Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 47 - A terrible beast

Chapter 47 - A terrible beast

Hunters all over the Empire were bracing themselves for a fight that determined their future. A horde of beasts was on their way, and Admirals scrambled to get their regiments in order after the latest attack that left many dead and injured. Enough hunters had to be moved to face the oncoming threat while also leaving enough behind to clear the newly appeared dungeons around the cities

There were enemies all around, with not enough people on hand. Higher-ups of the Empire had slightly less despondent thoughts as intel regarding a particularly powerful hunter made its way to the top. The hunter had faced crowds of monsters that were about to besiege Star City and took them all down single-handedly. With the addition of top hunters like Steel Mikhail, they felt like they could still come out of this predicament in one piece

Commands were quickly given as pieces began being moved. They were tired and fearful, but they would not give in. They would fight until their last breath if they had to. Cities gradually became stabilized as hunters began moving to the periphery of the Empire to meet the coming enemy


The United Federation was in a dire state after the recent attacks. Three of its countries had already fallen into the hands of a powerful black dragon that killed anyone that defied it. The terror of this dragon was just beginning as it began making movements. It had many underlings beneath it that looked like a mixture of humans and lizards, as well as smaller reptiles that looked similar to it but had no wings.

The Black Dragon’s first movement made many despair, as it commanded the human hunters that heeled under its strength to form into a force that attacked the surrounding countries. It had many beasts under its command to use, but it was mostly using humans to fight other humans for its dominion. Scenes of hunters facing each other in battles had already started, causing a sense of defeat from any parties that came out alive in these battles

Both were fighting to defend the lives of the people in their countries, with one side trying to protect the millions that were already subjugated under the Black Dragon’s forces. Any dissent from them could cause the death of millions of people with just a word from the terrible beast.

Leaders in the Blessed Empire were observing this situation while providing support to the United Federation for the first time in a while. Resources were spread thin as hunters had to be sent towards an impending horde to the south, others to remain to protect the Empire itself, and some to be sent towards the United Federation. If the countries there all fell under the command of the Black Dragon, the Empire would be next.


The Dark Sword, Kazuhiko, was feeling a different emotion for the first time in a while. It wasn’t the usual apathy and disinterest that he felt even after the apocalypse occurred. He had naturally awakened and risen to become the most powerful hunter of the United Federation as time passed

He had cleared dungeons, faced rank A TITANs, and done everything his teenage mind had ever dreamed of. But he was quickly bored again. Even after dungeons appeared en masse again, the rank A BOSSes from the dungeon breaks quickly fell under his sword

But now, something different was occurring. His blood boiled as he saw the images of the huge Black Dragon that was making its way to the center of the United Federation. He felt like this huge beast would be a sufficient opponent for him, but he also knew his limitations. Even though he was a battle junkie, he still wanted to keep his life. The beast they were going against was a rank above his, with thousands of beasts surrounding it. This was why he was leading the hunters of the federation that would be standing against the Black Dragon and his forces

He looked down on the humans that submitted to the beast’s power. Where was their pride for them to stand down so easily? A man should fight to their last breath! Even if the entire team he was leading was to be overpowered, he would not submit under the rule of beasts. He didn’t want that possibility though, as he wanted to live longer and fight many more grand battles, so he was waiting.

He waited for the hunters around the nation to gather and band together. He waited for the reinforcements from the neighboring Empire. He waited for all the pieces to be moved in place before he faced off against the huge beast and its army. His heart was pounding as he stared at the image of the dragon. He couldn’t wait for the battle to start!


Steel Mikhail laid his trusted spear down as he absorbed the information he was receiving. Their Blessed Empire had borne another powerful hunter called Noah Osmont. The information put him on top of the charts just from the exploits he had done so far. He thought about the described scene where this hunter stood against droves of beasts and took down three rank A BOSSes all by himself. Would he be able to do something similar?

He required the help of other hunters stationed in the capital to take down the rank A BOSSes that had appeared because of multiple dungeon breaks. He had mages healing him and other hunters contributing to keep them busy while he dealt killing blows. Yet Noah seemed to be doing the work of multiple hunters all by himself. He withstood the attacks of a TITAN and came out alive, used highly offensive spells to take it down while also healing injured hunters he came across. He was truly powerful

Mikhail wasn’t feeling any form of jealousy or envy from his title as the strongest hunter of the Empire going to someone else. He loved the land he was in and would do anything for it. Having stronger hunters was naturally a good thing.

They had already received news that Noah was making his way towards the monster horde south of the Empire. This showed the man’s confidence in his strength. The Empire was also continuing to send its forces and resources to the outer perimeters to meet the beasts and reinforce this hunter.

A majority of the high ranking hunters would either be going in the same direction as Noah or towards the United Federation to help with the newly risen threat that would point itself towards the Empire the moment it was left to run rampant.

He would stay in the capital as its protector. He and a few other hunters would clear the rank A dungeon here, and the newly appeared ones in surrounding cities so that no dungeon breaks would continue occurring. He would be the last line of defense for the millions of people living in the Empire. That was his role. He was the protector.

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