Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 50 - Collision between opposing forces

Chapter 50 - Collision between opposing forces

As hunters prepared to face the monsters with the moving landmass of a turtle at the lead in the Blessed Empire, other hunters were banding together to stand against the tyranny of the black dragon in the United Federation.

With the continued aid from the Empire, a coalition of forces was created consisting of hunters from each of the nearby countries and the Empire. The person leading this coalition of hunters was the Dark Sword, Kazuhiko. His power was renowned in the United Federation and he was among the strongest hunters to take the lead against the terror of the dragon.

The Black Dragon continued to propagate its forces, increasing its influence towards the surrounding countries in the span of the week. The hunters from the overtaken countries had no choice but to listen to the commands of the beast that held the lives of their loved ones in its hands.

The beast would not act a majority of the time, staying behind the ranks of its crowds of monsters and only stepping in whenever a powerful hunter was making a stand. Its power was destructive and nobody could stand against it. The combination of The Dark Sword, along with other peak rank A hunters was what the forces were hoping to stand against the power of the dragon. Only time will tell, as the two forces neared one another. A collision between the coalition of hunters and beasts was imminent.


On the defense line at the outer periphery of the empire. A hunter was holding a long staff as he looked at the scene around him. To his left and right were rows of hunters holding mage staffs similar to his and even more holding exquisite bows in their hands.

Below him were even more hunters holding a variety of shields, swords, and other close combat weapons. They were ready to put their lives on the line for the beasts that were coming. His hand that was holding the staff was trembling as he began to feel the ground beneath him to do the same.

Dust was quickly rising on the horizon, signaling the coming of the monsters. The trembling hunter turned his head towards one of the command centers where he could see the powerful hunters of the empire congregating. Standing on the lead of these hunters was a man with dark hair and a radiant fair complexion. His body donned an ethereal purple armor that vaunted strength. He stood at the forefront, overlooking the walls and the people with an expression that seemed to give off conviction.

The trembling weapon in the hunter’s hands settled just a little at this scene. He knew this hunter that assured the fears of many of the people here. His regiment was about to be overtaken by a pack of beasts led by a rank A TITAN on their way here, and this man appeared out of nowhere with powerful skills that took care of the beasts that were about to take their lives as if it was nothing. It was this strength that gave many hunters hope of seeing the next day in one piece

The dust on the horizon continued to grow larger as more small dots could be seen with the n.a.k.e.d eye. As time passed, the small dots could be seen getting larger and larger at every step. The hunters were prepared, those with long-ranged weapons and spells protected on top of the makeshift walls, with hunters hoisting large shields and broadswords moving forward to meet the incoming enemy.

The horde of beasts was becoming clear in the eyes of the hunters as a conglomeration of all types of beasts became apparent. From apes to lions, all the way to extremely oversized poisonous toads, they were all rushing towards them with eyes filled with bloodl.u.s.t.

Their hearts became firm as they prepared to clash with the waves of monsters. Noah Osmont, the hunter that many people were placing their hopes on, rose in the air as the beasts neared. Other hunters with flying summons also filled the skies as a huge black eagle could be seen not too far away, a famous hunter was also seen with their signature white pegasus, and even more hunters with bats or other winged beasts appeared

Skills were prepared as everybody felt their energy bubbling at full capacity. Much of the horde was now visible, and to the far back was a hideously misshapen turtle that had green pulsating spikes poking out of its hard shell. Its size seemed larger than 20 meters as it took world-shaking steps towards the crowd of humans in front of it, each of its steps shaking the land

Noah acted first as a cry rang out from him, invigorating the hunters all around and easing their fears. His hand rose to the skies as a long staff appeared pointing forward. Multiple five-meter circles came to light in the air, dark red flames spurting out towards the incoming beasts as [Infernal Purge] was cast. The circles increased exponentially as time passed, making the skies above the beasts look hellish as the flames flew down towards them

Hunters saw this destructive power coming from their side and cheered, their spirits lifted as they prepared skills of their own.


Chaos had begun as the flames reached down and burnt everything they touched. At the same time, blue streaks of lightning were shooting down, traveling through ranks of monsters as if they were connected by a rope. [Arc Lightning] was also being continuously cast towards the coming beasts as they began falling in droves from the skills of just one hunter


A thundering sound was heard as the TITAN of a turtle spread its wide jaws open...and a green pillar of energy shot out towards the hunter causing such destruction.


The green pillar of energy hit the air as hunters scrambled to move aside, Noah’s figure disappearing from where it was and appearing even closer to the horde of beasts as other skills were cast. Immense dark spears began to form around him as [Spear of Destiny] was also used, when a drastic change occurred!

An alarmed expression rose from Noah’s face as people began to feel another source of power that wasn’t coming from the turtle come to light. Something shot through the skies at extreme speeds towards the figure of Noah, smashing into him in less than a second.


It felt like the skies had cracked as multiple defense skills were destroyed. Noah’s body was knocked quite a distance back as it came to stabilize in the air. A grisly wound was on his body as only a mass of wriggling flesh could be seen protruding from his right shoulder. His entire right arm was gone!

A pained expression rose from him as multiple golden lights began to descend and [Ultra Regeneration] was cast multiple times. The beast that had appeared in front of Noah had a humanoid appearance, but with wings and a stinger that shone in a piercing light coming from its body. It seemed like a grotesque mixture of a humanoid mosquito as it raised its sharp stinger upwards in an unnatural manner and licked the blood and flesh coming off of it. It was only two meters in size, but its power felt no less than the turtle moving on the ground

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