Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2100 The Fractured Dimensions! II

Chapter 2100 The Fractured Dimensions! II

Guinevere felt the change quicker than everyone else the moment that the Avalon Dimension completely finished being displaced as internally, she gave a sigh of relief!

But this was internally.


Guinevere's face was livid as Morgana, Arthus, and others rose up with similar looks as even the Imperius Avallonis…he seemed to be grasping the Sword of Avalon tighter as his gaze was solemn and drawn down.

Authority bloomed as a spatial light began to wrap around the Avalon Dimensional Rulers.


A terrifying authority erupted from CHARLEMAGNE and the Mikado of Old and Strength as it erased any authority from the Avalon Dimensional Rulers.

<Nobody may leave this Conclave.>

The beautifully radiant multicolored rings of light around everyone pulsed as they began to spin.

The very fabric of Reality around them vibrated as space itself seemed to be getting carved out as the rings of light spun, dazzling Absolute Quantum Authority and Absolute Relativity Authority wrapping around everything in a show of wonder!

<We are isolated from space and time at this moment as nobody may leave until we come to an understanding.>

<What understanding? Do you truly want a war? Do you want to fracture the very bonds of Dimensions today as you what, hasten the destruction of all Dimensions yourselves?!>

<We remain here for no other reason than the Dimensional Inimicus and the displacement of Dimensions.>

She gazed towards CHARLEMAGNE with a smile as she continued.


And CHARLEMAGNE gave a light nod as he gazed towards Lilith and then multiple areas within this dazzling circular enclosure!


The ancient voice of the existence from the Prana Dimension rang out with age and life as CHARLEMAGNE nodded.𝘧𝗿𝚎e𝓌𝗲𝒃𝑛𝒐ѵ𝗲𝒍. c𝐨𝗺

Open your souls.


<And we shall start with those most recently affected by the Dimensional Inimicus as well as the one being openly opposed to us…The Apollyon, Dream, and Avalon Dimensions.>

Providence raged as the targets were set.

Now, the Avalon Dimension was added to this as all gazes fell on them.

Lilith nodded as her humanoid form slowly began to transform into a valiant demonic figure.


<The 9 Dimensions have strived together for eons and carried out a mission handed down by those before us.>

<We have now been abandoned by those very same Ancestors as we must fight with our lives on the line to ensure not just our safety…but the safety of the very Dimensions we called homes! This…is not something I can do alone, so I shall openly seek aid from you all to fight for our homes.>

The Dimensional Queen truly centered herself as the point of opposition as at this moment, the balance and workings of the Dimensions were on the brink.

<You still do not understand. It is not a matter of enemies and allies any longer. It is not a matter of if the Dimensional Inimicus displacing Dimensions will perish or if the Anchors and Desolate Mausoleum will meet their end. It is a forgone conclusion…it is only a matter of when all of this occurs.>

<This is because it involves something so much larger and greater. It involves the Will of the Ancestors in the past and the Ancestors now…and these beings wish to protect and assure their interests. Do you know why there are only two Mikados here today? They are guarding the Pylon of Ascension as usual, but today…they are also preparing a welcoming ceremony.>


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