leave.


Essence erupted forth from Noah as his first action after locking everyone up was to actually change the affix of the ruination core once more.

This time, he switched from [10% chance to Smite enemies for 10,000% Ruination Damage when you hit them] to [Slain enemies have a 10% chance to drop Dao Crystals based on the Dao they cultivate]

This time, he was planning on truly being a farmer as he collected not just cores and skill books from the enemies he was about to defeat, but also utilize the Ruination Core to bring about the fantastical effect of his enemies dropping Dao Crystals that contained their comprehension of a Dao, Crystals that could be absorbed to very quickly comprehend and advance through even if one knew nothing about the Dao in question!

After he switched the affix, the three PRISMATIC Pets around him began to shine with a brilliant light as from Noah, the swirl of Dao essence was erupting out and going into his three pets in a stellar fashion.

He finally comprehended enough of the Dao of Summoning to utilize its mystical Dao essence to reinforce his pets, the mere 31% comprehension he had right now being able to boost his pets more than when he merged with them and used the support skills like [Incandescent Emperor] and [Yggdrasil]!

Even without utilizing support and transformation skills at this moment, he could confidently say he wasn’t afraid of anyone at the Low Tier GALAXY Realm, and he felt confident even with his own strength to withstand those in the Middle Tier.

When he brought his terrifying pets that had powerful bloodlines and manifested realms...the less than 20 experts in front of him did not even need to be a worry in his eyes!

To him, he could say with confidence that it was merely 20 GALAXY Realm that would very soon be meeting their deaths!

It mattered not whether they were the princes or Royals of an Ancient Power, they would be dying today nonetheless.


While the swirling Dao essence was being packed into the Animus Summons, Noah was also directing the ability of [Animus Growth Empowerment] to the Void Serpent in order to pump its level from QUASAR to Low Tier GALAXY as soon as possible.

Such grand actions of him utilizing multiple skills and immense mana only made the eyes of the Aileron Royals graver, Prince Kirigan giving out commands with a strong voice.

"Spread out and attack all at once. Nifin, Zachary, you two see if we can break out of this isolated Realm. Everyone else, with me!"


The auras of multiple experts proficient in a Lesser Dao erupted out as these beings that had lived for hundreds of years finally turned careful.

After seeing one of them be hit with a glimmering blue object and be pulverized into nothingness with another one struck down by terrifying swirls of lightning that contained a horrendous form of energy...they were finally utilizing their brains as they knew their lives were on the line!

No insults or ridicule were thrown out as the 18 remaining Aileron Royals spread out to surround the enormous Colossal Helios Leviathan that Noah and his pets stood on, Anna remaining beside Noah this entire time as not a trace of worry could be seen on her face.

Noah paid them no heed as he knew they were locked in and could not go anywhere, his attention fully on watching the effects of inputting Dao essence into his pets as they currently looked like roided out beasts.

The Obsidian Panther’s muscles were constantly vibrating as its body seemed ready to erupt out at any second, while the aura of the Colossal Helios Leviathan grew ever larger as its hardened skin glinted with a blue purple light!

As for the Void Serpent, its QUASAR already showed signs of erupting into a GALAXY as it would very soon break into another Realm!

During this tense situation where the 18 Aileron Royals got into position, the voice of Prince Kirigan rang out again.

"We didn’t know you were an expert in your own right. We do not have to fight a battle that will result in allow us facing death!"


The arrogant Prince Kirigan actually began to speak with reason for the first time, he mind constantly replaying how two of his people at the Low Tier GALAXY Realm had died with such ease from the hands of this being as he wasn’t confident to be able to withstand the same attacks if they were thrown his way.

"I am the Primal Prince of an Ancient Power, with my grandfather being extremely doting on me as you can see. Even if you really caused our deaths in here, he would not let you off!"

"He is the Ruler of an Ancient Power, a being with multiple Entities under his beck and call! If you do not wish to start a war between our two Ancient Powers, I can apologize for my mistake this time and we can even forget about the 2 prior deaths."


A shocking call for peace was heard from the Aileron Prince as it contained warnings within!

Faced with these words, the being surrounded by 3 glimmering Animus that were vibrating with power only smiled lightly.

His smile looked extremely innocent, but when Prince Kirigan saw it...his gaze hardened as he saw Noah’s answer right away!

This was because he had seen this smile before.

It was the smile of someone that simply did not care, of someone that believed they had everything under their control!

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