Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 527 - Jun Mohuang 2

Chapter 527: Jun Mohuang 2

All the students looked in the direction Zhi Tong pointed. A red-dressed girl slowly walked over.

She was dressed in a fiery red riding suit that outlined her exquisite figure. A pair of knee-length black boots wrapped around her slender legs.

Her facial features were exquisite and her black gem-like eyes were sparkling. Her small face had yet to mature fully, but she already had a beauty that could win over whole populations.

She was not fully grown yet, but she could totally pull off this outfit.

What a beautiful junior. She was even more beautiful and dazzling than Su Zhiyu!

Su Zhiyu’s beauty was mild and indifferent, but this woman was in high spirits. She was like a burning flame, a bright diamond that instantly captured everyone’s attention.

Today, they met two beauties at once, and each one was more beautiful than the other. They were really lucky.

Someone immediately went up and asked enthusiastically, “Junior, are you an apothecary or a Weapon Refinement Master? Is your strength at the Spiritual Realm or the Spirit Casting Realm? Which stage are you at?”

Su Zhiyu felt a strong sense of jealousy when she saw that everyone was stunned by Jun Mohuang.

Apothecaries and Weapon Refinement Masters were very powerful but Jun Mohuang did not hold any advantage.

Yesterday, Jun Mohuang suddenly obtained a huge amount of Spiritual Value Points. She must have sold a few good items that Di Lingtian had given her. She did not earn it with her own strength.

However, to earn Spiritual Value Points in front of everyone, this method of selling treasures to exchange for Spiritual Value Points was naturally not counted.

She wondered where Jun Mohuang got her confidence from to agree to compete with her.

When these students knew that Jun Mohuang was nothing, their admiration would turn into disdain!

Jun Mohuang frowned slightly. Why were these people asking about this? Did they want to check her account?

“Everyone, stop asking. This girl’s name is Jun Mohuang, a member of Huan Yun. She’s neither an apothecary nor a refiner. As for her strength, she just happens to be ranked last in our Academy Of A Thousand Illusions.”

Jun Jianren walked out of nowhere and announced the truth to the curious students.

“No way. Last place?”

All the students had looks of disbelief on their faces. This junior was so beautiful, and judging from her aura, she must have been born in a big family in the Southern Region. How could she be the last?

“Jun Mohuang, you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. I thought you were afraid and didn’t dare to come.”

When Su Zhiyu saw that they didn’t believe him, she took the opportunity to walk out and greet Jun Mohuang.

Jun Mohuang smiled faintly. “Scared? Su Zhiyu, we didn’t set a specific time yesterday. Don’t blame me for you being early.”

“D*mn, it’s really the last place, number 2222, Jun Mohuang. Her strength doesn’t even appear on the Combat Ranking. Looks like it’s really low.”

“Uh, and she’s an ordinary student. She’s neither a Weapon Refinement Master nor an Apothecary. With her little strength, how is she going to compete with Junior Su Zhiyu to earn Spiritual Value Points? Is she going to rely on running errands and delivering food to others?”

The students saw Su Zhiyu call Jun Mohuang and how Jun Mohuang responded and spoke to her.

They all began to check the combat strength rankings according to Jun Jianren’s information. Indeed, they saw Jun Mohuang’s name in the last place.

Some students spoke gently, while others were exceptionally rude.

“Tsk, so it turns out that it’s someone with nothing! How boring!”

“I wonder where this kind of person’s confidence comes from. She actually dares to compare with a seven-star apothecary. Has water entered her brain!”

In the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions, everyone mocked that students who had no background, no strength, and no brains were all useless.

This type of student had the lowest status in the academy and was basically not regarded as human.

Competing with a seven-star apothecary to earn Spiritual Value Points, wasn’t that being brainless!?

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