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Chapter 97 - Ravaged Herb Field

Chapter 97: Ravaged Herb Field

Even Little Black was the same. The black turtle shell was covered with yellow soil. Little Red was the only one in a better state. Only her claws were covered with soil.

Looking at the messy herb field and the situation of the three little ones, Lin Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Are you guys working in the fields?”

He still didn’t know how to explain this situation to Chen Yan. Lin Bai’s temples couldn’t help but twitch, and he immediately felt some regret in his heart.

A guilty look flashed through Little Green’s eyes, “Hiss hiss — it hissed and spat out its tongue, then scuttled around on the ground. The Red Luan Bird at the side was also stimulated by something and began to chase after it. Its sharp claws scratched the ground.

The two of them chased each other like this. There was still a small piece of medicinal plant left in the herbal field, but now they were all dead. There was nothing left, and even the last leaves fell off.

Perhaps Little Black wanted to join in, but its movements were too slow and could not keep up with Little Green and Little Red’s pace. In the end, it found a black hole and buried itself, only revealing its eyes that were the size of green beans. No one knew what it meant.

Lin Bai looked at them expressionlessly and met Little Green and Little Red’s expectant gazes. “So you’re trying to tell me that you did this to the herbal field while you were playing?”

Little Green and Little Red shook their heads. Just as they were about to cover it up again, they heard a trembling male voice.

“You –”

Chen Yan walked over with a medicinal cauldron in his hand. Other than that, he had other tools. Looking at the herbal field that did not have one piece of good herb, his vision went black and he almost thought that he was hallucinating.

“What’s going on?”

Lin Bai’s expression suddenly became a little awkward. “Well, actually, this was an accident…”

“My century-old seven-star Poria Cocos! And the carefully cultivated silver river fritillary! The five-colored Platycodon is gone too! I waited for a few seasons before the baizhi could bear fruit. How come there aren’t any fruits!”

Chen Yan’s voice became louder and louder, startling the birds not far away. Lin Bai’s expression became even more guilty. “They’re usually very obedient. I don’t know what’s wrong with them today.”

If it were anyone else, Chen Yan would have long lost his temper. However, the person standing in front of him was Lin Bai. He wanted to focus on grooming him. In a few days, he would have to fight against Zhong Haoran’s disciple in his place.

Chen Yan deeply suspected that Lin Bai was sent by the heavens to defeat him. He took a deep breath and said, “Forget it. You don’t have to worry about the herbal field. Come with me.”

He couldn’t wait to leave this place. He was afraid that if he looked at the messy herbal field again, he would faint on the spot.

After they left, no one noticed that a ghost-like shadow dashed over. It was very small and inconspicuous. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the herbal field next to it.

Chen Yan didn’t dare to let Lin Bai stay in the herbal field anymore. “If your foundation is not good, then hard work can make up for it. I’ve only seen you refine pills once. Let’s see how you do for the other pills. I’ve prepared the pill formulas and ingredients for you.”

Seeing that Lin Bai was about to refine pills, Chen Yan interrupted him. He wanted to say that it was really petty to take out such a small broken cauldron.

“You should know that a good pill refining cauldron has a great impact on whether the pill is successfully refined and the final effect of the pill. It can even affect the quality of the pill. I think you should change it.”

If Zhong Haoran and the others saw it, they might say that he couldn’t even afford a better cauldron to let Lin Bai use and gave him such a tattered one.

Light flashed in his hand was overflowing with colors. A small cauldron that was completely transparent appeared. Mysterious patterns were coiled around the body of the cauldron. Along with the fluctuations of the powerful array formation, it was obvious that it was not an ordinary item.

Chen Yan’s face revealed a pained expression. “You can use this one first. I guarantee that it will be much better than the little black cauldron in your hand.”

Who would have thought that Lin Bai would actually shake his head and reject his good intentions, “I’m already used to using this cauldron. If it were any other cauldron, it might not be convenient. Moreover, wasn’t I be able to refine a grade seven spirit replenishing pill with it? I think it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Seeing that he was insistent, Chen Yan did not say anything else.

Under his gaze, Lin Bai calmly began to refine the pill. He had chosen low-grade pills, so refining them was not difficult. Lin Bai’s individual movements were a little rusty, but he was extremely proficient in the control of fire.

Looking at the flame in Lin Bai’s palm, it felt like an ordinary flame without any temperature. Then, golden and red light interweaved together, faintly revealing a pressure, but also showing its extraordinariness.

Chen Yan could not help but ask curiously, “What kind of flame is this?”

“The symbiotic flame of my pet beast.”

Chen Yan nodded. “No wonder it’s like this. Even if an ordinary person obtained a rare flame, he would still need to take some time to get used to it. This saves you a lot of trouble.”

There were many rare flames on the continent. There were low-grade or high-grade rare flames. One would have to pay a certain price if one wanted to tame and store the flame within one’s body. It would be fine if it was a mild rare flame, but a wild-type rare flame could severely injure a person and might even be life-threatening.

However, when refining pills, flames were indispensable. The higher the grade of flame, the better the quality of the pill. Hence, some alchemists would risk their lives to choose to fuse with the rare flame.

Seeing that everything was going smoothly on Lin Bai’s side, there shouldn’t be any more trouble. It finally brought some comfort to Chen Yan. Although Lin Bai’s foundation was not good, the current situation showed that his practical ability was not bad.

“Then you can slowly practice here. I’ll go to the herbal field first.”

Chen Yan thought of his ravaged herbal field, and couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart.

At this moment, Lin Bai was the only one refining pills in the equipment room. There were also a lot of cauldrons placed next to him. They were probably used for practice and were not particularly valuable.

“Hehehe –”

At this moment, he suddenly heard a burst of laughter.

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