Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 133 - An Anomaly

Chapter 133 - An Anomaly

The instant the white-haired girl arrived into the Spiritual Land, the air continued to tremble and did not seem to stop. Her fair hands moved as if grasping something in the air, her blue eyes turning a blank shade of white as the trembling came to a stop, and a voice I had not come across before rang out in my head.

[My little knight in shining armor, why did you bring your master here so soon?]

The voice brought a surprise to me as I didn’t expect to hear this tone from another entity so soon. The tone was similar to when I talked with the planetary core from my world, but holding a bit more emotions in its words. Before I could reply, the figure of Sophia, the person who had first sent me to the Beast World, spoke.

[The discussion can stay between me and you. I have a proposition.]

The words came out of her mouth in a bland tone as they rang out, the white in her eyes gradually fading and becoming blue again as she came towards me with a smile.

"Hi Big Brother, you moved fast!"

I smiled at this figure of an innocent looking girl as the words of the two planetary cores faded away from my head. That’s right, with the intrusion of Sophia into this world, I had effectively brought about the consciousness of another world into the Beast World.

Of the things that the planetary core shared with me, the fact that Sophia could stand as the representative first shook me, but I accepted it as a fact after seeing all the other fantastical things around me.

My entrance into the Beast World was to look for possible ways to disrupt the demon’s plans, and causing the True Death of two of their Rulers did exactly just that. This unexpected development that came about after colliding with Gremory caused a vast acceleration and disrupted the ranks of demons heavily.

As soon as this goal was accomplished, I expected the retreat of the demons who would not want the possibilities of even more losses. I could now move on to the next task that would not be too hard to handle once the first one was completed successfully.

Every world had a consciousness, and the Beast World knew of my intrusion and the intrusion of demons the same as how my own world’s planetary core felt the intrusion of beasts that woke it from its slumber.

They had influence in the way their world operated but were still restricted by universal laws where they couldn’t directly intervene in many cases. The planetary core of my world though...seemed to be bent on twisting and breaking as many laws as possible.

I had never heard the voice of the Beast World’s core even while I was actively moving against beings she considered her enemies. The only time there was ever a semblance of a possible communication was the abnormal skills I continued to receive when I cleared a dungeon or obtained a Spiritual Land for the first time. Yet, the moment Sophia arrived in this world, I heard another world’s voice right after.

There were many things I still didn’t understand, but I knew what the ultimate goal that the consciousness residing in Sophia’s head had in mind. The world had taken a risk and successfully formed a connection with one of its inhabitants, granting it more leeway on just how much influence it had. Yet, it wanted a whole lot more than that.

I felt my own weakness and took steps to get stronger so that I would never be put in that position again, and my homeworld was doing the same thing, but even more drastically.

I didn’t know how long the discussion between the two entities would take, so I smiled at Sophia and replied,

"Let me show you around one of the unique treasures of this world while we wait."


The world cores took their time, the entire process taking a few hours as I walked around the spiritual land with Sophia and showed her the abundant beasts and acres of bountiful magical produce.

The [Snow Vines] were almost ready to harvest, which meant I could possibly stand a chance to upgrade the tier of the spiritual land soon. It all depended on whether the beasts that would consume them had the talent to break through to the next rank. I planted many fields of [Snow Vines] so that the chances of success stood by more than 90%, but we would still have to see how things go.

I was talking with Sophia when I felt the change, as the blue in her eyes faded and whiteness replaced them, a bland voice coming out right after.

[The talks were successful. We were able to rope in another contender that should boost our power by another level as soon as the process is successfully completed.]

I already had an inkling of what the planetary core was talking about, but I asked just to be sure, and the replies were as crazy as usual.

[Similarly to how the risk of forming a connection between the world and an individual was successful, why stop there?]

Dangerous words that would shock anybody that heard them came out, and they weren’t done as even more continued.

[There are many worlds spanning this universe, and from the memories you’ve been obtaining, we’ve seen that lower worlds continue to be bullied and taken over.]

Yes. From Gremory and the recently deceased Orias’s memories, the many worlds they had been on and all of their experiences played out. The invasion that my world and the Beast World faced would normally end badly for the natives and the world, which the invaders claiming victory and using the world and its people for their own uses a lot of the time.

There were many worlds out there that were invaded by higher beings which sent powerhouses at the peak of the level of power in that world, the natives who were just learning what strength was eventually being defeated as time passed.

This changed with the anomaly that was me. The gamble that my homeworld’s core took to connect me to the world allowed for a reversal that would not have been possible in the position we were in. It allowed for the vast power of a world that could not be moved because of the many restrictions surrounding it to be accessible to a single individual.

[The lower worlds cannot fight back. It is not logical. It is not fair. The universe seems to be bent on rules and restrictions, and yet this unfairness is still present. Which means we have to find new ways for us to fight back, even if the risks are high.]

More and more emotions seemed to come out of the bland voice as the monologue continued, grand words that would be the beginning of something world-changing continuing to ring out.

[At the center of all of this, is you. The next step that should be less risky if sufficient time is placed, is to form another channel with this current world. If it fails, it will cause a destabilizing effect on both worlds, and we could see the deaths of the beings in each world by the billions. If it succeeds, it sets us up on a path on no return, where the only option is destruction, or coming out as victors that would never again be bullied by higher worlds.]

Yes. This was the ultimate goal of the planetary core when I was sent to the Beast World. If I could use my power to successfully push out invaders that were massacring the world’s inhabitants and showed the world just what possibilities lay in my power, there would never be a fear of invaders appearing and causing mayhem in the world again.

The planetary core had succeeded in convincing the Beast World to undertake the risky plan, and now even crazier things were about to occur.

[I have calculated the countless possibilities, and the chance of success is high as long as a significant enough time is given to this task. When it does succeed though, it will not be just one world you have access to the mana reserves of. You will be the sword that countless small worlds will depend on as we fight back, for we have been bullied for too long.]


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