Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1756 The Sacred Blood Sea Trembles! I

Chapter 1756 The Sacred Blood Sea Trembles! I

The last prompt from elevating the Sanguine Emperor to TABOO.

Noah saved the best for last as in a stellar humanoid form where arcs of multicolored light burst from his body, his luminous eyes pulled up the golden crimson prompt!

<The new Quasi-REIFIED ability [Bloodfiend] has been born under the authority of TABOO the Sanguine Emperor.>



His essence was undergoing regiment to be capable of casting Reified Abilities as the authority of TABOO directly granted him a Quasi-REIFIED that he should now be able to cast with his refined essence and Essence of Reality.

He continued on as he focused on the details of this ability.

<Bloodfiend>:: A Quasi-REIFIED Ability that requires at least two Primogenial Aspects of Existence to activate. It is a single target ability that locks onto the enemy and explodes out with Ancient True Blood Magic, being capable of dealing 200 True Reality Soul Damage and 1000 True Reality Damage. Every cast of this ability costs 1,000,000 Units of the Essence of Reality supported by refined Essence of Mana as its terror lies in the Ancient Bloodfiend coming from it….


A TABOO skill that would be capable of allowing Noah to far exceed the 5 Million True Reality Damage Value that beginner LEGENDS dished out had appeared.


Destiny weaved around Noah madly as lines of Karma and Fate vibrated intensely, many possibilities rising in his mind as he had truly arrived at this stage in such a short period of time!

And…there was still more to come as at this moment, his destiny was telling him that the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline was about to give him a surprise in the far lands where his clone of Alexander was moving in!

The scene was one of utmost wonder.

The enormous corpse of an existence above the Primogenial Strata was suspended in the air while raising its hands and hoisting up a stellar crimson gold sea!

A stellar sea that many people in the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline knew as the Sacred Blood Sea.

Noah had just arrived with Beatrix when the auras of two Emperors and an Empress locked unto him.

This was because these were siblings of Genevieve who had gone ahead and obtained their own followers on their journeys, but the follower that Genevieve returned with was an existence who had profound potential as he had even completed three Physiques! This alone told them his power should be stably above a Legend's Visage!

It was a truly powerful follower for Genevieve to have gained as she would be all that much safer in the Unexplored Grotto Sanctum that was to come.

So the eyes of Genevieve's siblings- Emperor Namur, Emperor George, and Empress Roseanne all locked onto Noah with focused gazes!

"…We can proceed with the baptism and see just who is aligned with our bloodline."

Emperor Namur spoke as the voice of this being was magnetic.

He had golden flowing hair with eyes radiating a piercing gold light, and he was adorned in a simple emperor's robe that shone with incandescent white and gold light.

Emperor Namur was the oldest out of all the siblings left alive from the lineage of the current Bloodline Master, and he sat at the peak of one of the Reality Trees as the two other massive trees had the identities of Empress Roseanne and Emperor George residing on them.

These three beings swirled with immense power and regality as they held profound foundation and might at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy, illusory crowns spinning above the heads of Roseanne and George as a solidified crown spun wondrously above the golden haired Emperor Namur!

Genevieve was on the other Reality Tree as she was surrounded by her own forces, her own solidified crown spinning serenely as these Candidate Rulers of these Pure Blooded Domains were all sitting high above and releasing a light of regality that put all others below them!

They seemed untouchable and holy as one of them would eventually be granted a unique title to oversee countless quintillions and hold a seat of power that would grant them access to many things!

The eyes of such beings were currently coming to focus on the entrant that was Alexander King.

He was fresh on the minds of many people as the observers who routinely came to see the bloodline baptisms carried out began talking amongst themselves about the feats of this existence that they had once seen in the Vestigial Flames Mountain.

Noah's visage was unphased by all of these gazes as he flew past the many figures of normal Royal Humans and went towards the scintillating crimson Sacred Blood Sea, stopping just a distance away before coming in contact with this sacred blood sea.

His eyes were calm as he caused all those looking at him to see an infallible being who seemed free of worries, his very eyes showing strength and fearlessness that seemed to not even put the far above Emperors and Empresses in his eyes!

"Interesting…." The figure of Empress Roseanne licked her lips as she muttered under her breath, her shimmering dark hair and curves pulsing with light as unknown thoughts crossed her mind when she gazed at the being below who actually raised his head to speak while gazing at a laid back Genevieve.

"Shall I proceed forward, Empress?"

The tone was carefree as it was picked up in the minds of the other three siblings, Empress Roseanne flashing with a particularly cold light as Emperor Namur and George waved their hands to send out three followers each from their Reality trees.

Each of them shone with their own uniqueness and vibrancy as they seemed to be from different races.

One was an enormous hound whose skin seemed to be made of quasars, another had a humanoid figure with the head of a Golden Bull whose horns caused the surrounding space to fluctuate!

Another was a resplendent Cerulean furred wolf that actually came from the Royal Cosmic Wolves Bloodline as similar to how Genevieve had visited the Celestial Vines and obtained the Enlightened Peerless Alchemist Alexander King- this Royal Wolf was also a rare genius taken from his Primordial Bloodline.

This wolf and a few others stemmed from Emperor Namur as he gazed towards the masses of millions of Pure-Blooded Royal Humans while he spoke out.

"The Bloodline Baptism is a sacred event where followers of the Royal Human Lineage will undergo a change and be welcomed into this very bloodline. Those who are particularly in tune with our bloodline will achieve a higher level of baptism as their blood will be measured in Purity!"


As he spoke, the followers they sent forth neared the Sacred Blood Sea similar to Noah as they waited for permission to enter.

'A Sacred Blood Sea…'

Noah had this thought as his Emperor's will was contained and reigned in, laughing inside that some unknown followers whose names didn't even matter to be mentioned actually thought they could compete or even shine bright when an existence who had in his accolades the distinction of a <Protagonist> was here!

An existence that had forged a Bloodline named after the current Era and many more things that they couldn't even comprehend.

If they even knew about the TABOO Authority geared towards Blood that Noah had and the event happing here today, they would all be running away from here before they had fallen behind his shadow!

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