Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 124 - Adelaides Ambitions

Chapter 124 - Adelaide's Ambitions

I didn’t have any pity for the older brother that colluded with Demon King though, as he was rotten long before he fell under the influence of the demon’s illusory magic. He was now jailed, with nothing to his name as his fate hung in the air. Adelaide had a cold expression as she talked about him, seemingly not caring the least bit if he lived or died.

"There were too many incompetent people in positions of power. With the miracles you continue to bring out, there are countless possibilities of moving forward."

Adelaide was becoming more and more straightforward as time passed, and she continued to talk about the huge project she wanted to undertake.

"Agriculture moves the world. No matter if it is powerful adventurers or the common people, food is the number one thing. They spend their days risking their lives or working odd jobs just to be able to have the next meal. Now, if we correctly play things with the Esteemed Sir in the lead, I...I..."

She seemed to be careful with the next words she wanted to say, as if she couldn’t pull them back once they were out. I found Adelaide doing something surprising again as lifted her dress, her knees touching the ground as the future Queen of the Frozen Kingdom bowed her head once again.

"I...can promise to not just deliver you a kingdom, but create for you an Empire."

The words were calm and clear as they left the red lips of the Princess. I looked towards this girl and continued to be surprised by her actions and plans, it wasn’t bad to have someone like this helping me out. I quickly moved to pull her body up as I just had not gotten used to someone this grand looking doing something as kneeling.

"All in due time, my Princess. Let me show you something first before we move out to the fields you’ve prepared."

The next thing I did after watching the light of ambition swirling in the eyes of this icy princess was to show her just how much bigger the possibilities were. Both of our figures flashed away as the appeared on the snowy earth of the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land.

Adelaide was shocked as she looked around, her shock becoming even greater as she recognized the [Whitefall Trees] that were unique to the ’Skypeak Nest’ that the Frozen Kingdom had come to know.

"This...This is..."

She marveled for a few minutes as she walked around the snowy fields, coming across the acres where I planted [Snow Vine] and [Sacred Rye].

"The Skypeak Nest that floated quite a distance from the kingdom."

I affirmed her thoughts as I went on to give some pieces of information about the Spiritual Lands that they called Nests. About how the Mythical Kingdoms on the other parts of the continent fully utilized the blessings of the Spiritual Land to rise to where they were today and remain strong in the face of the demons.

Dangerous words that I liked to hear came out of Adelaide’s mouth as she looked around in stupefaction.

"With your ability and a treasure like this...Hah, the world really isn’t far from being in your grasp."

More and more emotions that I never observed before on the face of this icy princess were coming out as she continued to be surprised at the information about Spiritual Lands, the plants, and the beasts that now followed my commands.

"The things outside can still be carried out as planned, but my present to you is this [Sacred Rye] you see growing bountifully in these fields. It’s leagues above any of the common plants you know, with capabilities of boosting mana sensitivity, strengthening the body, and removing negative effects."

The more my words came out, the wider the cute mouth of hers continued to expand in shock as her hands passed through the white gold rye growing all around. She spent the next few minutes eccentrically looking through the fields until she neared the [Snow Vines] too.

Surrounding the nearby vines were the EPIC beasts congregating together as they longingly looked towards the white blue fruits glistening off the [Snow Vines]. Adelaide went close to the powerful beasts with no fear.

She trusted my words too much that she only interestingly observed the beasts I told her would follow my commands. She was still rank S, so it was surprising to see her watching collections of EPIC beasts so curiously as she checked on the grandiose growth of the [Snow Vines] too.

My commands were already sent to all the beasts in the Frozen Plateau about not harming a single hair on anyone that I brought in. The sleek [Emperor Penguin] that still had a trace of arrogance in his bones looked with interested eyes at Adelaide’s intrusion.

There was a lot of information for her to process as even grander ideas formed in her head about how to best use the [Sacred Rye] she just learned about. She was walking back and forth as she mumbled.

"Merchants and nobles would go crazy for something like this...If it is produced on a mass scale...can even start establishing trade routes with Mythical Kingdoms...ah, so much to do..."

The girl was completely in her own head as we continued to explore the Spiritual Land. I was glad to have someone like her taking care of many things in the background, as my knowledge so far was still that of a drop out college student.

The many memories I obtained from Gremory made me much more knowledgable, letting me see many paths that I could take in the future as time passed. I would be falsely boasting if I said I knew anything about running a country, not to mention a kingdom or an empire.

So while I experienced many things and learned more about the intricacies of power and worlds all around me, I would put some trust in this Princess I found in the Northern Lands of the Beast World.

My strengths lay in the spectacular cheat that was my nearly endless mana, as well as all the powerful things I continued to obtain and use to elevated levels because of it. The Spiritual Lands were just one of the treasures that was unique to the Beast World, and I still only had mine at Tier 2. There were many more tiers and mysteries for me to explore as time passed.

There were also many other unique treasures in the many worlds out there, and I felt the excitement just thinking what sorts of mystical things they held. I was thinking too far ahead though, as I was still just a LEGENDARY ranked individual in a small corner of the Beast World. I would progress rapidly but surely, and be sure to learn about even more secrets and mysteries of the fantastical things all around me.

Because of the memories of Gremory, I could already see the path ahead. While I was about to prepare to solve some of the crisis of food plaguing the Frozen Kingdom, I was also looking a few days or weeks into the future where I saw a huge incident occurring.

From the memories, I was now somewhat familiar with the mindsets of Demon Kings and Demon Lords. The demons would not sit still after a true death had just occurred, but they would also move carefully to try and understand why. So I didn’t expect to be swarmed with hordes of Demon Kings just yet.

The information I held told me that I would most likely be faced with another Demon King a few days or weeks from now, and I already had an inkling to which one it might be. A dangerous smile formed on my face as I walked through the spiritual land with the Princess while browsing through the memories of the identities of the Rulers of the Demon World and their unique and ultimate skills.

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