Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 139 - The Lost World

Chapter 139 - The Lost World

The Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land appeared in the skies of the hidden village once again, where Noah was sighing exasperatedly at the guy that chased after the Spiritual Land.

He saw the amazing things on it and asked about the place Noah had gone to, his eyes flaring as he wanted to go there himself. This was something that would be easily possible with time, so he was told to wait some more as he got stronger. Power at the EPIC rank would not be too big a deal in places that had MYTHICAL monsters.

The advancement of his and Steel Mikhail’s strength would be under the eyes of Sophia from now, as they were about to come in contact with their benefactor sometime in the future.

Noah breathed out in relaxation after having spent the inordinate amount of time teleporting across the two superpowers as he used the [Boost Environment] feature of the Spiritual Land.

This allowed for the increased rate of strengthening for the hunters in his homeworld. His eyes were now looking at a whole other location as he finished talking with Sophia in the hidden village.

Many plans and possibilities were discussed with the System, also known as the planetary core, as the next location was decided. Something wondrous was about to occur, as another usage of the memories obtained from the Demon Kings was going to happen.

The unique skill obtained from Orias allowed the user to travel to any location they had seen before. This was the description of the skill, plain and simple. So then what about places and locations you have seen from the plundered memories of your enemies?

Memories usually remained with the person that experienced them. They could talk about them or explain them to others, but they were theirs to keep. The skill, [Memory Plunderer] allowed Noah to take the memories of his enemies and experience them as if they were his own.

This naturally meant that through the memories from Gremory and Orias, he had seen many locations and places. This coincided with the spectacular unique skill that allowed for spatial travel to any location you had seen before, as the combination brought about something that would normally never be possible.

Noah smiled as he looked at the particular memories of the Lost World of Atlantis that Orias had descended in before. This was a large world, one level higher than the Beast World, and had the besieging of many beings from multiple origins.

The reason the Atlantis has the words "Lost World" attached to it was because of its uniqueness. The inhabitants of Atlantis were so technologically and magically advanced that they created something from the combination of technology and magic which allowed them to shield and hide their world from being located.

This was something that would rarely be found across the universe, thus the large world gained the title of "Lost".

Over the years though, beings that wanted the technology and treasures in Atlantis did not give up, and used their own mystical means to locate and find the appetizing world. The Demon World was among those that succeeded in getting the coordinates of the Lost World of Atlantis.

With the unique skill that Orias held, they were never able to lose sight of it again, as whenever the Atlanteans activated their terrifying technology that moved their world and hid to a different location, Orias could still use her Unique Skill to go back into the world she had already been to and seen. Their coordinates were thus always in the hands of the demons.

In this world, there were many things that Noah would come across, but there were a few things he was paying attention to. First and foremost was the demons running around in the world, the unique treasures and even possibly the Supreme Treasure that everyone was searching for, as well as the beings from other worlds besides the Demons that would undoubtedly be looking for the same things in Atlantis.

Everything seemed to be in order as the Spiritual Land was safely anchored to Noah’s body, the preparations fully complete for this next stage of the journey.

Sophia stood outside the hidden village as her eyes flashed shades of white and blue, becoming a face filled with conviction that would soon return to an innocent one as the seconds passed. Left with her were some LEGENDARY focus cores and various EPIC cores that she could use any way she wanted. Whether to be given to the protectors of this world or used to first strengthen the body where two consciousness resided was up to her.

Noah looked through the memories obtained from Orias about the Lost World as he closed his eyes and chose the starting location. The unique skill, {Spatial Travel}, was activated as a tremendous amount of mana was consumed to fuel this travel across the universe into a world that was tucked away in mystery.

His figure disappeared in a flash of red light, heading to unknown lands where many things awaited.


Today’s combined skills:

Pierce + Executor’s Speed :: A+ Piercing Speed

Flight + Instant Transfer :: A+ Warp Flight

Regal Archer’s Eyes + Sense Heat Source :: A+ Searching Thermal Sight

Immutable Regeneration + Paladin’s Blessing :: S Blessed Regeneration

Arctic Zone + Pursuing Infernal Lightning :: S Pursuing Spirit of Ice and Flames

Devastation + Aura of the Demented :: EPIC Hellish Descent

Windbourne + Hidden Endeavor :: EPIC Auraless

[Noah Osmont][Occupation: Hunter]

[Vitality: 431]

[Focus: - ]

[Strength: 437]

[Skill(s) :: [F][E][D][C][B][A: Recorder-100, Language Comprehension-100, Lion’s Roar-100, Silent Communication-100, Cook-59]

[A+:: Relegator’s Spear-100, Water King’s Skin-100, Piercing Speed-1, Warp Flight-1, Searching Thermal Sight-1]

[S :: Enfeeble-100, Phoenix Arrow-1, Shield Slam-8, Budding Farmer-71, Ricocheting Shield-1, Bear’s Fighting Style-1, Archer’s Gamble-1, Smouldering Sword Strike-100, Earthen Spears-100, Thought Acceleration-100, Crisis Avoidance-100, Illusory Cover-100, Blessed Regeneration-1, Pursuing Spirit of Ice and Flames-1]

[S+:: Draconic Armor-99]

[EPIC :: Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation-91, Iceberg-89, Absolute Zero-92, Bone Spears-88, Bear Emperor’s Fur-91, Life Steal-89, Teleport-95, Arctic Breath-87, Summon Holy Blight-98, Hellish Descent-1, Auraless-1]

[LEGENDARY :: Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony-68, Demon King’s Haki-55, Memory Plunderer-5 ]

[UNIQUE :: Spiritual Land Management, Primal Conjurer, Spatial Travel, Shapeshift]

[Equipment: (3x B-Ring of Storage)(A-Ring of Storage)(S-Storage Pouch)(S-Veiled Suit)(EPIC-Kingslayer)(EPIC-Rat King’s Mask)(EPIC-Prismatic Guardian) (EPIC-Unshattered Charity) (EPIC-Tigereye’s Roots)]

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