Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2474 Immeasurable Rage! I

Chapter 2474 Immeasurable Rage! I

2474 Immeasurable Rage! I


The choices of countless existences were what made the current reality!

The choices of extremely powerful beings weighed a whole lot more than others in what reality unfolded, but no single being was free from bearing the consequences of their choices.

In a corner of the Aeonic Haven of Dissolution, an Apex Aeonic Lifeform from the Noblesse Lineage made a choice as her body glimmered with immaculate radiance, the essence of a Dynamis of Extremity that wasn't entirely geared towards offense erupting out.

It was a Dynamis that was more so geared towards speed as Euryale made the choice of surging with an authority that would reach her targets and their main bodies the fastest!

The power of an Apex Aeonic Lifeform was already fast and dreadful, their foremost concept that defined them likely already overcoming the 10th Boundary Layer as their other concepts were stably at such a stage.

When such speed was paired with a Dynamis of Extremity that culminated multiple Boundaries…

"Velocious Void Burn."


Extreme Speed.

Speed obtained from the Dynamis of the Tenebrosus!

Taking the Void of the Noblesse and elevating it to a greater level with the addition of multiple complementary Boundaries, Euryale was able to call forth such a fantastical Dynamis of Extremity as it focused on the speed and power of darkness.

When one talked about speed, they would mention how something was traveling at the speed of light.

Or far faster than light.

What wasn't normally mentioned was the speed of darkness!

Darkness was the absence of light.

When light left, there was only darkness that came just as fast.

Darkness…traveled at the same speed if not faster than light to those truly capable!

And Euryale was capable.

Speed far exceeded light or darkness erupted out and crossed great distances.

Its target was a cluster of the clones of Conquerors who had appeared victorious yet again within a Noblesse Plane of Existence.

Stellar blinking moons rotated in the surroundings as a silver glow of light permeated all around, the visage of Henry radiating light and grandeur as his eyes released a light of dominance over 3 Noblesse Reverend Emperors.

They lay before him in defeat as around him, the figure of the clone of the Emperor Penguin had its beak raised high with pride!

To his left, Barbatos' clone could be seen as she stood on the floating skull of a Gehenna Phoenix which held the contained light of her Legions within it.

Further around them, the figures of Eowyn, Guinevere, Blue Slime, Tiamat, Kazuhiko, Athena, Lancelot, the Kraken, Anna, Halcyon, Oathkeeper…a great deal of those from the Infinite Hyperversal Haven had their clones joining this Conquest as they dominated one Noblesse domain after another.

None of them knew it.

None of them felt it!

Nobody…but one being in particular.

He was the Son of Destiny.

He was the progeny of the True Emperor of Quintessence!

Destiny and Providence burned fiercely in his Origin as he had also gained an elevation in his Lineage of the Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor!

The portion of his Will that was contained in this Clone only began to sense immense danger as a thundering cry ripped out the reality not just above their heads, but the whole region of this plane in their immediate surroundings!

Most of them didn't even know what hit them.

The speed of their souls couldn't follow it as the being to target them was much, much more powerful!

Only the soul of the Son of Destiny was able to raise his head up as his eyes brightened up the most they ever had in his short life, the eyes of an Apex Aeonic Lifeform bursting from his sockets as he shockingly dispersed the aura and authority of these eyes over himself and those around him.

This was because his destiny and Providence told him a single thing from the endless burning rays of darkness that cascaded from the Havens above them.


Not just the death of their clones, but what they were connected to as the essence that would rip them apart wasn't even a hundredth of the power which would remain to follow their Sources and decimate their main bodies!

It was a deadly and inciteful move to kill!

It didn't even pause on the dominance of the eyes of an Apex Aeonic Lifeform as it shredded through it and smashed down with spite and destruction.


The time for all of this to occur was extremely short.

The moment that Henry instinctively felt the immediate threat of true death, his Soul moved as his main body in the Infinite Hyperversal Haven roared out a single word- carried the fastest across the very own Lineage that made him.

It was a call for help.



The word crossed across the lineage of the Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor as truthfully, it wasn't even needed.

This was because innately, the Bloodline of the Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor felt the great danger to a part of itself as Noah's Main Body a distance away that was about to begin a discussion with Aurelia blazed with startling brilliance and moved an instant after.

And yet it didn't take even a fraction of a nanosecond before a booming sound ruptured out.


Velocious Void Burn.

This was the ability Euryale had uttered out as unstoppable and extremely fast beams of pure burning voids of darkness instantly appeared from different locations within the Infinite Hyperversal Haven- each one atop the heads of the main bodies of the beings around Henry…as well as Henry himself!

Above the figure of Barbatos who just so happened to be with Valentina.

Above the figure of the Emperor Penguin that was standing before other Spiritual Beasts.

Above Kazuhiko who had been spending time with the Imperial Phoenix!

A dreadful burning void of darkness that carried heavy Apex Aeonic Damage Values flowered from different locations within the Infinite Hyperversal Haven as the main bodies of all the advanced forces who were conquering the Lands of the Noblesse were affected!

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