Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 122 - Spiritual Lands II

Chapter 122 - Spiritual Lands II

The next thing to look at was the other plant I could cultivate currently.

Sacred Rye :: A grain that very few get the chance to enjoy. Slightly strengthens the body, boosts mana sensitivity momentarily, and relieves negative effects. Time until maturity- 1 month.

Seeing this plant reminded me of the project that Adelaide had begun with, and the fact that I still haven’t gotten back to the Frozen Kingdom after the battle ended. I didn’t know how much time had passed when I blacked out from the extensive hundreds of years of broken memories from the Demon King, so I had to move quickly and take care of the important things in the Spiritual Land before moving out.

The plant, [Sacred Rye], seemed like it could be enjoyed by the beasts born from the Frozen Plateau and others without discrimination as it still provided the same benefits. There were many more plants that I would be able to work with once the tier of the Spiritual Land was raised, and their effects would no doubt be even crazier. I looked through the many regions of the Spiritual Land as I played with a blue hologram of it through the use of {Spiritual Land Management}.

There were still many empty snowy lands that could be cultivated as the beasts in the Spiritual Land could be moved around. Even the wide expanse of tall [Whitefall Trees] could be cleared out as they disappeared into particles of essence and drifted back into the Frozen Plateau.

I was looking at multiple acres like this where I selected [Snow Vine] and [Sacred Rye] to be cultivated en masse. The fantastic formation of seeds that formed in the skies and then shot down like a bullet into the ground could never get old. The seeds for [Sacred Rye] were much smaller that the [Snow Vine], with the required time for maturity also being lesser.

I used [Budding Farmer] on all of these new acres of fields and watched the magical sights of the plants that quickly grew all around me. The [Sacred Rye] seemed mystical with its colors of blue and gold on the plants that grew around a meter. Similar to the [Snow Vine], I could not continue to reduce the days for maturity completely, even though the maturity for the rye was significantly less.

[Snow Vine] :: Time until maturity- 2 weeks.

[Sacred Rye] :: Time until maturity- 2 days.

The time for maturity was significantly reduced from 1 month to two days for the [Sacred Rye], still showing just how astonishing the capabilities of [Budding Farmer] were. The first time I used this skill in the outside world was when we visited the Shadow Dukedom. The plant there had taken a single cast of the skill to cause it to mature and ripen. The only limitation to appear were these extravagant plants in this Spiritual Land.

The last thing I wanted to finish up before heading to the outside world was the absorption of the LEGENDARY cores the Demon King had dropped. There was a significant amount, showing just how thick the essence Gremory had collected over the years was. The process took me another hour as I felt the continued strengthening of my body.

The attributes I had currently matched those of someone legitimately in the LEGENDARY rank. Even the support skills that were rank A and S did not make me feel as great as the increase in this power felt.

The boosted [Vitality] and [Strength] made me feel like I had endless strength and could take on any hits. Although I always preferred to protect myself with even more defensive skills and barriers so that no hits even came near my body. Defense was the top priority for this life of mine that was connected to something huge.

I looked around the Spiritual Land where I wanted to stay and do even more things, but I forced myself to go out and check the situation of the Frozen Kingdom first. I had to prepare for the movements that the demons would take after the True Death of Gremory was registered and they began to move. I already had an idea of what would come as I continued to sift through the memories of the dead Demon King.

The Spiritual Land would be of huge importance to me, not just with its magical features, plants, or beast, but because it provided a space where I could do whatever I wanted without prying eyes.

This Spiritual Land effectively meant I had a place to spam my many destructive skills and do whatever I wanted without worrying about prying eyes from the outside world. I left my Holy Blight summoned as he waited dangerously in front of rows of green zombies in another section of the Spiritual Land.

The zombies ranged from ferocious demons, all the way to valiant humans that had faced their death in the recent battle. This wasn’t to mention the large disfigured bodies of a variety of [Komodo Dragons] and [Mephitic Turtles], the Holy Blight had gone out of its way to collect many interesting things.

This wasn’t to mention the many beasts that could be raised in this Land, and the possibilities of me doing the cruel thing of taking their skills through instituting a dungeon-like scenario similar to the Trial of Supremacy that took place before I gained ownership. All of these functions were capable through the Spiritual Land, and I was looking forward to seeing how many more surprises there were after its tier rose from 2.

The sleek [Emperor Penguin] was giving me a less unyielding look after the show of my power against the Demon King, its beak slightly lower than it was some time ago. I chuckled at the arrogance of this penguin as I looked favorably on the [Teleport] skills that it provided for me.

Its beak pointed even lower after it and the many beasts that congregated around the Spiritual Lands felt the usage of large amounts of mana and then observed the fantastic growth of [Snow Vine] and [Sacred Rye].

Almost all of the EPIC beasts that were weakened and had some of their origin eaten up by me in the Trial of Supremacy cl.u.s.tered around the still maturing [Snow Vines] as they looked towards the white blue fruits vibrantly growing amidst the sharp vines. Even though they could only cl.u.s.ter and enjoy the vibrant air the plants gave, none of them would be able to enjoy the resplendent fruits without my permission.

As most of the things seemed to be settled in the Frozen Plateau for now, I began to move out. I flashed out of the miniaturized Spiritual Land and took it in my palms, using [Anchor] to stably attach it to myself. I looked around the few miles around me using [Regal Archer’s Eyes] as the scenes of the deadly battle played themselves out. Soldiers could still be seen in the surroundings of the snowy mountains.

My figure was hidden with the many covert skills that I had active, at this moment looking like my normal self and not the beastial figure of a huge beast carrying around a large sword. I gazed around the snowy mountains a bit longer and then used [Teleport], disappearing and then appearing in a grand room in the Manor at the center of Snowy Peak.

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