Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 149 - Against MYTHICAL!

Chapter 149 - Against MYTHICAL!

A resplendent Blue Dragon stood magnificently in the depths of the sea facing off against a group of beasts, Atlanteans, and Merfolk.

The Blue Dragon was made up from the formation of [Mountain Sea Sect’s Sixth Style- Dragon Form]. Hundreds of disciples came together to provide the energy to maintain this form, as the Rebirth Realm cultivator letting out wild strength of the MYTHICAL rank stood at the forefront of the Blue Dragon.

Lasers continued to be shot from the [Plasma Guns] that Atlanteans carried while rays of light shot out from the Tridents that the Merfolk were swinging.

The Golden Commander stood beside the Fiendish Sword Beast that was actually Noah, telepathically sending messages as they faced the coming Blue Dragon.

"I’ll flank it on the right side and try to break up the connection between the beings keeping this terrible formation in place. If you and your friends can disrupt its attention, we can take it down!"

The Merman stood grandly with his Trident spinning in front of him, the waters around seemingly listening to his command as they solidified to form multiple shields around them.

The transformed Noah gave a nod as the other LEGENDARY beasts cl.u.s.tered around him, one particular sleek penguin looking at the incoming Blue Dragon arrogantly with its head raised high.

As the impact neared, a resplendent blue sigil inlaid with red spread out from the Fiendish Sword Beast at the center, wrapping around every being around him.

Those he designated as enemies in the Blue Dragon felt weakness and heavy pressure descending on them as [Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony] was compounded with [Demon King’s Haki], while the Atlanteans, Merfolk, and the LEGENDARY beasts felt their power bubble in excitement.

Noah looked at the incoming figure of the Blue Dragon as light words escaped his lips.

[Absolute Zero]


[Stom of Ice and Bones]


A trembling occurred in the seas at the consecutive casting of LEGENDARY and EPIC skills. Jagged spears of ice began spinning around the [White Mamba], a silvery light that pulsed with power began building up on the [Emperor Penguin], and the other beasts also pulsed with powerful strength as their individual skills were cast.

An unbelievable process started to occur in the sea where the body of water surrounding the rushing Blue Dragon began to solidify and become encased in ice. A suffocating scene of the water freezing over while chunks of ice and bones began to rotate and grind upon the body of the Blue Dragon occurred.

The combination of the overlay of multiple skills was deadly as Noah did not play around against the MYTHICAL ranked powerhouse coming from the World of Cultivation.

"Disciples of the Mountain Sea Sect, burn your cores and lend me your power!"

A rough voice resounded out as the Blue Dragon roared, a wave of blue light dispelling the whirlpool of sharp ice and bones. The blue light spread out powerfully as the sea encased in ice raised in temperature and became normal again. Power thundered through the formation of the Blue Dragon that multiple cultivators powered up as a deadly blow came.

[Dragon’s Breath]!


A droning sound rang out, the head of the Blue Dragon opening and letting out terrifying vibrations as the water around it formed into an even larger whirlpool that smashed towards the forces standing in front of Aquicadis City.

The Merman Golden Commander had a serious face as he watched the lasers and advanced weapons being shot out not stop the incoming attack. The black trident in his hands trembled as he went forward powerfully and cast a skill.

"Born and nurtured in you, your children once again seek your protection. [Sea’s Rage]!"


Words spread out from the MYTHICAL Merman that made Noah’s head turn as he focused on casting his own skills to block the coming destructive attack. He felt a cry in the water around him as feelings of anger exploded out, forming into huge blue hands in front of them.

His transformed beast form opened its mouth in stupefaction as he watched huge blue hands forming from the water around them and...clasp onto the oncoming destructive breath from the Blue Dragon. The arms clutched onto the whirlpool of a breath as if it was something physical, holding it in place before an explosive sound occurred.


Waves and vibrations spread out from the center as everyone was pushed back, the water calming after a few seconds. A stern expression was on the MYTHICAL Merman’s face as he looked to the sparkling Blue Dragon that was pushed back, and yet still stood powerfully.

"Haha, you think you can break the formation of multiple disciples at the Nascent, Gold, and Violet Core stages, as well as someone at the Rebirth Realm leading them?! Your only chance of living would have been if you stopped this formation before it was formed. Now, you can only face death!"

The cultivator at the MYTHICAL rank that called himself someone at the Rebirth Realm stood at the head of the Blue Dragon and stared imposingly at the MYTHICAL ranked Merman.

He felt like this was the only figure that could threaten it, because as long as he kept receiving the energies of everyone in the [Mountain Sea Sect’s Sixth Style- Dragon Form], even someone at the same level as him would need to take some time before breaking through.

At the mention of his arrogant words though, the transformed face of Noah shined a peculiar light as he looked at the figures of multiple cultivators in the Blue Dragon. Only two remained that were in the LEGENDARY rank, one having fallen to his blade, and the MYTHICAL cultivator at the forefront. All the other ones though, were EPIC rank.

His eyes shined as a plan bloomed and he quickly reread the description of a certain skill he received not too long ago that he had yet to use.

[Chains of Lightning] :: Binds any beings on the same rank as the skill with fearful lightning for as long as the energy is provided.

His shining eyes looked at the many cultivators acting as nodes to make up the huge Blue Dragon that was roaring its way towards them again. The skill was only EPIC rank, so only those at that rank or lower would be affected, but that would be more than enough. Noah’s beastial transformed face let out a wicked smile as he targeted the many EPIC ranked cultivators who were also known as Gold Core Cultivators and those below them in rank as he cast [Chains of Lightning].


Colors of a lighter shade of blue bloomed out inside the rushing Blue Dragon as screams resounded, and the powerful formation that created an unstoppable dragon that was rushing towards Atlanteans and Merfolk...came to a standstill.

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