Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 378 - A Chance to Survive

Chapter 378: A Chance to Survive

“Hahaha, it’s only the first round and this Jade-horned Lizard has already escaped with serious injuries. What trash!”

“I was wondering why Jun Mohuang didn’t bet. I knew she wasn’t just accepting Miss Bilian’s goodwill. It turns out that she finally realized that she was bound to lose.”

Seeing the Jade-horned Lizard flee pathetically, the people in the stands couldn’t help but laugh.

But most people saw that Jun Mohuang’s beast had lost again, and were regretful that they hadn’t had the chance to bet with her just now.

Otherwise, they would be happily dividing the 100,000 Spirit Stones now.

There was even a small group of people who complained in their hearts about Yao Bilian’s rotten goodwill and how she had cheated them of their Spirit Stones.

Jun Mohuang’s eyes darkened and her expression was calm. She seemed to be unable to accept this outcome.

“Jun Mohuang, you’ve lost your bet with me. Hurry up and fulfill our bet!”

Ye Mingzhu looked at Jun Mohuang excitedly.

If Jun Mohuang lost this time, she would lose the right to compete for the last two spots in the top 10.

The first place in the Meet had always been from the top 10.

In other words, Jun Mohuang was already out of the competition.

In that case, she would lose the bet with the Ye Family.

“Is that so? I remember that there’s a rule in the City of Beastmen’s Meet that states that families who have yet to enter the top 10 can challenge the family who drew an empty lot in the very first round.”

Jun Mohuang snapped out of her daze and smiled coldly.

As long as she successfully beat the Ye Family, she could obtain a spot in the top 10 and also participate in the subsequent competitions.

“Jun Mohuang, you mean you want to challenge our Ye Family?”

After two seconds of shock, Ye Mingzhu clutched her stomach and began laughing maniacally.

“Hahahaha, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard in my life!”

The Ye Family had already been the first in the City of Beastmen’s Meet for three consecutive years and had performed well in the past few years.

It could be said that the demon beasts of the Ye Family were not only strong, but also very experienced in combat.

In all these years, the Ye Family had encountered a few empty lots for the first time, but no family had ever dared to challenge the Ye Family.

Jun Mohuang’s beasts couldn’t even beat the beasts of the other families. She actually wanted to challenge the Ye Family? She must be dreaming.

“Sigh, she really doesn’t know the severity of the situation until she hits a dead end.”

“The Ye Family’s beasts are so powerful. The weakest is a six-star. I wonder what she thinks.”

The others also shook their heads.

“Jun Mohuang, the beasts of the Ye Family are very powerful. If your demon beast wants to challenge the Ye Family, it will probably be turned into minced meat by a palm strike and won’t even have the chance to escape. Given how much you treasure and care for your beasts, you should consider it carefully.”

Some of the kind people couldn’t help but remind her.

Ye Mingzhu smiled proudly. “So, Jun Mohuang, are you sure you still want to challenge the Ye Family’s magical beast?”


“Fine, I’ll make you give up tomorrow. When the time comes, your beast will be killed by my beast with a slap. Don’t cry.”

“Really? We’ll know who kills who when the time comes.”

The City of Beastmen’s Meet took place over two days. The first day, the top 10 families emerged.

On the second day, the top 10 would compete for the champion.

Since Jun Mohuang challenged the Ye Family, the rules only allowed her to challenge them the next day.

Seeing that Ye Ziyu nodded in agreement, Yue Jinrong announced in public, “Jun Mohuang will challenge the Ye Family tomorrow morning and this match will be scheduled for the first match.”

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