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Chapter 94 - A Challenge From The Alchemist Association

Chapter 94: A Challenge From The Alchemist Association

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The next morning, Lin Bai was ready to set off for the Alchemist Association. It was located halfway up the mountain. The peak of the mountain was shrouded in clouds all year round. It was said that it was because of the vapors produced during the alchemy process, that caused such a scene.

Seeing his arrival, Chen Yan nodded. “You’re quite punctual. Come with me.”

Lin Bai did not ask what was going on. Chen Yan did not speak either. The two of them walked forward one after the other. They saw green trees all around them. There were towering ancient trees everywhere. Rings of growth were densely packed. It was already hard to count them.

There were also quite a number of green medicinal plants. Although the varieties were not particularly precious, they were like grass growing by the roadside. They looked flourishing and prosperous.

Chen Yan did not mind at all and said, “These are all casually planted by the members of the Association. They’re extremely easy to survive. You don’t need to care about the seeds that are planted. However, the medicinal fields in the association are different. They are all extremely precious medicinal herbs that are cultivated by people.”

As they walked deeper, their field of vision became wider and wider. Layers of mountain peaks came into view.

The shape of the mountain peak was slightly round in the middle, as if two ears were standing on top of the mouth. There were a few small mountain peaks beside it, which looked like three legs. From afar, it looked like an enormous cauldron.

The blue sky above his head seemed to be an endless cauldron lid, pressing down on the mountain peak. The golden light refracted a different light through the clouds, and the spiritual energy slowly rose like smoke and fog.

Chen Yan took the opportunity to look over. Seeing that Lin Bai had been staring at the peak, he opened his mouth to explain:

“This can also be considered a wondrous scene of the Alchemy Association. Legend has it that in ancient times, there was an extremely powerful alchemy cultivator. The pills he refined were all heaven-grade. It was said that he could bring back the dead, and his own strength was powerful. But later –”

He seemed to have thought of something, and his tone paused. Lin Bai could not help but ask, “Then what happened?”

“Later, he wanted to refine a pill that could allow people to become immortals and ascend. However, how could there be such a pill in the world? It was undoubtedly a heaven-defying act. Thus, the cauldron was destroyed, and he died. It was said that this mountain was the incarnation of his broken cauldron.”

Seeing that Lin Bai was somewhat engrossed in listening, he could not help but ask,

“This is only a legend. No one can know whether it is true or not. After all, how could it be so easy to ascend to immortality? The path of cultivation often involves all sorts of tribulations. If one can become an immortal just by taking a pill, wouldn’t that be child’s play?”

Lin Bai had a different point of view.

“Otherwise, how could one say that it was a heaven-defying act? Perhaps there is such a god-level pill in the world, but this alchemy cultivator failed. However, I rather admire him. It is said that cultivation is a competition with the heavens, but isn’t alchemy the same?”

Humans had heavenly tribulations, and pills had pill tribulations. It was said that after the refinement of pill tribulations, the quality of the medicinal pills would rise to a higher level, and the effects would be better.

Pill tribulations existed only after the refinement of top-grade medicinal pills. There were only a few alchemists in the world who were able to face pill tribulations. However, they rarely did so, and most people had only heard of it but had never seen it before.

Hearing Lin Bai’s words, Chen Yan felt refreshed, and he praised him even more.

“What you said is right. Everyone knows that powerful alchemists are as rare as Phoenix feathers and as respected by others. However, they don’t know that the hardships and difficulties involved are no less than the path of cultivation.”

It could be said that at the same level and even lower, an alchemist would have a greater advantage over an ordinary cultivator.

“It’s really valuable for you to have this kind of temperament. In the future, you will definitely be able to go further on the path of pill refinement.”

Faced with Chen Yan’s praise, Lin Bai was neither arrogant nor impatient. His expression was calm, and it made Chen Yan nod his head in praise.

As the two of them talked, the Alchemy Association was close at hand. The ancient buildings stood in front of them, and one could even faintly smell a medicinal fragrance.

Chen Yan took out a jade token from his body. Its shape and appearance were similar to the one he had given Lin Bai before, except that the materials were different. Moreover, there were five pieces of grass on it.

“This token represents our identity. First to third grade are wooden tokens, and fourth to eighth grade are jade tokens. The grades are determined by the number of plants on it.”

Lin Bai looked at the wooden token in his hand. It was the lowest grade in the Alchemist Association.

Chen Yan instructed in a low voice, “The association is very big. Follow me and don’t wander around.”

However, a sudden male voice sounded, “Isn’t this Chen Yan, the deserter? How did I meet you here? I thought you would hide your tail between your legs. I didn’t expect you to still dare to appear in the Association.”

A middle-aged man walked towards them. He was carrying the same jade token as Chen Yan. He was obviously a grade five alchemist, and there was a young man following behind him.

Chen Yan was furious. “Zhong Haoran, don’t slander me anymore. What deserter!”

Zhong Haoran immediately revealed a contemptuous smile. “You know best whether you’re a deserter or not. There’s no need for me to say it out loud. Even if you can afford to lose face, I’m too embarrassed to say it out loud.”

“Let me tell you. I’m not a deserter. My disciple will help me finish what I haven’t finished!”

After saying that, Chen Yan pulled Lin Bai out. “I’ve been working hard on this recently.. He’s a rare talent who can refine a seventh-grade spirit replenishing pill.”

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