Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 43 - Dissolution

Chapter 43 - Dissolution

In the capital of the Blessed Empire

A fast-paced battle was taking place between a burly man holding a sharp spear and a large armadillo-like beast that moved at a speed not matching its body size. Around them lay shattered buildings in flames, with a huge mansion standing majestically in the background

Beasts of all shapes and sizes were abundant in the surroundings as they fought with hunters to their last breath. The ferocity of the fights around the burly hunter and armadillo was at another level

The sharp spear in the man’s hand shone a white light as it expanded to five meters and struck down on the hard armor of the beast.


A horrid sound was heard as the hard shell broke and meat flew out. The attacks weren’t over as the man rose up before bringing his shining spear down once more, nailing the armadillo to the ground.

An instant later, an exquisite battle armor along with [Core]s appeared beside the huge beast. The man bent down and grabbed the battle armor, fitting it on his body as if it were meant for him. He stood proud with an impassive expression as he looked at the battles happening around him. The grand building behind him had been protected, and would stay that way until his last breath. There were too many important people bunkered down in that place

His figure vibrated as the muscles wrapping all over his body like steel cables constricted. Only a flash could be seen as he moved and cut down any monsters that neared. He was the most famous hunter known around the world. He was Steel Mikhail


In one of the allied countries of the United Federation.

A man with glistening dark hair had his katana stabbed into the skull of a beast. All around him was a bloody mess of bodies and bones. The hunters that survived the dungeon breaks were looking at this man fearfully as he yawned and pulled the katana up

He looked to the distance and saw another TITAN that was rampaging. A dark light shone from his body as he suddenly began to grow larger, until reaching 5 meters in height. He pushed on the ground with a disinterested expression as he flew towards the TITAN with the katana in hand.

His large figure was wrapped in the dark light as it streaked across the sky. This was the most powerful rank A hunter in all the countries of the United Federation, The Dark Sword, Kazuhiko.


Rage was bubbling throughout every inch of my body as [Doom Bolt]s and [Smite]s continued to be repeatedly cast. Light upon light of my greatest rank A healing skill went down towards the body of a person I had grown familiar with these past few days, and yet nothing changed

I looked at the relieved expression apparent on Magnar’s face as I shook my head in sadness and disappointment. Just a second longer and...

I rose up with complex feelings as the soldiers that were freed from the beasts’ relentless attacks circled Magnar’s body. There was sorrow in the air as people collected themselves, but I didn’t have the time to stay. I tried to put the matter behind me for now and keep on moving. Even seconds were precious, and I couldn’t waste them wallowing. There were many more scenes in the city repeating just like this

My body disappeared from this location and I continued scouring throughout the city, helping other hunters that were about to be overwhelmed and saving as many normal humans as I could.

With the advent of explosions and destruction, most people had stayed in their buildings or gone underground to fearfully hide, hoping all the monsters would be gone when they came out. Some were lucky, others were killed as buildings collapsed from the beasts.

Because many of the monoliths that appeared and had dungeon breaks were rank B, their bosses weren’t too much of a hassle for me to take down. In a few minutes, I was transferring in and out all over the city, following explosions and screams as I took down the BOSSes and smaller beasts, giving hunters defending the city some breathing room

All they saw was a figure flash by, red lightning and golden swords descending, as well as a golden light that healed those badly injured. A moment later that figure was gone.

This process carried on for another half an hour, with hunters more effectively working together to move people away from the battlefield while protecting themselves from beasts. With a majority of the rank B BOSSes taken down, I rose high above the city to check what was happening and which areas needed the most support

On the south side of the City, the huge wall erected to protect it was broken down and I could see droves of beasts rushing out, with a huge TITAN standing beside the path where the monsters were leaving from. [Danger Sense] was letting me know that this beast was of the same caliber as the huge white gorilla.

I defeated one, and I can definitely defeat another. My mind was still blazing with anger as I continued to use [Instant Transfer] with [Eagle Eyes] and moved closer and closer to where the monsters were leaving the city

Sharp eyes seemed to have noticed me as the TITAN looked up and their body grew to become even larger. It had the shape of something that had long gone extinct and could only be learned about in history. It had large strong legs and tiny arms that were still multiple times bigger than me, while boasting a gargantuan head that held rows of sharp teeth. It seemed to resemble very closely the archaic Tyrannosaurus Rex

An intelligent light flashed through its eyes as its large legs acted like a spring, pushing it off the ground and its opened jaws nearing me in an instant. [Instant Transfer] was quickly cast as I escaped before the jaws could snap down. I reappeared where its body used to be as I began spamming [Frigid Impermanence]

The large body wasn’t able to dodge in the air, and two blasts hit it before it reached the ground.


It moved at extreme speeds as it ignored the freezing flames on its body and zigzagged towards me, evading the skills as if it knew where they would land before they were cast.

The moment it neared me again I disappeared into the sky, its terrifying teeth biting nothing but air. It let out another frustrated roar as it didn’t jump this time around, it’s large jaws opening as a red light began to condense and palpitate in the center of its mouth

Oh, f.u.c.k you. I didn’t let it complete it’s skill as another cold blast smashed onto its face, interrupting whatever it was trying to do and causing a huge explosion. The beasts that continued to leave through the broken wall in the city were not looking back, as if they were possessed or heeding a command.

The huge Tyrannosaurus Rex had its gigantic head mangled, a few of its teeth shattered on the ground. It would get no respite from me as [Doom Bolt]s and [Frigid Impermanence] smashed onto its injured body. Each strike of red lighting left deep gashes and each explosive cold blast left freezing flames with entire areas of its body missing

Its tremendous life force could not continue supporting it as it slumped down and was finally killed. [Core]s and another rank A [Skill Book] dropped, the skill being [Infernal Purge- Searing flames descend from the skies in an area of 5 meters].

I learned the skill without a thought and looked to the monsters completely ignoring me and rushing out of the city. There was much less noise and explosions as hunters continued to bring order to the city with the deaths of the TITANs, the only beasts roaming free being stranglers left behind

I tested [Infernal Purge] for the first time towards the tens of monsters still rushing out the city. Dark red flames manifested in the skies and rushed down, melting anything they came in contact with. I didn’t care who was commanding the monsters to leave the city, I would just kill as many as I could.

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