Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1888 Undaunted Against A Dimensional Hellion Ruler! Ll

Lillith only pointed her index finger upwards!

But in the next moment, an undeniable storm of vibrant multicolored authority bloomed and surged out like a whirling stellar sea, the millions of Primogenial LEGENDS and dozens of Beta Strata LEGENDS finding themselves uncontrollably rising from the ground as their bodies began spin across the skies.

Like a shocking wide range storm of authority, it affected everything as even the Pure-Blooded Primordial Geniuses rose and began to spin from the far distance they were at!


A shocking radiance burst forth from the visage of Ezekiel as the Decretum of the Avalon Dimension erupted from him, barely bursting out its authority and holding him anchored to his position as it went on to cover as many Primordials as it could.

Akaris had her shield domain shockingly reject the authority of this Natural Law as she remained utterly still!

Katelyn…was beside Noah as a shocking golden grandeur had erupted from him at this moment, keeping his position and her position stable in the skies as Katelyn even had her own surging silver essence ready to protect her.

But the rest of the battlefield…had LEGENDS uncontrollably spinning in the skies as the shocking force of rotation was unlike any storms, the authority called out being too pristine as one could see tens of thousands of Primogenial LEGENDS having their bodies squeezed as if they faced a horrific pressure on all sides!

Those closest to the eruption of this authority didn't even fare a microsecond as their bodies were shockingly pressed down on and compressed into a terrifying cluster of blood…blood that then turned into rivers and began flowing towards none other than the Blood Empress.

The Defiler of Souls!


Her actions were erratic and incomprehensible as where was she after she turned the whole battlefield into a scrambling mess?

One would only have to follow the surging rivers of blood from tens of thousands of Primogenial LEGENDS of the Ancient Races that only had their death toll climbing higher to see her position.

And shockingly, she had traversed and covered vast distances to appear instantly a few meters before Noah as the very space seemed to be squeezed and bent wherever she moved!

Her devilishly curvaceous visage retained utmost coldness as her body gained even more increased authority and power- the vibrant rivers of crimson gold blood flowing into her butterfly like bloody wings in a show of shocking glory!

Dimensional Hellion Rulers were some of the most perceptive and powerful existences as they did not play around.

The first move that Lillith made was to turn everything utterly chaotic as she unfurled her control over a shocking Natural Law of Reality.

Lavalliere recognized it from a long time ago before she was stripped of too many things. Just knowing its identity was a boon for her at this moment as she uttered out her thoughts loud for even Noah to hear!

<The Natural Law of Gravitation.>


The Natural Law of Gravitation.

A law that was part of the many fundamental concepts that reigned over the fabrics of Realities and Dimensions.

It imposed a simple concept upon the vast realities and dimensions- a concept that could be seen when an apple fell from a tree, when existences remained anchored on a vibrant earth while the stellar body they were on rotated across space…all the way to the revolutions of Cosmos in an Origin. To the mysteries of the formation of the first ever Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi!

It stated that the most minute molecules or atoms attracted every other molecule or atom across the vast realities and dimensions with a force that was directly proportional to the product of the masses of said objects…and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between said objects!

And when an existence learned of the Natural Law of Gravitation and could actually manipulate it…the results were wondrous and horrific at the same time as they unveiled themselves at this moment.

Lillith crushed the bodies of Primogenial Strata LEGENDS into rivers of blood as she whipped the rest into a frenzied storm as millions spun across the skies uncontrollably, while her attention remained on none other than Noah as she focused the terrifying authority of this Natural Law onto him.

To defend against the incomprehensible authority of a Natural Law, one must utilize the same one to dispel the effects or another Natural Law…or a ruling that helped keep together a Dimension!

A Decretum of a Dimension.

It was just blooming within Noah as he hadn't even attained its full description, but he had to pull out its essence at this moment to stop the descending authority that threatened to crush everything.

The Authority of the Natural Law of Gravitation!


Different authorities clashed as a shocking impact bloomed, the gravitational force in the surroundings that kept together the very fabric of Reality turning wild as existences found themselves flung across uncontrollably!

The Dimensional Hellion Ruler had made her move as she shockingly devoured the blood of the armies of the being who had brought her here to recover even more strength, and Noah made his own moves at this moment.

With a face of utmost seriousness, he knew what he had to do!

Against the raging glory of even a portion of the Will of a Dimensional Hellion Ruler, he was undaunted!

He was fearless!


At this moment, time slowed as a shocking phenomenon bloomed.

In the chaotic surroundings, a melody began to resound as Noah's body was building up its authority.

A melody of valor and battle that caused one's heart to burn- all of it culminating into the sounds of booming drums and horns that began to emanate a glorious Symphony!

It was...Protagonist's Symphony!

It sounded like the symphony one would hear during a perilous battle.

A symphony that began to play when everything seemed for naught as a main character was about to lose everything!

It was the sound of horns and drums of victory as that blared out all around and even caused the visage of Lillith to gaze around briefly!

The Demoralized Side Character debuff descended on all enemies.

The Chosen Extra Buff was granted to all allies!

Meanwhile, Noah himself also gained +25% Increased Damage and Defense Values, Resource Generation, Vitality Regeneration, and Cast and Movement Speed as he heard his own Symphony!

His will and authority surged as he called upon one of the newly unlocked features from his Trait of Infinite Mana.

It was the feature of Skill Succession.

<Skill Succession>:: When casting an ability, a second ability can be linked to it to be cast at the same time as the second ability's resource cost is replaced by pure Mana. Compatible abilities can bring forth unexpected resonance and greatly increase the Damage of linked abilities.

Noah's surging will went on to select a few interesting combinations as for the current situation...

"Apply Skill Succession to Ascendant Reality Sever and Ascendant Illuminating Soul Star."


Lillith, the Blood Empress, was continuously getting stronger as she quite literally grounded powerful LEGENDS into rivers of blood and swallowed them….and Noah could not allow this to continue.

So, a shocking Succession of skills was born at this moment!


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