Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 75 - The Library

Chapter 75 - The Library

The change occured when I was making my way back to Snowy Peak. After my attention was called to one of the many people that looked at me with fervent eyes, I witnessed a blinding golden light that completely took me by surprise

If I didn’t have the veil on my face today, they would have all seen my shocked expression at the sight of one man brilliantly shining with a golden light. I moved my sight the instant I could see him begin turning and resumed climbing the bridge

My lips moved silently as a message that could only be heard by the ears of one of my most trusted aides came out. The aide hiding in the shadows was surprised, but quickly moved as she pulled back from her position and stayed with the carriage below

She was an expert in her own right, and would not be caught monitoring the group that was still gazing towards me.

My shock was due to the fact that I had never seen a golden light on a single being my entire life. The unique skill [Golden Rule] had activated to its peak of the color gold as it let me know I had found the thing I was searching for all this time

The color gold was the highest it could show, and even that golden light was shining so bright that it almost blinded my eyes. This unknown figure would be the one to save me from death. He would be the one that stands between me and a calamity

My heart fluttered as I tried to calm myself. This feeling was not one that many people could come across. The feeling of finally having something you have been searching for so long in arms length. I would not let it get away.

Whatever I had to do, even if I had to give up my soul, I would find a way to hold on to this opportunity. This person would have to be treated with utmost care. I thought for a bit before my lips moved once more, sending another message to the already shocked aid who didn’t think her shock could increase even more today. Now, I just had to wait.


The meal with the mercenaries ended on a good note, with me hearing tidbits of information that made me all the more curious to find a library in this town and see what things I can glean from it

I broke off from the loud mercenaries that continued to discuss the same princess and other nobles they took fancy to as I walked around different parts of this large kingdom. Figures of mostly humans and a few demi humans packed the streets as everything ranging from taverns, inns, and stores selling a variety of things were present

Some stores held weapons and armor made from different materials and beasts, others were selling small but colorful beasts as pets in shops that many people congregated in. I walked past all of these sights for the next few minutes as I soon came upon a large building with the sign of a book upfront

I opened the large doors and came into a scene of peace, with people quietly moving around as books floated on and off shelves. I went towards the librarian that turned out to be a middle aged man with a goatee and asked for some books on the kingdom’s history

He looked my figure up and down in a perplexed manner as he grabbed the staff near him and tapped it down four times, which led four thick books to fly out and land on the counter

Only people of higher status chose to spend their time reading books, so there was a fee to use the reading space in the library. I gave the librarian 1 gold and carried the books towards a corner of the building with enthusiasm. I hadn’t read books in quite a while, and looked forward to learning about the large world I was in

The last half of the day passed like this, with me doing something I never pictured myself doing when I first became a hunter. Flipping through the many pages and reading was not too bad, as almost everything was new information I was learning about for the first time

Also, through the use of [Recorder], I was able to quickly bring up information on something that I had seen before by just recalling a few words about it, whereby like a film, the moment that I read about it would replay in front of me

I was looking forward to getting more skills like these that don’t necessarily have any offensive and defensive power, but were useful as they were.

The information I learned was expansive. Starting with the Frozen Kingdom and its four peaks, the kingdom was under the rule of a powerful individual whose strength was a rank above EPIC. The ruler of this kingdom is called the Ill.u.s.trious Ruler, King Roark Belmont. He had led this human kingdom that remained the only one of its kind in the Beast World to prosperity for the past 100 years.

Under his rule, humans faced no persecution and he welcomed demihumans to come live in the kingdom in search of better lives. His peaceful policies allowed for the continued growth of his kingdom and the goodwill of the mythical kingdoms of beasts

Rulers of the beast kingdoms did not bother with the rising kingdom in the North, where it was plagued by the cold environment and tough terrain that previous rulers could not fully overcome. King Roark made his legacy by elevating the kingdom to greater heights during his reign, until it stood toe to toe with the most powerful of kingdoms in the world

Surrounded by mountains, the Frozen Kingdom was easy to defend, with enemies only able to trek from one direction. The kingdom held four great land masses above them that were called Snowy Peak, Frozen Paradise, Summit Peak, and King’s Crown.

The kingdom thrived on vegetation and animals that grew specialized for the cold, with a wide array of plants that allowed for a booming economy.

There was such a wide array of history with this kingdom that I was almost overwhelmed with the task of rising to become one of its influential figures in the near future.

But the tremendous power I held affirmed my resolution. I would follow the plan of taking down beasts in these surrounding Nests around this Kingdom and slowly grow. I will clash with EPIC ranked beasts the moment I was fully confident and equipped with a wide array of rank S skills. Surely, even if it takes some time, my goals would be achieved

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