Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 35 Challenging Matches

Chapter 35 – Challenging Matches

But vaguely in his subconscious, he suddenly felt a trace of regret. He should not have arranged such an incident to provoke such a dragon*-like teenager.

This Ye Qingyu was different from the other commoner students. He was a demon king who did not do things according to the rules.

“Haha, originally I just wanted to walk my own path and leave you to play with your own retarded dog fart schemes. It has nothing to do with me. But in the end, you who think you’re so clever, insists on provoking me.” Ye Qingyu regarded Quan Yalin with disdain, as if he was a high and mighty dragon not willing to associate with a dog.

He coldly laughed. “Since you have provoked me, then you will have to pay the price…” After saying this, Ye Qingyu’s head turned to look at the stages. “Just have a look, a tiny list of ten have made you like wild dogs fighting over a piece of bone, willing to bite at anyone. Since it’s like this, then I will help you!”

After finishing saying this, Ye Qingyu headed towards the stage.

The crowd had no idea what he was about to do.

They only saw Ye Qingyu going towards the teacher in charge of maintaining order, and underwent the challenge requirement testing. After obtaining the right to challenge, he went straight towards Xia Houwu on the stage.

At this time, everyone understood.

So Ye Qingyu wanted to challenge for a spot in the list of ten?

All of a sudden, the moods of numerous students became excited.

They originally thought that the Ye Qingyu who had fallen over five hundred places would be dejected and crestfallen. Who would have imagined that he would be so strong? Just judging from the way he managed to repress Quan Yalin and the others, one could tell that his strength was deep and unmeasurable. Where was the slightest hint of him being dejected and crestfallen?

It looks like today another big event would happen again! ……

The other side.

The noble students surrounded the teacher responsible for maintaining order.

“Could you not see that Ye Qingyu was viciously beating people right now? How can you not interfere?” a teenager with a face like a swollen peach after being slapped by Ye Qingyu shouted loudly.

“We are only in charge of the order of the rings, and not conflicts outside the stages. If you are not satisfied, then you can go complain at the year administration office,” the middle teacher said, his face without expression.

The angry noble students were speechless.

“I’m going to complain. This is a dereliction of your position. This is favouritism, bare and uncovered favouritism…” Quan Yalin was nearly enveloped with wrath. One of his tooth was cracked from Ye Qingyu’s slap.

“Be careful of what you say. Your shouts are affecting the practice grounds. If you continue, then I can only do my duty and discipline you,” the middle aged supervisor said, a serious expression on his face.

The noble students were about to be driven crazy.

This was really strange. In the past, the supervisors would basically be biased towards the noble students. But how come the teachers in front of him would be biased towards Ye Qingyu? The things that happened today were really peculiar.

It seemed as if any incident, as long as it was related to Ye Qingyu, would become abnormal.

At the same time, on the ring, the battle was about to begin.


“You’ve finally come. Ahaha, I’ve waited for this opportunity for too long. Ye Qingyu, this time, I will defeat you in front of everyone here…” Xia Houwu began to laugh excitedly.

Of course he saw the scene of Ye Qingyu taking care of Quan Yalin and the others.


I am not Quan Yalin, a trash who only knows schemes and plots. I am Xia Houwu! Through my own strength and power, I managed to place in the top ten of the rankings!

He had absolute confidence in himself.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

He took off the holster that he used to hold his spear from his back, throwing on the grounds of the ring. Then he beckoned with his finger, saying, “Come, I’m busy.”

“You… Hmph, a thing that doesn’t realize his doom is coming. My strength has increased explosively. Today is not yesterday. You dare to be so arrogant, not even using your weapons!” Xia Houwu began laughing maliciously.

Ye Qingyu lips formed an uncaring smile. “To take care of someone like you, there is no need.”

“You are looking for death yourself!” Xia Houwu’s eyebrows frowned balefully. With an angry shout, his blade swept out continuously like an autumn rain, bringing with it a cold wind that enveloped Ye Qingyu.

[Ten Fatal Blades]!

This was a sword technique that he had learned from an extremely strong guard from the Xia Hou military. Every stroke was a killing blow, cruel and ruthless.

Ye Qingyu’s footwork slightly changed, avoiding three strokes of the blade.

“Hahaha, you can only retreat. Do you feel despair? Such a profound sword technique is something that a commoner scrap like you must never have seen before!”

“I had just used such a sword technique to defeat the little girl. Haha, on her delicate little body, I’ve left tens of cuts…”

“Are you angry? Do you want to strike back? Haha, what a pity that you can’t do so. This [Ten Fatal Blades] technique was specially learned to take care of you!”

Xia Houwu’s sword strokes were like lightning, unceasing.

Countless flashes of light from the sword surrounded Ye Qingyu entirely.

“Why do you noble students keep thinking that you are infallible and are so long winded…” Ye Qingyu suddenly stepped forward, one fist striking out.

[Nine Moves of Soul Stealing Fist and Talon]!

This was namely the technique that he had learned from Liu Lei on that day during the practice grounds. But compared to when Liu Lei had used this technique, the way Ye Qingyu utilized this set of techniques was incomparably more brilliant.

The sound of his punch was like thunder!

In a split second, there was suddenly an atmosphere of a powerful army fighting at close quarters in the ring. The punch was like a cavalry charge, advancing courageously without retreat!


This punch was extremely accurate, landing on the back of the blade.

Before Xia Houwu could react, the skin between his thumb and forefinger ruptured open. The veins in his fingers exploded, flesh splitting open and blood spattering over… He could not hold his curved blade anymore, the blade soaring away…

His smile froze on his face.


Ye Qingyu’s second punch landed on his abdomen.

“HohHoh… eee… ou…” Xia Houwu could not resist in the slightest anymore. He bent his body, his body not listening to him at all, kneeling on the floor. He began to twitch like a shrimp, yellow liquid being vomited from his mouth, nearly even ejecting his gall bladder.

This punch made him lose his entire battle ability.

“Why… Why is… it… like… this…” from deep within Xia Houwu’s throat, several words were gasped out.

He could not understand. It was evidently him who held the upper hand and was about to win. But in a split instant, the roles reversed. The first time that Ye Qingyu had retaliated, he had lost.

“Ahaha.” Ye Qingyu smiled. “Trash.”

He lifted his leg, kicking Xia Houwu out of the stage.

The last punch, he had already not used full strength. Otherwise, the force of that punch was enough to turn Xia Houwu into a pile of meat and bones. But even so, the force of that punch was not something that Xia Houwu was able to withstand.

After finishing this, under the gaze of countless eyes, he jumped off the ring.


“Ye Qingyu has won!”

“This… is too quick!”

“He only used one move?”

“Complete domination. The two are not in the same level at all… Xia Houwu already has half a foot in the Spirit spring stage, does that mean Ye Qingyu has truly entered the Spirit spring stage?”

The surrounding first years were very much shocked.

Even if someone had vaguely guessed that Ye Qingyu would win, but no one would have thought that he would win so completely and quickly. This kind of scene was not a scene of two students from the same year fighting each other, but a grown man crushing a child.

The battle prowess that Ye Qingyu displayed was hard to believe.

Is this really the youth that has fallen over five hundred places in the monthly examination?

Don’t make me laugh, if by falling five hundred places, you would be able to acquire this kind of strength, then anyone would be willing to do so!

Those who had previously mocked Ye Qingyu for being crippled were driven crazy.

“Eh? Ye Qingyu has also jumped off the stage… This, what does he want to do?” someone started shouting in surprise. According to the rules, once you defeated the ring master, you were the new ring master. He was able to enter the list of ten, why did he suddenly forfeit his right?

“What does he want to do?”

“He’s walking to another stage?”

“Is he really…”

“Heavens, he’s going to challenge again!”

“He’s challenging another noble student again?”

When they saw Ye Qingyu walking towards another ring, after a short moment of deathly silence, there was a massive uproar. The students finally understood what Ye Qingyu was about to do—

He would continuously defeat the noble students!

Under the eyes of everyone, Ye Qingyu really jumped onto the next ring. The ring master was another genius student from the nobles, his name was Nie Yan. He was from the Western military leader, and his fame was similar to that of Qin Wushuang or Yan Xingtian. Countless people had high hopes for his prospects.

“You dare to challenge me?” Nie Yan’s will to fight was invoked. “Too good, I was in need of a stepping stone. After defeating Xia Houwu, then losing by my hands, that is a perfect story!”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything, only beckoned with his hand again.

“Arrogance!” Nie Yan’s weapon, was a blunt double edged sword that was even taller than him. Very evidently he was also a student that specialized in strength.

The huge sword swung.

Invisible gusts of wind dispersed.

Ye Qingyu only smiled. Specializing in strength? Then this is just perfect.

He took out a part of the [Inexorable spear], holding it in one hand. Casually, he swung it out to block the huge sword in Nie Yan’s hand.


As if an apocalyptic impact had happened in Heaven and Earth.

The huge metallic sounds caused the ears of the surrounding students to ring as if they have gone deaf.

The sword weighing three hundred pounds or so was like a blade of grass. It was sent flying over twenty meters, then falling heavily to the ground. The students near the impact spot quickly rushed away as if they had seen a ghost. With a huge sound, a deep crater was formed in the ground. As for Nie Yan himself, he was also sent soaring out the ring.

He managed to forcefully stand up on the ground, shock and dejection on his face. The sleeves on his arms were torn apart, blood covering his arms. The skin between his thumb and forefinger had ruptured, and all the muscles in his arms had torn apart!

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