Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 469 - Red Essence Stone

Chapter 469: Red Essence Stone

Jun Mohuang looked up at the red mountain in the distance and her eyes lit up.

She did not expect the Forest Of A Thousand Illusions to really be a treasure ground with a Crimson Essence Stone mine.

Jun Mohuang did not stop. She quickly formed seals with her hands and the pebbles on the ground suddenly disappeared. They then suddenly appeared in front of the 58th assassin.

They flew towards him like meteors.

It was just a small trick!

The 58th assassin snorted and raised his hand to sweep away all the pebbles with his spiritual energy.

The seemingly hard pebbles fell to the ground and turned into crushed pieces.

Jun Mohuang began playing the same trick again. The 58th assassin still shook it off with his spiritual energy.

After a few times, the 58th assassin saw that the cobblestone seemed tough and had all shattered on the ground. It did not have any attack power.

He couldn’t be bothered to waste his energy pushing these rocks away and let Jun Mohuang smash them on him.

In any case, these rocks merely made him itch when they hit him. Jun Mohuang did not hit his face either, so he did not care.

Jun Mohuang chuckled. This was the effect she wanted.

The two of them chased each other for a while.

The bright red color on the cobblestone belt on the ground intensified. Jun Mohuang formed another seal and used her telekinesis technique to throw all the pebbles on the ground at the 58th assassin.

Countless pebbles were like cannonballs. If ordinary people were hit, their heads would definitely bleed.

However, the 58th assassin was a Spirit Casting expert with a powerful body. Even though he had been injured by the lightning previously, he did not care.

She let the cobblestone fall on him.

But this time, the 58th assassin was terribly wrong. This time, the cobblestones hit his body, and the rocks on the surface peeled off, revealing blood rocks the size of walnuts.

The red rocks hit his body like a sharp blade.

The areas where he was injured by the purple lightning yesterday hurt even more.

Under this pain, waves of fiery red elemental force quietly entered the 58th assassin’s body through the wound.

Fire subdued wood. The wood element power in the 58th body was suppressed again.

“Stupid girl, what did you do to me! I’m going to kill you!”

The 58th assassin’s strength was suppressed to the fourth level of the Spirit Casting realm when he was hit by the nine-storey Exquisite Pagoda yesterday.

Now that he was suppressed by this strange fire rock again, his strength was suppressed by another level, and he was only left with the third level of the Spirit Casting realm.

Although it was more than enough to kill Jun Mohuang with the strength of Tier 3 of the Spirit Casting realm, this brat caused his strength to decrease time and again. The 58th assassin was extremely unhappy.

Jun Mohuang chuckled at his roar.

She sped up her escape.

She did nothing but throw some stones at him.

These stones was called the Red Essence Stone and was rich in fire elements.

It was an excellent material for refining offensive weapons.

It was just that the flames of ordinary refiners couldn’t refine this fire element. Very few refiners could refine with the Crimson Essence Stone.

Hence, no one knew about this rock. However, it happened that the Gold-Swallowing treasure book recorded it and Jun Mohuang had a photographic memory.

In the beginning, the number of Red Essence Stones in the batch of pebbles was extremely low and had no effect on the 58th assassin.

Jun Mohuang used the pebbles to lower his guard. As expected, the 58th assassin no longer wasted his spiritual energy and let the pebbles hit him.

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