Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 1789 - Win or Lose Whenever She Feels Like It

Chapter 1789: Win or Lose Whenever She Feels Like It

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Xin Xin’s challenge had prompted Yun Xi to go all out in terms of her cheating, and the Mu family seemed to have Yun Xi’s back as well.

Mu Jinzhi grinned proudly. The sudden display of affection between the couple was enough to leave all the elders at the table embarrassed on their behalf.

The second uncle seemed to finally figure out Yun Xi’s plan, and the old master had intentionally let Yun Xi defeat him in a previous round. However, Ye Shenxin was still lost. Her face paled as she saw the cards. The game had progressed into an unbelievable state.

“Don’t the cards look nice? They’re the Big Four, isn’t it, Xin Xin?”

Mu Feichi looked up to Ye Shenxin. As he teased with a half-smile, his eyes shone with arrogance and pride for Yun Xi. “This card is a multiplier by eight times since every one of the tiles adds one more point, so this is a plus-eight. They call this the ‘Big Four 88 Multiplier’ in Mahjong! Why don’t you check if you have enough to pay up? If not, I can offer you some credit!”

“You…” Ye Shenxin’s jaw nearly touched the floor. Her eyes were fixed on the cards on the table, and she could barely gather her words together.

“You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Yun Xi! How did you win back everything that Mu Jinzhi had lost? Something is going on!”

Mu Jinzhi had been losing every game tonight, but Ye Shenxin had not won as much either. However, Yun Xi had completely taken all of her winnings tonight the moment she sat down. In fact, Ye Shenxin now owes Yun Xi money.

How could she not tell that Yun Xi was an expert in this game?

There were four people at the playing table. Their grandfather had a good hand and avoided paying two-thirds of the money, and Mu Jinzhi did not lose as much either. Only Ye Shenxin had to pay the highest amount of money.

It was not the money that embarrassed Ye Shenxin. It was the fact that she had lost terribly to Yun Xi.

“I didn’t cheat, Xin Xin! Your second brother lost, so I have to win it back for him! I can’t leave him heartbroken!”

“As if! You were clearly cheating! I may have admitted my losses, but I will not admit defeat. Let’s play one more round. I don’t believe I will lose every round!”

She did not want to win the money back. Instead, she wanted to win her title as the long-time winner back from Yun Xi.

“Xin Xin,” Ye Shenshou picked up that his younger sister seemed to have missed the point of the round and gave her shoulders a light pat. “Maybe we can call it a day? Besides, you can’t defeat Yun Xi.”

“But brother, did you see how badly I’ve lost? Look at how happy Mu Jinzhi is. This is so embarrassing. I will not accept this!”

“Well, too bad. You have to accept it no matter what. Do you know why your second brother lost every round that we played?”

“Out of his arrogance. Isn’t it just like that?” Ye Shenxin stated it plainly.

Ye Shenshou laughed amusedly as he gave his younger sister’s head a gentle pat. “You know, he hardly comes home, so he’s here only once a year. So he let Grandpa win every time to make him happy. We all know this, but you’ve been oblivious so far. Since Yun Xi is here tonight, she has seen through your second brother’s intentions. Since he had intentionally lost the first round and you offered to play another round, she had to defend him. She could turn the tables on you in one round. It doesn’t matter how you play now. You would not be able to win!”

“So what! Even if she is an expert and lost to make Grandpa happy, she could not possibly win or lose every round whenever she simply feels like it?”

“You know, Yun Xi really can!” Ye Shenshou smiled. “I’m pretty sure Yun Xi never forgets a thing she sees. You would not be able to defeat her.”

The response from Ye Shenshou was enough for Ye Shenxin to understand. Anyone who could remember every card that they had played could not have let themselves lose easily. They simply win or lose based on how they feel.

She recalled all the other years she had spent teasing Mu Jinzhi and working to play against him every year. The sudden realization left Ye Shenxin with a pang of guilt in her heart.

Old Master Ye watched the table with a satisfied and happy smile. He was happy about the actions of his grandson, and he was also relieved that his beloved child had found a good partner for him.

“Alright, alright. We all know you are an honest person and these games are just for entertainment. No one will blame you!”

Old Master Mu stood up, and the eldest, Ye Kun, who had been standing by him, immediately reached out to offer him an arm of support.

“It’s been a long day. You, youngsters, can keep on playing! Jinzhi and Yun Xi, you should rest early too. Let’s talk more tomorrow!”

“Sure, goodnight Grandpa!”

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