Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 65 - Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

Chapter 65 - Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

At a certain point in many people’s lives, they come to a moment where they ask themselves, why me?

Why did this tragedy happen to me? Why does everything always go wrong for me? Why do some people make millions a day while I barely make 50? Why me?

I wasn’t even sure if there was a clear answer to this, but I still found myself asking the same question to the rotating hexagonal prism

After getting over the bombshell that my little life actually held much more importance than I initially imagined, I found this question swimming at the forefront of my mind

"Why me?"

This was one of the biggest things I wanted to know. There were many other things like how did the System know if I would awaken as a hunter if the channel was set up long before. How could it be sure I wouldn’t be just another human casualty and cause everything to collapse. There were many questions I wanted to ask first, but the first and foremost that came out of my mouth was...why me.

A silence followed after as only the rapid rotations of the hexagonal prism could be felt

[You...were chosen randomly. It just so happened that among the many humans who had yet to awaken, you were chosen by chance.]

The reply came unexpectedly, and it might have not been the thing I wanted to hear, but I actually felt relief from it. I wasn’t some chosen one who was born to do great things. I just recieved a monumental gift. A gift...that I would use to the best of my abilities from now on

"Don’t tell me that you also didn’t know whether I would awaken or not, or even live another day in the case something like a dungeon break occurred and wiped out an entire city?"

[There was no certainty of that either. I mentioned that I undertook this plan because it provided the highest percent chance of survival for us all, but that percentage was still very low. I could only make a shot in the dark, because if I hadn’t, we would have faced complete destruction in the future. Something like this is normally impossible, with a near zero percent chance of working out. It is a completely unique situation.]

There was a pause as it let these words sink in before it continued

[All that remains is that it worked, and because it worked, we now stand a chance to go against the enemies plotting against us. The next phase of our actions is for you to head to the world our enemies reside in and disrupt the structure there. If you are able to completely place the inhabitants of that world under your rule, it opens up even more wondrous possibilities that you cannot begin to imagine]

I listened as the System continued to dump a whole lot more information onto me.

From the many beasts that died and had their essence absorbed by the planet, memories of the world they came from and their aims were slowly collected and pieced together. Especially the rank S beasts, their essence held much more crucial information

The first thing to keep in mind was that this invasion of beasts was simply a use of pawns to achieve their aim of domination for young planets. The near infinite reserves of energy that the planet held is what they were after

Just like how countries made up wars to obtain oil, war was now being waged for the countless supplies of energy on a much grander scale.

If they achieved their aims and dominated the inhabitants of the world, they would be able to use them as disposable pawns to invade other worlds first and the mining of the planet’s essence using specialized dungeons

Entire worlds that had their people dominated could only watch as their world was turned into a mine for the years to come as it cycled through absorbing essence from the outside world and having it stolen right after. At this stage, the world no longer grew.

Inhabitants in such a world could not dream of obtaining more power and getting stronger. An example is the race of beasts that became stronger with years of acc.u.mulating and growing their essence and learning how to cast complex skills and abilities. If the essence of their world was to be taken over by others and exploited for their own uses, their powers would become stagnant

[That, is where you come in. You are a weapon, and a very powerful one at that. If you descend onto their world and become its ruler, besides stopping any future forces from being sent here, we will have the option of annexing an entire world for our own uses]

The words of the System continued to be bombshells every time, but I could feel excitement from them. We first get back at the true culprits who caused so much pain for us, and then obtain an entire...

[From the collection of memories of those beasts, the world they reside in is a large world under the control of mythical races of beasts. It is a flourishing world that suddenly faced an invasion, and even with the tremendous strength of its inhabitants, parts of it have already fallen under the rule of invading enemies. It is those beings that are now continuing their conquest in that world while using its subjugated inhabitants as pawns to also invade smaller worlds.]

More and more information kept on coming. I committed everything to memory the moment the other world began being mentioned

[Our goal is the same thing. To disrupt their plans and take that world for ourselves. We will not be so weak as to be bullied after that. If we have to, we won’t even stop just at that world, and extend our reach to the far corners of the universe. Only with sufficient power can we be confident. With you in the lead, the goal has a large chance of success. For you are someone who is able to tap into a power that is normally constrained by universal laws.]

It felt as if I was getting the biggest pep talk of my life as I listened to the dominating words coming out of the System

[You are someone able to access the unquantifiable reserves of an entire planet. Something sacred that is used to set the order of life, you have it under your fingertips. You can call it endless. You can call it infinite. Never in your lifetime will you feel like you do not have enough energy no matter how high you continue climbing. When you suceed in your conquest and bring the apocalypse that you faced unto other worlds, obtaining their sources of power too, you can factually state...that you have Infinite Mana in this era of apocalypse.]

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