In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 28: Divine Imperial Earth armor

Chapter 28: Divine Imperial Earth armor

Ren Tian You tied bandages around both of his hands, and his pair of Sharingan firmly locked on to Wang Li who was wearing the earth battle armor. After that Ren Tian You instantly disappeared from his original place, and in a flash he appeared before Wang Li. Followed by the elbow of Ren Tian You hit the abdomen of Wang Li.

“Peng!” Under the high speed attack of Ren Tian You, Wang Li involuntarily stepped back several steps. But he quickly stabilize his body and spoke, “I already said, even though your speed is very high, unless you can break through my defense it’s completely useless.” Actually Wang Li had already acknowledged the strength of Ren Tian You, so even if they stopped this battle, Ren Tian You could enter this Supreme light academy! But as if they had understand each other’s feelings, both of them didn’t yelled stop to stop the match. Wang Li was completely focused on defense. And after defending every attacks before him, he would wait and seek for an opportunity to defeat Ren Tian You.

Ren Tian You originally had only the intermediate fighter level battle qi of wind system, but after he possessed Naruto system inside his body, this had greatly help him to improve his close combat techniques. Basically he could learn all kinds of taijutsu which were available to learn inside the system. But he didn’t purely focus on becoming only taijutsu user ninja like Rock Lee and other, as a result he mostly focused on speed. Ren Tian You had focused mostly on speed because by seeing the Martial arts (Kung Fu) films, he had learnt that ‘fastest martial arts under the heaven, cannot be destroyed!’ Another reason was because he also possessed ninjutsu and genjutsu. As a result he had only reached at the level of Rock Lee, and still a bit far away from reaching the level of Maito Guy. Also this was the reason he hadn’t learnt the unusual taijutsu of Tsunade.

Nevertheless, this was the best opportunity to test his taijutsu level. As he had already reached elite ninja level, not only his ninjutsu or genjutsu should be powerful but also taijutsu also shouldn’t be weak. In the Naruto world, when Madara had just took on the stage, he relayed only on his taijutsu to dominate the single unit army of allied force.

Although the current distance between the strength of Madara and his strength is 108000li, Ren Tian You had estimated, if Madara fights seriously against him, then even if he activate Susanoo, he won’t be able to last even 10 attacks of Madara. But his objective was not to become as strong as Madara but to surpass Madara, as a result Ren Tian You won’t permit himself to have any weakness.

And the defense of Wang Li was indeed extraordinarily powerful, so the ordinary taijutsu were completely useless. But Ren Tian You had estimated that the omote renge (primary lotus) had the chance to break through his defense. If not he could open hachimon (8 gates) and use Ura Renge (Reverse Lotus)! ‘F**k, if even that didn’t work then I, your father will open 6th gate and use Asa Kujaku (Morning Peacock) and KO you!’

Ren Tian You ignored Wang Li, and started to run at full speed. Followed with a barrage of attacks. Although Wan Li repeatedly fell back due to attack, and also couldn’t see the figure of Ren Tian You, nevertheless he didn’t received any substantial injury.

After about 2 minutes, Ren Tian You felt that the amount of chakra flowed in his brain had increased, “almost there!” Shortly afterwards Ren Tian You appeared in front of Wang Li, and Wang Li was heavily kicked at his lower jaw with the right leg, causing Wang Li to fly in the air. After that he placed both his hands on the ground and locked on to the flying Wang Li and disappeared at that place and appeared behind flying Wang Li. Kage Buyo! (Dancing Leaf Shadow!)

Floating in the air, Wang Li thought, “Could it be you want to cut off my contact with the earth, however its useless. Only depending with the battle qi of great swords master, I can easily maintain this earth battle armor for more an hour. Ng……..this is?” While he was thinking this, he suddenly discovered that Ren Tian You had already appeared behind him.

Ren Tian You appeared behind Wang Li, then suddenly the bandages which were tied around his hands started to quickly untie from his hands. After that Ren tian You controlled this bandage to restrain Wang Li and pile-drive him into the ground head first while rotating at a ferocious speed. Omote renge! (Primary lotus!)

“Peng!” A huge explosion sound rang from the center of training area. Also a huge amount of dusts and smoke raise from the ground, many pieces of stones were knocked out towards every direction. After that Ren Tian You suddenly jumped out from the cloud of smoke and rolled for several time and firmly half crouch on the ground, only then the impact of primary lotus disappeared.

After that Ren Tain You looked towards the impact zone with is Sharingan because he didn’t know whether his primary lotus break Wang Li’s defense or not.

At that time, a yellow colored light beam rise towards the sky from within the dust and shortly afterwards all the smokes of dusts disappeared. Finally Ren Tian You could see the figure of Wang Li. Only the arm of Wang Li was broken and that was also recovering with the power from the earth.

“F**k, I knew it. It won’t be this simple.” Seeing that Wang Li was recovering, he cursed.

“This is………earth’s favor. He is crazy, using this move when he is only having a simple match.” Seeing the move of Wang Li, Li Yun exclaimed.

“Senior Li, what is earth’s favor!” The guard curiously asked. Since this was not a secret, Li Yun told him.

This earth’s favor is the special power of Wang Li’s earth blood lineage. Using the power of blood, he creates the sea of the earth element, and surrounding himself with this sea of earth element, he could recover any of his injuries, his strength as well as increase the defensive power of his earth battle armor and change it into Divine Imperial Earth armor. It was said that by utilizing this move, Wang Li had once battled the Siant class warrior to draw. But this move had a great backlash, which is he had to stay in bed for 3 days. In addition to this he won’t be able to use earth blood lineage for a month.

“Roar, Divine Imperial Earth armor!” Along with the roar of Wang Li, the yellow lights started to rush towards Wang Li. Accurately speaking it didn’t poured into Wang Li’s body but towards the armor which was formed from earth element.

As the light faded, Ren Tian You saw that the shape and looks of previous armor was changed. There was mysterious runes on the surface of that armor, and the whole armor was giving the dazzling yellow lights. Ren Tian You felt heavy pressure from this armor.

“F**k!” Ren Tian You couldn’t help but to swear.

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