Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1053 - Insuppressible Destiny! I

A being that had not devoured the Seed of Chaos achieving a level of power even higher than those who did!

The racial ability of <<Universal Devouring>> was so powerful and potent that it went against the normal and established truth of progressing through ranks. When the Blue Slime devoured a Half a Step Great Sage, he obtained that exact realm.

When devouring a Paragon, he would become a Paragon! If he somehow devoured an Antiquity...he would obtain the power that Antiquity held! That was the domineering nature of the ability that the race of the Universal Emperor Slimes possessed!

So when this being devoured tens of Seeds of Chaos that held a portion of the Origin Essence of a Hegemony, his realm was elevating at a stupendous rate as he quickly shot past even what power the Incarnations could display.

Within the vibrant origin of the Blue Slime, 100 Billion Galaxies were fully formed as countless lines of connections were being formed every second.

After the 45th Seed of Chaos was devoured, hundreds of millions of Galaxies flashed with connections, the total number of all connected galaxies reaching 10 Billion!

10 Billion!

Aside from Noah, this creature was the one in the foremost position to reach the stage of a Universe as its racial ability was simply that insane.

It was an existence that deserved to be the main character of their own story just how unique and overpowering their abilities were!

As the aura of the Blue Slime climbed over the Incarnations, it meant another creature that was excelling among Paragons had risen.

It was the birth of another Apex Paragon as a second later, the blue clock releasing immense essence of Chronos flew out in waves as the targets were over 50 Incarnations of Chaos.

Extinction was mixed with Chronos as the Blue Slime felt a tinge of bloodlust, going for the kill and to devour as his draconic figure flashed with immense might!

A gorgeous cerulean blue light flashed across the Automaton Universe, drawing with it rivers of blood as a unique creature with immense power moved!

Amidst all of these shocking actions...they all came back to a certain being.

He was safely tucked away in the Dark Universe as even while playing in a field filled with danger, his main body always remained safe in his Universe that floated peacefully in the Ruination Sea!

A Universe not bound to a Cosmos.

A Universe not utilizing Primordial Essence at its core as it was something unique out of the vastness of existence!

Within this Universe, the seas of Fortune above Noah had grown immensely vast as at this time, he was on the cusp of obtaining 2 more Universes fully under him as the majority of its experts were either being defeated or fully under him.

Waves of pristine destiny washed over him endlessly as at this moment, Marks of Antiquity were forming at an impossibly fast pace!

The seas of Fortune and Destiny seemed to rile up the marks, the number very quickly passing 13 billion at this moment as Noah collected them at an unprecedented rate.

His Origin just continued to buzz with ridiculous power as he was getting ever closer to his goal of a Universal Seed.

13 Billion Marks of Antiquity meant 13 Billion Dao Galaxies that he could then connect with 13 Billion normal galaxies to form a total of 26 Billion connected Galaxies. 

At this moment, he was truly one fourth of the way there!

Just 74 Billion more connected Galaxies, just 37 Billion more Marks of Antiquity...and the rank of Hegemony was within grasp.


His eyes flashed with magnetic power as when he looked above him to see the vast seas of fortune and destiny, he wondered...just who might stand on his path? If even the aura of an Antiquity could not suppress him, just what would his enemies do now?

He was close to fully having the Necrotic and Automaton Universes under his grasp as in a matter of days, he expected to extend his reach onto the remaining 6 Universes. 

If things stayed as they were...he would at most just need days to wade through the vastness of a single Universe and conquer its most powerful beings! 

Given that there were approximately over a billion Trillion planetary bodies and Realms within the stellar Galaxies on each of the Universes of the Cosmos, the uncountable Quintillions of beings on each universe would be ones that take Noah the most time to conquer.

But the moment that the strongest experts were under him...all that Noah had to do was spread out the essence of the Dao of Fealty across the Universe as the Quintillions of weaker beings within them could only acquiesce!

When he repeated this for the remaining 6 Universes...37 Billion Marks of Antiquity would be under his grasp. 

So he wondered...just what possible tricks could his enemies pull to stop him?!


Noah would ponder and try to anticipate what his enemies would do...and his enemies would still move to act regardless in the meanwhile.

Near the crimson protective boundary around the cocoon like Universal Construct of the Necrotic Universe.


Space was torn apart as Chronos created a doorway leading to an isolated hidden fold in the void, voicing out to the Hegemony of Necromancy calmly.

"Continue observing the progress of everything here. If the Necrotic Universe is lost just like the Animus Universe, that's that. We just have to plan better for the future...and that begins now."


Chronos was beckoning towards the Goliath to follow him into the hidden fold in space, leaving behind the Hegemony of Necromancy with a somber message as the torn space faded soon after the two beings went in it!

The gaze of the skeletal Hegemony went towards Noah as with the fold of space that Chronos and the Goliath disappeared to, a shocking reality was about to unfold.

"...what are you doing?"

The Goliath's ancient voice came out as in the hidden space, he saw Chronos lying down with a calm expression without explaining what he planned to do.

"A contingency plan I didn't expect to use, but one that it seems I must use regardless. I'll need you to use your essence of bring my Origin and Soul to a state of near death."



"You what?!"

The black hole of the Goliath shone with a terrifying luster at such words, but Chronos replied back calmly.

"A state of near death, but not quite dead yet. Someone of your calibre should be able to do it with ease. I won't put up any defenses and allow your essence of Extinction to do as it wishes."


"Interesting, isn't it? My life and death in the palm of your hands? Just be careful not to completely kill me, otherwise everything will be for naught!"


Chronos spoke out calmly as he didn't mention that he just didn't want to Reincarnate so quickly and accidentally!

But the mere mention of this idea seemed preposterous to the Goliath as he asked somberly. 



A period of silence came as while lying down, Chronos opened his eyes lightly as he replied.

"It's the only way for me to communicate with the Great Usurper...with the Antiquity we are trying to call forth!"



Chronos had to be in a state of near death to communicate with the Antiquity in question as he had to be in a state where the Dao of Reincarnation was about to initiate once more.

This was because Chronos only became aware and came in contact with the Great Usurper in a prior lifetime! Only through the Dao of Reincarnation that he singularly alone possessed in the Primordial Cosmos!

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