Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Adopt a Child Bride?

Grandfather Yun saw that Liang Xiuqin still refused to change her terrible habit, so he didn’t waste another breath on her before making her go to the Jiangs’ to bring Yun Xi home.

Liang Xiuqin and Yun Xi had a weak mother-daughter bond, and as a mother, she hadn’t cared about her daughter ever since she’d been young. She’d treated Yun Xi even worse than she had a stranger.

As Yun Xi’s grandfather, Grandfather Yun was not only harshly scolded by Grandfather Jiang but had the incident circulate all throughout the entire villa complex. He was thoroughly humiliated.

The car drove into the Jiang’s mansion, and the housekeeper came outside the house to tell Grandfather Yun that the eldest heiress of the Yuns was staying at the Chen’s. He asked them to go directly to the Chen’s mansion to pick her up.

Grandfather Yun was a bit shocked by how the Chens were randomly involved too, so he asked the housekeeper out of curiosity.

The housekeeper smiled politely and repeated the entirety of what Grandfather Jiang had instructed him to say from last night.

“Miss Yun is Mr. Chen’s savior. Grandfather Yun must be unaware of that? If it wasn’t for Miss. Yun, Mr. Chen probably wouldn’t have survived this time! It was really thanks to Miss. Yun’s amazing medical skills, so she’s now the great savior of both the Jiang and Chen families!”

Liang Xiuqin’s eyes gleamed as soon as she heard this. “Is that true? What happened to Mr. Chen?”

She’d never thought that star of death would actually gain the support of the Chens!

If she really became the savior of the Chens, then this act of saving Chen Yichen’s life would be a very amazing thing for the Yuns!

The Jiangs and Chens both belonged to the Four Great Clans of Jingdu. With the support of these two families, as well as the great favor of saving Chen Yichen’s life, the Yuns would certainly not be rejected if they ever asked these families for help in the future!

Looks like this star of death wasn’t totally useless after all!

The housekeeper already had heard about how Miss Yun and Grandfather Jiang had been rejected by the Yuns the day before. Grandfather Jiang had been completely enraged, so as his servant, he was naturally seeing the Yuns as his own enemies as well!

“Mrs. Yun, why do your questions sound as if you are really hoping that something terrible happens to Mr. Chen?!”

“I-I didn’t mean it like that. I was only worried about Mr. Chen… that girl has always lived in the countryside, so she has no manners. What would we ever do if she harmed Mr. Chen?”

The housekeeper shot her a disdainful look. She didn’t even care about the survival of her daughter yet had the energy to care about someone else!

Grandfather Yun had not seemed to have expected such a thing to happen, so it was no wonder that Grandfather Jiang scolded him so harshly out of the blue the day prior.

“Grandfather Jiang and Miss Yun are both at the Chens. Maybe Grandfather Yun should go to the Chens to have a look!”

“Okay, thanks!”

Inside the Chen’s mansion, breakfast time at the long table was more lively than usual, Both grandfathers especially tried to earn the favor of Yun Xi, so the topics of conversation never ended.

Ever since Chen Yichen had come downstairs, he’d kept watching Yun Xi.

Her long ponytail had transformed into a loose bun on the top of her head, revealing her full and pretty forehead.

Her exquisite features were topped with her curly eyelashes and lively, glossy eyes that shimmered with a watery glow. Compared to her dingy and dusty appearance the day before, she now looked more delicate and cute.

He couldn’t help but recall the country-bumpkin-looking girl he’d seen on the train that day. She had merely changed her clothes, but her aura and appearance had already improved by several degrees.

The natural, peaceful demure she exuded especially made him recall a phrase: the times are peaceful.

This young girl would probably grow into a stunning, drop-dead beauty one day!

If she actually ended up marrying his younger cousin, Chen Yichen was actually afraid that his cousin would really end up wasting away her beauty with his kind of personality!

“Grandfather Chen, Senior Mr. Jiang—Grandfather Yun is here.”

“Bring them to the living room for a cup of tea. We’ll be there soon.”

Grandfather Jiang glanced at Yun Xi, and she also obediently turned her head toward him. There wasn’t much emotion on her quiet and tender face.

Before Grandfather Chen even opened his mouth, Chen Yichen was the first to chime in as the eldest heir. His tone sounded like he was very reluctant to see her leave. “Why do we have to let Yun Xi go home? Doesn’t her mother reject her?”

Grandfather Jiang glared at his precious grandson. “What do you even know?”

Someone else’s home would never compare to one’s own home!

“With her mother’s personality, Yun Xi would only get bullied if she went back. She might as well stay at our house!”

He then turned to look at Jiang Wanyun and rudely teased his own mother, “Mom, how about you adopt Yun Xi as a child bride?”

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