Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2097 The Empress Graces The Masses! I

Chapter 2097 The Empress Graces The Masses! I

Rage and power flowed all around as the calm voice of CHARLEMAGNE rang out to reply to Lilith.

His triangular pupils released radiant and shocking light as in his calmness, a level of Tyranny rose as well!




<You choose who joins you for Ascension, you damn the Dimensions and countless lives within them…where in all this do you see yourselves as saviors? Where in all this do you see yourself standing as the voice of good and reason?>

The aura of Rulers behind her rose in conjunction as not a single one faltered from the words that CHARLEMAGNE had spoken out as if they had expected this!

His power was too great.


His triangular pupils release a horrific light of power that didn't stem from Natural Laws or Decreta as his gaze turned exceedingly cold at this moment.

<Do not mistake my calmness for weakness, nor should you believe that I do not move against you because I cannot.>

<Just like your father all those years ago…I deny you and everything about your Lineage. Your charade of playing Ruler and Commander will soon come to an end.>

Lilith's beautiful face contorted greatly at these words as calmness, rage, and madness rose and fell in her eyes in waves, but CHARLEMAGNE continued as his multicolored hair danced with abundant authority!

<This is the Will passed down and the stance of the Quantum Dimension. Now that you know…what choice shall you make? Where do you stand?>

His triangular pupils shone with grand power as the way he spoke showed he didn't care whether they stood with the Quantum Dimension or against it!

With his terrifying gaze passing over everyone, Guinevere was the first one to rise up and stare with a hint of anger and distaste towards this special existence.

Her words were filled with anger as a purple luster of royalty swirled around her.

At Guinevere's words, CHARLEMAGNE only spared her a glance as he didn't even reply, continuing to gaze at the other Rulers.

<The Mirror Dimension will follow the Will of the Ancestors.>

Providence surged as at this juncture, the Essence of Entropy uniquely began to build up with denseness in the surroundings!

A golden haired man with a dense halo of light around him sighed as he spoke up.


The suppression of the very fabric of Reality!

These words caused Noah's eyes to illuminate greatly while he listened to all this, many things began to fall in line as he imagined why the Ancestors did what they did so many years ago…and why they chose to let the Apocalypse of all things proceed now.

The Aged man that had spoken to CHARLEMAGNE locked eyes with him as these existences knew each other closely.

<CHARLEMAGNE…you know our roots in the aspects of life itself. What exactly did you expect me to do in all this? Did you truly expect me to go against my very nature?>𝑓𝗿𝐞e𝑤𝚎𝗯n𝗼ν𝙚l. 𝑐𝒐𝓶

The Dimension of life.

Another choice was made as at this juncture as with this, CHARLEMAGNE couldn't help but close his eyes for a brief second.

<What about you all?>

He spoke as his gaze went away from the vibrant Dimensional thrones.

If he wasn't directing his words towards the Dimensional Rulers…then who exactly was he referring to?!

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