Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Make Them Beg for You to Go Home

Liang Xiuqin discreetly glared at Yun Xi to warn her against speaking rashly.

Yun Xi raised a brow and gave her an innocent look in return. She completely ignored the threatening and warning look in Liang Xiuqin’s eyes.

“She’s been home the entire time?” Grandfather Jiang glanced at Liang Xiuqin, sneering derisively.

Looks like Yun Xi hadn’t been lying; Liang Xiuqin actually wasn’t letting her come home!

No wonder Liang Xiuqin had been cruel enough to discard Yun Xi in the countryside when she had been only a few months old and still breastfeeding. She hadn’t visited Yun Xi once in over ten years, so she truly didn’t have a conscience as a mother!

Grandfather Jiang pointed to the demure and guilty-looking Liang Xinyi and frowned deeply. “You’re talking about this imposter here?”

Liang Xiuqin’s expression froze when she was directly caught in the act, so her smile became a bit ugly.

“Senior Mr. Jiang, what do you mean by “imposter”? This is the real Yun Xi!”

“So yours is real, and mine is actually fake? Yun Xi has the Jiangs’ jade pendant on her, so what does your imposter have?”

Grandfather Jiang dragged Yun Xi to his side and glanced coldly at Liang Xiuqin. He was infuriated by her shamelessness.

It’d be one thing for a stepmother to reject a daughter, but she so happened to be the biological daughter!

Liang Xiuqin quickly dragged Liang Xinyi over as well. “Senior Mr. Jiang, you’ve really mistaken her for the wrong person! This is actually my daughter, Yun Xi! She has the silver bracelets I gave her when she was young, and the name on her identification is also Yun Xi. I sent someone to personally bring her home from the countryside. The wretched girl standing next to you is actually a thief. She stole Yun Xi’s jade pendant from the villa complex today!”

Liang Xinyi could already guess the identity of Grandfather Liang, so she wanted nothing more but to use all her tricks to convince him to believe her!

It didn’t matter, even if she had to give the arranged marriage to Yun Ziling. As long as she could earn the favor of Grandfather Jiang, perhaps the Yuns would have to beg for her help and respect her in the future!

“That’s right! Senior Mr. Jiang, she was the one who came to the villa complex this morning to swindle us. She claims that she is Yun Xi and even stole my jade pendant! We were just planning on calling the police!”

“Nonsense!” Grandfather Jiang sneered, his expression becoming increasingly ugly.

“My grandson returned from Muyang yesterday and so happened to be in the same coach as Yun Xi. He already saw Yun Xi holding the jade pendant when they’d been on the train yesterday, and you dare to say that Yun Xi stole the jade pendant?!”

He finally realized that Liang Xiuqin didn’t intend on showing him any respect today.

Great! This was great!

He had gone through more than half his life and no one has ever dared to disrespect him like this!

“Your eldest grandson, h-he…” Liang Xiuqin’s face fell. She’d never expected such a thing to happen.

Her words just now were basically a slap to her own face.

With Chen Yichen as a witness, a change in her tune would be tantamount to confessing what she had done.

She thought about it over and over again, realizing that she could only continue attempting to fool him. “Senior Mr. Jiang, don’t be tricked by this wretched girl. She’s actually a thief! How could I mistake my own daughter for someone else?!”

Grandfather Jiang shouted angrily, “You mean that I’m so old I’ve become foolish?!”

“No… That’s not what I meant…”

“Then what you are trying to say? You’re refusing to accept your actual daughter, but you are accepting an imposter, instead! You really think that I’m so easily fooled?”

“Senior Mr. Jiang…” Liang Xiuqin had already begun to panic as she wrung her hands with a conflicted expression.

What kind of drug did this wretched girl give Senior Mr. Jiang? How could he believe her so unconditionally?!

“That’s fine! You don’t need to say anything else! Liang Xiuqin, I’ll tell you that our Jiang family only recognizes Yun Xi as my granddaughter-in-law. Your imposter shouldn’t even dream of ever stepping inside our home! So you don’t want Yun Xi to come home? Fine. I’ll have someone call Old Yun back home so he can personally take his granddaughter back home! We will also send someone to Muyang to investigate who on Earth this imposter actually is, so you’d better take responsibility for all the things you’ve said today! Our family isn’t so easily fooled!”

“Girl, let’s go back! You can live at our house if she isn’t letting you go home. Make them beg for you to come back!”

Grandfather Jiang sneered before taking Yun Xi back to the car.

Although he was now retired, he still had ways to make things difficult for the Yuns!

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