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Chapter 378: No title

No title

The purplish ash colored radiance around the body of Ren Tianyou slowly formed an over 100 meters giant war god. And rays of lights were wandering about on the body of this war god. Moreover a suffocating pressure spread out all around from the body of this war god, and this pressure was so strong that the seawater of the surroundings seemed to be unable to withstand and a concave impression appeared on the sea surface.

And in the waist of Susanoo, there was a long sword, precisely was Futsu no Mitama Sword. After undergoing the evolution of eyes once again, the build of Full Body Susanoo already exceed 100 meters in height. Not only that, but the strength of Susanoo had also increased greatly and the energy contained within it was also far more than twice compared to before.

And on the other side, Yaorao was also preparing to thoroughly go all-out, no longer had any plan to play with Ren Tianyou, rather use her strongest power to destroy everything in front of her.

Along with the eruption of Yaorao, all four Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts flew out from within the body of Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha, and floated around Demonic Buddha, then boundless power shot out from these Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts.

Yaorao had obtained these Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts for a very long time, so her research on the power of these divine artifacts was far higher than Ren Tianyou, moreover the power these divine artifacts could display in the hands of Yaorao far surpass the imagination of Ren Tianyou.

“Power of Realm, stir up origin, in the name of I, Yaorao, master of realm, assemble for me!” Yaorao standing within Demonic Buddha drew out purple colored sigils with her hands which entered into those four Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, directly stirring up the origin power of these divine artifacts to wake up the origin power that belongs to their respective realms.

Along with the voice of Yaorao, four Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts instantly gave rise to four exceedingly huge light beam. One purple, one white, one blue and one golden light beams rose straight to the sky, and flying out of atmosphere, they reached into the outer space.

These four light beams flew up to the outer space, and slowly began to communicate with their respective realms. Then from Demon World and other three realms from where these Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts were obtained by Yaorao, an energy light beam that could suffocate people simultaneously flew out, then splitting the void and pursuing the guide Yaorao had sent out to the outer space, they flew towards Divine Wind Continent.

Along with the incoming of those four realms’ half origin power, the entire Divine Wind Continent began to shake violently, as if it was unable to withstand the pressure of this suddenly incoming power.

The ocean began to roar on and set off huge sea waves, causing a huge tsunami. The earth began to crack, and under this natural disaster, countless people perished. And everyone of continent looked towards that distant place, from where even when they were several thousands of miles away, they felt suffocating pressure.

“This is definitely caused by Zero and Demon Empress, I have never thought that their battle would actually affect the entire continent.” Feeling continuously shaking ground as well as seeing the city walls were beginning to crack, Southern Dipper Bu Feng solemnly muttered.

“This way it’s only the matter of time for the destruction of the continent.” Looking the surroundings all around him and sensing the suffocating energy, White Tiger solemnly said towards his fellows.

“Currently we are powerless to do anything, we can only put our hopes on Zero, and pray that he will obtain victory in this battle.” Jade Maiden said. And looking towards the distant horizon, her eyes flashed with worried and solicitude looks.

“Yes, all we can do now is put all our hopes on Zero.” Hearing Jade Maiden, White Tiger and others looked towards the distant horizon. Now all they could do was bet on the victory of Ren Tianyou.


“Jie jie jie……it seems Yaorao really couldn’t bear and is intending to destroy this planet.” Within the campsite of Demon clan, sensing the changes in the world as well as those four energy light beam that would make people palpitate, black robed Mo Yun gave out a unpleasant to hear strange smiling voice.

“Haha, finally the hatred I have hidden for 30,000 years will be requited. Just like I had stated at that time, I will use the blood of everyone in your Divine Wind Continent to eliminate my heart’s hatred of the betrayal of you all.” Mo Yun said while thinking about this demon life of him for 30,000 years. He had concealed his original intention of at that time and helped at that time’s enemy Demon Empress Yaorao, wasn’t that just for this day?

“Wait for me, I have already set up all the things in these last 30,000 years, and I am already ready to use the power of resentment collected after the death of these people to resurrect my companions.” Finished speaking, Mo Yun slowly flew towards the distant horizon.


“This is?” In the distant Magical Beasts’ Forest, feeling that familiar energy fluctuation, Ling Weiwei instantly woke up from her meditation and her complexion instantly changed greatly, “Damn, Yaorao, this lunatic is actually intending to destroy a world once again. No, I’ve to stop her.”

Thinking this, even though she hadn’t recovered her strength completely, she changed into blue light and flew towards the distant sky.


“This power……” Feeling this about to befall origin power of the other four worlds into this world, even though Ren Tianyou already possessed the power of Six Path, he also couldn’t help but felt apprehensive, “If this power really erupts, then this world will really perish.”

“I cannot let this happen.” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou looked towards the outer space, “It seems I must implement this action ahead of time, and take her to outer space to fight.”

Thinking this, Ren Tianyou again used his dojutsu to forcibly teleport both Yaorao and himself to outer space.

After becoming the host of Jubi, and becoming Six Path, the power of Ren Tianyou had already exceed the cognition of mortal. Now even in the outer space, where there were no air and mass, he could live as usual without any problem.

And feeling that they had already left the original world, and entered into the outer space, Yaorao didn’t panic at all. With her strength, it was east thing to survive in the space. Moreover the origin power of four worlds she was drawing was already on the point of arriving completely.

“System, give me the chakra of Senju Hasirama.” Ren Tianyou’s consciousness dived into his sea of consciousness and said to System.

Despite him being fatigue, very soon he wanted to use that ninjutsu, so he wanted to have strongest power to use it, and moreover he believed that the chakra of Senju Hasirama would greatly help him.

“Okay, it consumes 60 million system points to exchange the wood style of Senju Hasirama.” The voice of System resounded in the mind of Ren Tianyou, then a boundless power flowed out from his sea of consciousness, which was absorbed by Ren Tianyou.

“Then come.” Ren Tianyou looked at distant Yaorao, and standing in Susanoo, he put his palms together, then circulating chakra within his body sparing no effort and simultaneously emitting powerful eye power from his Rinne Sharingan, the Susanoo around his body began to make hand seals, helping Ren Tianyou to make a move.

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