Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 120 - Memories

Chapter 120 - Memories

It was as if a film was playing out, and yet I was in the film at the same time. I felt extremely nauseous as it continued to go at an extremely fast pace, putting a ton of information that wasn’t mine in my head.

The memories were many, but they were sparse. I felt a stinging pain in my head as the memories continued to play out, and the pain intensified until my sight turned black.


I woke up feeling extremely groggy, not sure how much time had passed since I blacked out. For the first time in quite a while, I actually didn’t feel well. My body was almost always surrounded by many support and defense skills, which on top of my strengthened body, made me feel in top shape all the time.

Yet now, the nauseousness had not gone away as my head continued to thump. Memories that were not mine continued to play out as I adopted a somber expression as they were registering.

My somber expression soon turned to apprehension, and that apprehension soon turned to fear.


Shit. Damn!

I tried taking deep breaths to calm myself down. I was feeling deep emotions that the memories carried, and had to remind myself that they were not mine. The life of the 56th ranked Demon King Gremory had sparsely laid itself out in front of my eyes. Only bits of memories from the hundreds of years he had lived played out, seemingly to be the most important ones that held significance to remember.

But over the course of hundreds of years, these sparse memories were a lot. It was the things contained in these memories that brought me apprehension that soon turned into fear.

Memories of Demon Kings and Demon Lords. Of powerful beings and grand worlds. Of the carnage and mayhem that the Demons carried out. Of secrets, many, many secrets that only someone in the position of Gremory’s caliber had access to.


Breathe. I had to breathe.

There was a ton of information, and facing all of it for the first time threw me off. The skill [Memory Plunderer] was incredibly powerful, and it became even crazier when the memories were of someone like this.

Not many beings in the universe had the chance to kill a Demon King and also have a skill that allowed them to take away their memories. Gremory had used this skill on his defeated enemies to obtain and use an extravagant amount of information over the years. Much of this information was now passing through my head.

A few minutes passed as I felt all the colorfully shining activated skills as the nauseousness died down and I felt like myself again. The fear I had been feeling slowly reduced as my expression became somber. The enemies I faced...were truly powerful.

I didn’t even want to think of those that gained the title of Demon Lords as of right now, as my power in no way reached where they were at. Just the Demon Kings on the Beast World currently were enough for me to worry about. Memories of different worlds were placed aside as my focus narrow down to the most important things I had to keep in mind.

I calmed myself as I forced my memory to recall that it had barely been 2 months since I awakened. Barely two months, and I was already at the position I was at right now. It didn’t matter how powerful my enemies were, if I continued growing at this rate, or became even faster with the gaining of new skills, I had nothing to worry about.

I realized the period of peace I thought we would have might not even last two weeks as some memories clicked with recent events. The biggest thing on hand was the death of Gremory. The consequences from it were much grander than I thought.

Recalling the expression and fear he felt before he died, I connected it to one of the mysterious powers of the Demon World, the fact that its Demon Kings and Demon Lords were resurrected when they died.

Power from the Demon World recalled their origins the moment they were killed, and only time would be required before they return as good as new. Very few powers in the many worlds could cause the 72 Rulers of the Demon World to actually die, and it seemed like the system of power instituted from my world...could do it as well.

Damn. This was purely a conjunction from the new memories I held and the sudden change of reaction from Gremory who was confident about the resurrection that would take place after. Those were his only thoughts I could grasp from the last few minutes of his life, everything closer to his death remaining a blank darkness.

This conjecture was most likely true, which meant things were about to get very dangerous. Another ruler of the Demon World had faced True Death, and in the hands of someone unknown in a developing world in some corner of the universe.

[Thought Acceleration] was working to the fullest as I compiled everything from the memories that would have the most immediate impact. The first was the Demon Kings spread out in the Draconic Kingdom, as well as the ones targeting the surrounding Mythical Kingdoms.

I was finally able to learn more about the Beast World with the memories from Gremory, coming to understand the other three Mythical Kingdoms standing strongly right now. The demons had actually not made any more progress after the victory with the Draconic Kingdom, the other kingdoms having formed alliances as powerhouses were sent back and forth to stop the advancement of demons.

Neither the demons nor the Mythical Kingdoms placed too much attention on the small Frozen Kingdom in the frigid North, leaving the brunt of the fights away from here. The advent of Gremory and the help from the transparent red figure that came to the Northern Lands to strengthen the forces here was only a cause and effect from the continuing war.

But now that a Demon King had died because of this recent battle, the North would become the center of attention.

I continued to keep myself calm as I organized all my thoughts. The Mythical Phoenix Kingdom in the west. The Mythical White Tiger Kingdom in the east, and the Mythical Tortoise Kingdom in the south.

Small bits of information about the powerhouses there were in Gremory’s memories, as well the Demon Kings they faced.

I also got the information...of the Demon King that was put in charge of sending the enslaved forces of beasts to recently found small worlds. The name Belial floated in my head as I had found the direct culprit that sent down destruction to my homeworld.

But, all of this had to be put behind for now. The most pressing matter was the swift reaction these powerful rulers of the Demon World would take towards something as monumental as the True Death of someone in their ranks.

I had to be completely prepared. The enemies I faced were truly terrifying to think about, but so was my speed of progression. My emotions were fully reigned in under control as my mind was made up. It didn’t matter if entire worlds were my enemies, I would move past them.

As for something that could quickly raise my strength...well there were many ways to go about it. With such an abundant amount of information in my head, I didn’t even need to wait for my enemies to come to me. I knew many of their secrets that I am sure they would have no idea I would be able to get my hands on.

Memories of the Unique and Ultimate Skills of Demon Kings and Demon Lords passed through my mind as the next thing I looked to was the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land. What were you really, and how can I best use you?

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