Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 100 - A Tremendous Opportunity II

Chapter 100 - A Tremendous Opportunity II

My mind moved rapidly as I counted the auras I could feel in the surroundings. My eyes shifted with [Regal Archer’s Eyes] active as I tried to look into every nook and cranny of the dangerous locations. More than twelve powerful auras were in the large clearing, their bodies emitting stupid levels of power as they began to circle around me.

I calmed my breathing at this unexpected and possibly perilous situation as my large incarnation grasped the long blade tighter, my skills ready to move at the slightest movement. [Instant Transfer] could be used to move me to another location I could see, but the entire area was enclosed with no exits in sight.

There were dense foliage and frozen surfaces all around as I could make out the varying sizes of beasts circling me. Their menacing eyes honed in as I felt movement once more, this time I watched the beasts I had been fighting with appearing one after another. The extremely fat [Walrus] materialized first, with the [Arctic Wolf] after, and finally, the [Emperor Penguin] that had the skill that allowed for all of this to happen.

The air was palpitating with roiling essence as I prepared to fight for my life and find a chance to slip through this encirclement. The penguin looked towards me with its head raised disdainfully when a clear voice suddenly rang out in the surroundings.

"You are a peculiarity."

My eyes searched to see where the voice was coming from as my thoughts rapidly moved, but I could not find the source of the voice.

"When you first appeared on this Land, you were very weak and surrounded by others just like you. Yet, every time you returned after that you had grown significantly stronger, strong enough to even take out one of the contenders here. What exactly are you?"

The voice was sonorous and strong, being seemingly feminine. I didn’t reply and only continued to keep my focus at the many surrounding beasts. If I saw the slightest signs, I would summon the Plague Bearer and turn this entire area into a land of poison and try to make an escape for now.

I didn’t know what other powerful skills these beasts had in their arsenal, the skill that teleported me here making me extremely cautious. The voice rang out once again.

"Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. You taking down one of the contenders with your own power qualifies you for the trial currently taking place."

At these words, my tension slightly calmed as I wondered just exactly what I had gotten into. I probingly asked,

"A trial of what?"

The beasts around me reigned in their wild auras as a disdainful voice came from the [Emperor Penguin] this time.

"You humans do not know of the secrets and intricacies of the special locations of the Beast World. These Spiritual Lands you call nests and routinely come to bully those weaker than you are trial grounds meant to give birth to the toughest beasts."

What? My mind absorbed this brand new information as I continued to listen. I was finally able to find the source of the first voice as it rang out once again, this time from a transparent red figure materializing in the air.

"Yes, this is one of the Spiritual Lands where the most powerful beasts appear from. I underwent the strenuous task of upgrading this Tier 1 Spiritual Land into Tier 2 by using quite a bit of treasures for the possibility of creating another powerhouse in this era of war with the Demons."

The transparent figure had a fiery red color with the most exaggerated curves, taking the appearance of a human. She didn’t seem to let out any aura of power, but she gave off the feeling of extreme danger. I continued to listen as I watched her move closer, her figure becoming extremely clear with every passing second.

"I have found no success so far, with talented individuals not being borne in these past few decades, and that did not change even with the coming of demons. Yet you...dear human, you hold promise."

The red figure floated in front of me with an air of elegance, and I could barely make out its exquisite facial features that seemed to be screaming nobility. Her next words became increasingly stern and cold as [Crisis Avoidance] sent me the loudest signals for the first time ever.

"Especially seeing this ability of yours that seems to stem from a source similar to the Abyss Magic of demons. I’m going to need you to explain very clearly how you came about this, or the next few minutes will be your last. Oh, and if you say any words other than the truth, I will know right away."

My body that was enclosed in the large figure of the corrupted sword saint could feel the piercing gaze that broke past the outer cover and came to land on me. The corrupted tag of this skill that was most likely due to the jewel that woman ingested was actually going to give me trouble now?

I calmed myself down and carefully thought things through. The words left my mouth slowly as [Thought Acceleration] worked at full speed to put everything into account.

"I gained this skill after...defeating and ingesting the essence of a mercenary that was intending to harm the Princess of the Frozen Kingdom I was escorting. The only thing I could note that might have any relation to demons was a jewel that the mercenary ingested during the fight. I myself, have no ties with demons and am working against them."

An eerie silence pervaded after my words rang out, both the beasts and the figure of the red woman not saying a thing. The next moment though, I was surprised to hear the stern voice speak out with a tinge of excitement.

"Haha, no lies in your words! Wow. A human was actually blessed with a Devour Class unique skill? Good! This explains your fast progress and power. Alright, this might not be a wasted trip after all."

Rumbling began to occur around us as the transparent red woman raised her hands. I watched with rapt attention while repeating the words she said and wrapping my head around them. Behind us, an area of a few miles was lit up as the uneven frozen ground was made visible.

A powerful force was compressing the earth as the jagged rocks evened out and the miles around us became flat surfaces. The clear voice that was now tinged with excitement rang out once again.

"I have a kingdom to focus on, so we will make this quick. An opportunity lies in front of you. In this Spiritual Land, you can undergo the Trial of Supremacy. If you are talented enough, rewards you cannot even imagine will be yours."

I tried to keep my breathing under control as I passed this ordeal and it seemed like my life was not under a threat for the time being. My thoughts moved rapidly as I asked,

"This trial that is normally meant for beasts, what rewards can you gain from it?"

"Oh? Well for starters, this Tier 2 Spiritual Land will guarantee the champion of the Trial of Supremacy a safe advancement to the LEGENDARY rank."


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