Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 52 - The Sword Master

Chapter 52 - The Sword Master

Kazuhiko looked at the opposing hunters before him as his katana thirsted for more blood. The inherent skill that gave him the strength to be where he was today, {SWORD MASTER}, seemed to be calling out for more bloodshed.

Yet, he saw the faces of terrified hunters that were putting their lives on the line and hesitated. These were the hunters whose countries fell under the tyranny of the Black Dragon and were forced to fight on the front lines of the war that continued to be waged

He looked down on the weak wills of these hunters and wanted to go back to the simpler times when he would cut down monsters without batting an eye. But it was human beings standing opposite him this time, making his blade hesitate. He didn’t like this feeling. He understood their reasons, but that still wouldn’t stop him from looking down on them.

He was frustrated as he thought about what he should do while he watched the messy fight playing out, and the reptiles standing on two feet in the far back of the battle field.

They looked like a mixture of humans and lizards, having the humanoid figure with scaly skin and a thick tail coming out from behind. They held jagged blades on their hands as they struck down deserters and any hunters standing against them

The excited smile returned to Kazuhiko’s face as he looked at these monsters that looked strong, especially the larger dragon-man hybrid commanding them in the back.

His katana was pulsating, ready to go, and he made his choice. He would strike down anything that stood against him, but he’ll be softer on the enemies from the same species as him.

He would try his best not to make critical strikes that would take their lives, and at most incapacitate them. But as for those beasts...his mouth curved up delightfully as his blade vibrated and he disappeared

A nearby hunter was knocked out cold and fell down with a thump, and a lizard man’s head flew off as [Blade Dance] was activated.

This was a rank A skill he had come across months back, and was one that he loved using the most. His figure moved across the battlefield as he carried out a dance between a man and a sword. He felt the rush as his body moved in an elegant fashion while serrating the necks of his enemies. Everywhere he passed, blood flowed

The lizardmen only saw a flash before their heads left their bodies and the hunters felt a deep impact that knocked them out cold.

In the chaotic battlefield, a surprising scene unfolded where an entire field of more than 10 meters went silent, blood was gushing in the air as only a single man stood in the middle, rejoicing as the [Blade Dance] finished

The unexpected emptiness caught the eyes of one of the beasts’ commander, a huge lizard that looked closer to a komodo dragon as it moved across.

A long forked tongue slid out of its mouth as it sensed everything around it, it’s blazing eyes honing in on the only human smiling joyfully where his brethren lay dead. Someone dared to stand against them?!

Its thick legs smacked the ground as the jaws that could tear the skies snapped towards Kazuhiko.

Kazuhiko looked at this large figure barreling down on him as his blood pumped. ’Yes! Yes! Yes!!!" This was what he wanted! This was a fight! Dark light enveloped him as his body expanded more than twice his size, the katana he was holding now looking more like a knife.

With a wicked smile, [Dominator’s Sword Wave] was casted as his katana became enveloped in a dark light and he collided with the large beast


An uncomfortable sound reverberated throughout the battlefield as Kazuhiko appeared behind the sizable beast and his figure began reducing to normal. The beast wasn’t making a sound as its body was separated cleanly in half, all that it left behind being a corpse, cl.u.s.ters of sparkling cores, and a skill book

The ecstatic hunter put the loot away as he found himself the center of attention in the huge battle field where forces of the United Federation were going against the army of the Black Dragon and its subjugated hunters.

With the reinforcement of forces from the Blessed Empire, they pushed back the opposing hunters and made the beasts, their true enemies, join the fight.

The consensus among the hunters in the battle field was to target the beasts and not each other, as they were all fighting for the same thing.

One side didn’t want the deaths of their countrymen that were under the rule of the Black Dragon, the others wanted to save their people from the terror of the same beast. Yet, there were no good options! Uness the Black Dragon was killed, they had to fight. But who can take down such a terrifying beast?

Kazuhiko wasn’t phased by the attention, and wanted more of it in fact from the upper ranks of these beasts. He looked to the infuriated lizards that were rushing towards him as he thought, ’Just how many of your kin do I have to kill before you come out?’

He wanted to face off against the beast that hunters found themselves hopeless against. He wanted a fight with that winged lizard that kept on flaunting its authority. He might meet his death, but so what? A man has to live a thrilling life!

The reckless Kazuhiko continued his onslaught of the beasts, only wishing for the main event to come sooner...


The war continued on multiple fronts. In the chaotic battlefield with the horde of beasts led by not just one, but two monsters surpassing rank A, a deadly fight continued.

A retreating and heavily injured beast was rushing from the skies and heading to a lower altitude while trying to evade the onslaught of dark spears and lightning.

It’s wings had taken injuries that affected its speed, causing more attacks to land on its body. The problem was, these attacks were endless!

The oversized mosquito looked at the terrifying man above it as it grew enraged at the state it was in. She was a queen that had many subjects bowing their heads to. She was someone that held tremendous power and ruled over millions. Now she was forced to come down to some unknown world and be thrashed around like this?!

She had no time to think as she continued evading the damaging attacks and focused on regaining her mobility.

She went down towards the stupid Mephitic Turtle to gain some respite from the enemy’s attacks, but she didn’t know if she would make it there in time.

She hated the situation she was in, she hated those bastards that were forcing her to do this. As for this human, just how could someone this powerful exist in such a small world?

Her fear reached an all time high as she saw the enemy continue to evade the venomous blasts and rush towards her with endlessly dangerous attacks. She gritted her maxillae as her innate power activated once again and she rushed towards the coming enemy. It will either be my death, or yours.

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