Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 112 - Debut!

Chapter 112 - Debut!

In the snowy lands between two mountains filled with death, a drastic change occurred.

In the skies above the two fighting armies, a fair man dressed in white robes had appeared. Wings of feathery golden color were outspread behind him as he mercifully looked down to the despairing soldiers of the Frozen Kingdom.

But this wasn’t the figure that gave people the most shock.

It was the appearance of something much grander that made the EPIC commanders on both sides of the army stop in shock.

Nearing ten meters tall, a large beast had instantaneously appeared and knocked away the powerful Demon King. The two primal beasts that had their long stingers wrapped around a golden man found empty air as a silvery light passed and the man disappeared from their grasps.

The beast held a powerful longsword as a storm of destructive cold elements swirled around him. A glorious blue sigil was spreading out from him as its power shook the people to their hearts. Glorious white fur covered him from top to bottom as a shining white horn at the center of its head pointed to the skies.

The figure looked around powerfully as the demons reacted in a frenzy, Gremory recovering from the attack without a wound as the air cleared.

"What the f.u.c.k?!"

He was surprised at the sudden intrusion that had stopped his fun as he looked towards the new participant. He found the large beast that let out somewhat threatening levels of power, and he was confused.

Had one of the Mythical Kingdoms sent a powerhouse to protect the Frozen Kingdom? Gremory’s face hardened as he thought of this and carefully observed this figure that could knock him away at a speed where he did not notice him.

The beast seemed more interested in the [Mephitic Turtles] and droves of demons in the ranks of the Demon Legion, as a nostalgic expression actually came onto its face.

A silvery light occurred and the beast disappeared, showing itself once again high in the skies. The primal spirits that Gremory had summoned were already on his tail as they observed the beast in the skies pointing his cold blade downwards.


A droning sound could be heard as the sky darkened. Like the veil of the night had appeared, the dark snowy lands found themselves even darker as humongous glacial lands appeared in the skies.

[Iceberg] had been cast multiple times.

The extremely tough glacial land masses droned down towards the many forces of demons as complete fear and trepidation covered their faces.

Gremory looked at this extremely unbelievable area of attack ability that would cause a tremendous amount of damage to the Demon Legion if not stopped. His body glowed red as he appeared on the lands beneath where the icebergs would fall.

[Blazing Hellflames]!

Like the blooming of a flower, densely packed red flames sprouted out with the Demon King as the origin, going to envelope the glacial landmasses in the surroundings. Only a portion of them covered the numerous falling glaciers.


A devastating impact occurred as thousands of casualties occurred for the Demon Legion. White steam spread out with the impact of extremely hot flames and frozen glaciers, obscuring the sight of many.

Gremory recalled his two primal spirits as his eyes pierced the veil of smoke to find the figure of the newcomer.

The other arrival that was floating in the skies with golden wings on his back pointed their hands down as a rain of golden light landed on the injured and fighting soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers of the Frozen kingdom.

The light invigorated and healed those it touched as they began to fight back with increased vigor.

On the places where the most death was occurring, where the EPIC commanders between the two forces were battling, new intruders also appeared.

Multiple EPIC beasts had fallen down from the darkening skies, heavily landing on the ground and causing a stop to the battle as the commanders got a chance to see if it was friend or foe.

A sleek [Emperor Penguin] could be seen at the forefront, the yellow-white and black texture of its skin extremely clear in the snowy lands. A terrifyingly long snake that was the [White Mamba] and many more EPIC beasts landed on the ground and quickly targeted the Demon Commanders.


The battle seemed to be taking a completely different turn as unknown reinforcements arrived and eased the hard battle that would have resulted in a massacre of the kingdom’s forces.

Things did not seem to be done though, as movements could also be felt from the dead bodies that spread across the battlefield.

A cloud of green had permeated the ground from an unknown location that quickly entered the bodies of the fallen humans, beastmen, and demons. Everywhere the smoke passed, the bodies began trembling, before they rose up in a terrifying fashion.

The skin of these moving corpses was blistering green as their blank eyes moved and landed on the forces of the Demon Legion. The [Defiled Corpses] moved unnaturally and with extreme speed and precision as they threw themselves on the bodies of demons.

Some clawed or bit their opponents, spreading to them virulent poison and plagues that made their bodies shake and begin foaming before they died painfully, and then rose up with even more terrifying force a few seconds after. Others threw themselves in the midst of packs of the reptilian beasts and [Mephitic Turtles] before their bodies exploded in a gore of poisonous green, causing even more mayhem.

A large turtle that was shooting out poisonous beams of light had at one point been swarmed by the terrifying [Defiled Corpses] and not given a single second of rest as they continued sticking to its body and bursting open to release the noxious poison and plague. The turtles that had poison as their element found themselves feeling pain and their hard shells dissolving in the face of these attacks, giving them an unrecognized sense of terror.

Eerie scenes like this began spreading throughout the battlefield, causing many to take a step back and ask, just who the hell were these newcomers that just appeared?!

Gremory was looking towards the large creature that carried a dangerous sword in the skies as his mind worked to identify it at high speeds. It didn’t match any of the information he had on the beasts from the Mythical Kingdom, so he didn’t know where this reinforcement came from.

He looked at the two LEGENDARY primal beasts beside him as he breathed out cold air, adopting his usual twisted demeanor once again. It did not matter who this disruptor was, he would take them down regardless.

Their body did not show the power of LEGENDARY rank, yet the strike earlier had been able to cause him significant damage. But there was only one of him. How would he fare against a Demon King and his two Primal Spirits?!

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