Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 41 - Entering a new phase

Chapter 41 - Entering a new phase

With the destruction of [Lion’s Den], a new chapter was opening for humans and hunters that had been playing a game of catch up with constantly increasing dungeons.

Magnar and a few of the officials that watched the implosion of the dungeon firsthand were broadcasting what they were watching to someplace and others were making phone calls

After Elizabeth had collected herself, I went to the center of the destroyed monolith and picked up another crystal that looked exactly the same as the one I already had, even to the unreadable mess of words

In the 27 successful times we dived in [Lion’s Den] we received many rank B [Item]s and [Skill]s, but there was no luck in anything rank A dropping. I was able to find another useful skill to add to my collection while busily running around that was called [Critical Strike-When active, skills cast thereafter have a chance to deal double the damage]. I didn’t know the percentage chance of a critical strike occurring while this was active, but I was looking forward to seeing just how much I could continue to increase my damage output. I was going to look through the rest of the skills when we had some time later and choose the ones to exchange with the military

After completely destroying another rank B dungeon, there was only one more left in Star City. We went toward this last dungeon called [Bullish Arena] where even more squads led by rank A hunters were repeatedly diving in.

When we arrived we were met with another empty space where a monolith used to stand, with hunters cheering in the clearing. My mind grew calm at this site. It seemed like we were finally heading in the right direction. Things would get better from here.


In an unknown location

A being dr.a.p.ed in black was overlooking multiple transparent screens that showed complex data. The being had a sharp horn protruding from the center of its head, giving its humanoid appearance an imposing look

It noticed a change on one of the screens that quickly grabbed its attention, making a motion to the underling sitting right behind the screen using a glistening three-point tipped weapon.

"What happened there?"

The aide behind the screen shot to attention and replied, "We began losing some of the major connections that were already established on Planet 90X in close succession"

The sharp horned being looked at the screen as his eyes flashed with a piercing light as he read the data on this target and asked the aide "How many pieces do we have on standby?"

There was a ruffling of some doc.u.ments before a reply came, "We currently have the optimum volume ready for the descent on the next planned target"

A second passed as the sharp horned man seemed to think, before a decisive command came out, "Divert the entire volume towards Planet 90X"

A shocked expression rose on the aide’s face when it heard this, and asked to make sure. "Sir, is that necessary? We will be extremely restricted in our actions towards that target should anything change in the future, and redirecting this much traffic would use a lot of essence"

There was a momentary silence as the screens of data in the room fluctuated, before the commanding voice came out once again, "It is abnormal to start losing connections at this stage, and in rapid succession at that. Abnormalities have to be fully eliminated. I do not want any possibility of hope for those backward natives. Do it while also accelerating the release process."

A serious nod came from the aide as they adjusted parameters and redirected the coordinates. Directions were soon passed down as pieces moved into their respective positions. At another location not too far from them, there was a huge field that held beasts of all shapes and sizes as far as the eyes could see. There was an eerie quietness at the sight of these countless beasts as multiple small crystals in the field began emanating light barriers that sectioned them off into multiple groups

In a short period of time, everything was assembled and ready to go. With a nod from the aide, the sharp horned man crossed his legs and sat down while closing his eyes, seemingly putting in all his focus for what was about to happen.


I was watching the cheerful hunters when I suddenly felt a change. Even though I was still high in the sky, it felt as if the earth was vibrating. The vibrations only increased as seconds passed and everyone caught on and looked around them

The earth was shaking, the air was shaking, and a strange energy filled the surroundings. An old memory resurfaced in my mind as my face began to drain of all color. This...this was what happened a year ago. Extreme unease began settling in as I recalled what I felt back then and what I was feeling now. It felt much stronger

The faces of hunters soon turned into despair as they saw a familiar light cover the entirety of their sight, and explosions followed right after


As if nails were being hammered onto a board, multiple monoliths smashed into the ground and took root. Noises and screams began to be heard as multiple impacts were felt around the city, with a huge one very near to where we are

I opened my eyes in shock to find another dungeon monolith more than two times bigger than the ones I had been clearing smash down onto the area of the dungeon that the hunter squads just destroyed. Some hunters that were still standing nearby were crushed, not even getting a second to let out dying screams

The impact blasted away those that were near as the new dungeon monolith stood erect and proud. Shocks soon turned into despair when hunters got their bearings and saw the bloody site in front of them, as well as the continuous screams that began resounding from the city

The most terrifying thing of all was the fact that the huge monolith that had just struck down was blinking red. Elizabeth had slumped down on top of the black eagle, her eyes showing pits of despair as she looked at the monolith ahead of us

My heart was about to lurch out of my chest as I looked at this monolith and observed the area around me. I was flying high up and had a good view of the city, but I couldn’t believe what I saw. Monoliths that seemed to represent rank B dungeons had increased by more than 6, and besides this much larger monolith that appeared near us, there was another one just like it on the periphery of the city

Thoughts began to churn in my head as I didn’t even know where to move to. The blinking red monolith near us began vibrating, not even giving a second of rest. I snapped out of my stupor and rushed towards the monolith with my right hand outstretched, hoping to make it in time before what was about to happen

My speed increased as I passed the hunters that were despondently looking forward on the ground as my arms neared the monolith...


I was knocked back by a huge impact while I watched with shock as the monolith in front of me began to bloom like a flower. Terrifying beasts soon began to fill the surroundings as one even larger grew out


A gruttal roar resounded out as a beast shining in white fur popped out. It had the general outline of a gorilla, yet its size defied normal conventions. It’s piercing eyes opened and looked around as its mouth curled upwards and sharp teeth could be seen.

There were hundreds of beasts all around that looked toward this white gorilla that held a devilish smile on its face. Its smart eyes darted around as it looked at the hunters surrounded by beasts and roared out once more. This roar acted like a signal as the beasts jumped to the nearest hunter they could find.

My eyes felt like they were seeing blood as I found my body to already be rushing towards the huge TITAN. It’s dark eyes met mine, and it’s figure soon disappeared from the ground. [Danger Sense] began ringing as I turned my direction to the sky, only to be met with the newly appeared TITAN smashing its huge palm towards me



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