Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 609 - The Mutation of the Mysterious Seed 4

Chapter 609: The Mutation of the Mysterious Seed 4

After a few breaths, the entire Huangyu Space was filled and was leaking out.

“What should we do now?”

Jun Mohuang was speechless at the seed in her hands. It turned out that it only looked shriveled and weak, but just a little bit of the Silver Moon Spring was enough to make it like this!

Xiao Jin said, “Master, this space is too big. If you can immediately build a small house here, melt this gold crystal and cover the small house, locking this aura.”

As it spoke, it spat out a thumb-sized golden crystal.

Build a small house immediately…

There was no lack of daily necessities here. All she lacked was building materials. Where could she move rocks to build a house!

In a flash, Jun Mohuang looked at the small nine-storey pagoda by her feet. Her black jewel-like eyes flashed and she had an idea.

The moment Jun Mohuang entered Huangyu Space, two hundred meters away from Jun Mohuang’s dormitory, Qiu Hailing tracked her here and could no longer determine the direction of the previous life aura.

Helpless, Qiu Hailing could only stop.

There were a large number of dormitories scattered in the form of courtyards in the wildly growing bushes. He could not determine where exactly, so he could only check each courtyard.

Qiu Hailing was indeed a Tier Eight expert in the Spirit Casting realm. He could check an entire courtyard in just a few breaths.

But even so, at the thought of him still checking dozens of courtyards, Qiu Hailing was extremely frustrated.

It would take at least three minutes to check these courtyards. By this time, the person who snatched the treasure had already disappeared.

He thought of how he might have to brush shoulders with the treasure and lose the opportunity to advance to the Spirit Transformation realm. He would be suppressed by the six elders for the rest of his life and be shouted at by them…

Qiu Hailing punched a huge tree beside her in anger.

With a muffled bang, the one-meter tall tree collapsed.

But the Heavens seemed to treat Qiu Hailing very well. Just as he knocked down a tree with a punch, he sensed the aura of life surging out again.

Needless to say, it was the aura emitted by the mysterious seed after it entered Huangyu Space.

Qiu Hailing’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly followed the direction of the aura.

This was undoubtedly in the direction of Jun Mohuang’s dormitory.

In Huangyu Space.

The originally one-foot-tall nine-storey pagoda became 30 meters tall and stood in Huangyu Space.

Jun Mohuang held the black seed and teleported to the top of the tower.

The ninth floor had the smallest area, less than five square meters.

Life aura continued to surge out of the mysterious seed.

She took out the golden crystal Xiao Jin gave her and began to melt it with the Gold-Swallowing Fire.

Gold Crystal, recorded in the Gold-Swallowing treasure book.

It was the essence of the Metal Spirit. Its hardness and defense were the strongest of all the metal ores in Cangyuan Continent.

A level-three Gold Spirit would produce a Gold Crystal every once in a while.

This was the first gold crystal Xiao Jin produced after reaching level three.

Hence, when she placed the seed in Xiao Jin’s mouth just now, it did not work because more than half of the gold elements in its body were used to produce the Gold Crystal.

The Gold Crystal was extremely hard and difficult to melt.

The Gold-Swallowing Fire and the Gold Crystal came from the same source. After a few breaths, Jun Mohuang successfully melted the Gold Crystal into a liquid state.

At the same time, Qiu Hailing was only a hundred meters away from Jun Mohuang’s dormitory.

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