Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 33 - An Approaching Disaster

Chapter 33 - An Approaching Disaster

The Vice Admiral dispersed the gathering of soldiers and took me back to his office to continue discussing the matter. Andrei Nikolaev was the son of one of The Empire’s Admirals. He was following his father’s footsteps and neared rank A in power, having 2 rank A skills and needing just one more to be qualified and listed as rank A

So the ticket he was expecting to receive to become one of the peak powers of the world was given to someone else and now he was using his connections to get it back.

I had no qualms fighting and even taking the guy out, as this would even mean I get to receive one of his rank A skills when he goes down, but I couldn’t stop thinking of the consequences thereafter. I looked to the frowning general that seemed to be using every last brain cell to think and asked "What are the possible fallouts in the case that Andrei Nikolaev dies tomorrow"

His head shot up as he heard this question from me and said "The full rage of Admiral Chekhov who has thousands of soldiers under him, and he himself is a rank A Hunter"

I listened to this and asked again "Or?"

"As we need to be conserving our strength and increase our battle power with the threat of beasts coming down on us, the strength of rank A hunters is important and there cannot be a confrontation between them"

I nodded my head as I heard this and replied with a smile "Then it isn’t a problem, as long as I have power rivaling rank A, I can take care of anything that comes my way"

I looked to the Vice Admiral in front of me as his eyes glowed when he heard this. He seemed to think before replying "If that’s the case, then there’s another call I can make that can handle the fall out happening tomorrow"

With the discussion being over, I left the office holding a folder that held more information on Andrei Nikolaev as I made my way to the living quarters. There was only food for me to enjoy this time around as I had to focus on understanding the skills I just gained today and prepare for something momentous tomorrow

I wasn’t fearful of what would happen when the son of an Admiral died. This thought passed in my mind, making me realize just how far I had grown in such a short span of time. Admirals were at the top of the food chain in the Empire, and now I was in a position where I could be facing one sometime soon

I was eating the exemplary food on the table as I ran simulations in my head for the battle to come. Because of keeping skills that drained a huge amount of energy but gave a great momentary boost in power active all the time, my attributes already met those in the A rank category

That wasn’t to mention all the skills that increased my overall defense, speed, casting and attack speed, evasion, and overall damage by huge percentages. These skills layered on top of active defense skills like [Arcanist’s Sphere of Protection] and the recently acquired [Golden Halo] made me realize just how strong I currently was

Even though nothing was tested, I doubt a single rank B could get through my defenses, and maybe I would be injured from the attacks of a rank A hunter. The classification of having three rank A skills before being coined a genuine rank A hunter was to satisfy the high pedestal that rank signified

Only those that were truly strong could be considered in that rank, and having the versatility of using 3 rank A skills affirmed that.

Possible plans continued forming in my head as to how this whole thing would end and soon I felt confident enough to face whatever came at me these next few days. I wouldn’t sacrifice my sleep because of it though and wrapped myself up in the silk bed sheets and fell asleep


In the skies above the Empire.

A dashing woman with golden hair was comfortably lying on top of a huge flying beast. She held a bewitching smile on her face as words dripping with honey left her lips. "Little Magnar is redeeming his one favor for a rising hunter...just who could you be to catch the eyes of one of the few sane men in the Empire?"

She was a veteran rank A hunter that was just below the renowned Steel Mikhail. Her flowing golden hair and the huge beast she flew on would cause mischief anywhere she went. She was now heading to Star City


Morning of the next day.

News had spread all over Star City of a main event Death Match that would be occurring in The Coliseum during the day. The two hunters participating each held rank A skills, making them on the cusp of breaking through to the exclusive position of a rank A hunter

The one coming out of it alive would most likely be the newly born rank A hunter to appear in Star City

The excitement was palpitating as all the seats had already been reserved and taken in a few hours, packing the Coliseum to its limits. Those who couldn’t watch were left with turning on their TVs and watching the commentators describe the two figures that would be fighting as the main event

One was a known hunter in the Empire, the son of one of its Admirals and a peak hunter that was bound to be given the rank A title in no time, Andrei Nikolaev. The other was a rising rookie with an empty track record, becoming known just recently by winning a free for all match against other rank B hunters, Noah Osmont. New information came in that this character is able to dive and complete rank B dungeons alone, but this news was not yet verified

There were a few friends watching the live feed of the packed arena and listening to the commentators when one spoke with a bored expression

"Why are you guys even looking at this match as something exciting? This is obviously just another show of power from those assholes at the top, bullying that rising hunter to get what they want" (Friend #1)

"Hey! You didn’t get to see the free for all match yesterday, that new guy blew away the Golden Tank and the Flaming Witch as if it was nothing!" (Friend #2)

"Haha, no way a random nobody will even touch a hair on Andrei, we’re just gonna watch another bloody fight today. I just hope he lasts long enough and the match isn’t cut short!" (Friend #3)

The bored friend listened to this as he shook his head despondently while thinking, ’Nothing has changed at all since the advent of the apocalypse’

The fight was set to be happening in a few hours. Figures were alerted around the Empire of this impending match. Some didn’t care, others were angry at the loss of a potential rank A hunter that would be happening for no reason. Others were just carefully waiting to see what new waves would be made from this fight

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