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Chapter 87 - Refining Grade Seven Spirit Replenishing Pill

Chapter 87: Refining Grade Seven Spirit Replenishing Pill

After all, this concerned He Linsheng’s future. He Fan even made two preparations and ordered the people around him to quickly bid for the grade six spirit replenishing pill. In case Lin Bai didn’t succeed, he could only use this grade six spirit replenishing pill to remedy the situation.

He Xueyao watched her father busy himself. Those who didn’t know would think that He Linsheng was his biological son. She expressionlessly looked at the unconscious person on the bed, and then her expression returned to one of worry.

“Father, don’t worry. Linsheng is a lucky man. He will definitely survive this.”

“Sigh, if Linsheng’s cultivation falls and can’t recover his spirit vein, the He family won’t know what to do with their huge family business in the future.”

He Xueyao softly comforted him, “Don’t you still have a daughter?”

He Fan shook his head and revealed a bitter smile. “What can a daughter like you achieve? Moreover, you will get married sooner or later.”

When she heard this, He Xueyao’s expression froze. She lowered her head deeply. No one could see her expression clearly. When she raised her head again, her gentle expression did not change. However, a ray of spiritual light quietly flashed across her palm.

At this moment, Lin Bai added the medicinal ingredients into the cauldron one by one. A flame appeared in his palm. Its surface was fiery red, but its interior was flickering with golden light. However, it did not seem to have any temperature.

The Nine Yang True Flame was extremely rare. Naturally, no one had seen it before. From what they knew, the higher the grade of the flame, the higher the temperature, and the more extraordinary its aura was. It wasn’t like Lin Bai’s.

Chen Yan studied it for a moment, but he couldn’t tell what type of flame the flame in his palm was. However, from the outside, it seemed to have some extraordinary qualities.

He Fan was a little uneasy when he saw this. He asked, “Alchemist Chen, do you think he can successfully refine it?”

Chen Yan said tactfully, “Family head He, Even I’m not confident in this matter. Do you think this young man can succeed? It’s such a pity for these medicinal herbs.”

What he meant was that Lin Bai would definitely fail.

When He Qicheng heard this, he couldn’t help but complain, “Big Brother, back then, I said that this kid was unreliable, but in the end, you insisted on letting him try. Now, not only is it a waste of time, but it’s also a waste of so many precious medicinal herbs.”

He Fan’s expression was not very good. He looked at Lin Bai with a bleak gaze. He saw that he had already put all the medicinal herbs into the small cauldron.

As the flames circulated, the small black cauldron was wrapped inside. The originally pitch-black exterior had a few more golden-red rays of light, making it seem a little unusual.

Golden veins interweaved together, forming patterns that covered the entire chessboard. They enveloped the surroundings of the small cauldron and nourished the medicinal herbs inside. Specks of green were scattered all over it. They were filled with vigorous vitality, just like a small forest.

The flames spread and interweaved with the green. The forest gradually began to shrink. The herbs seemed to have received some unknown power and slowly merged together. The shape of the pill could be vaguely seen, but it was not pure. There were some impurities on it.

Lin Bai increased the intensity of the flame. As the last bit of green dispersed, it was replaced by a transparent light. It was as if all the herbs had been purified. All the impurities had been extracted, leaving behind the essence.

Everyone faintly smelled a medicinal fragrance. Chen Yan’s expression changed slightly, as if he couldn’t believe it. “If the refinement isn’t successful, the smell shouldn’t be like this. Could it be that he succeeded! ?”

Hearing this, He Qicheng and He Fan were overjoyed. When all hope seemed lost, this happened.

“In that case, he really can refine a seventh grade spirit replenishing pill!”

Chen Yan nodded. The brothers were only happy for a second before they saw him shake his head. They didn’t understand what he meant.

“From the current situation, he might be able to refine a grade seven spirit replenishing pill. However, there are many factors that affect the pill refinement. Until the moment the cauldron is opened, it is still unknown what grade the pill will be.”

He Xueyao’s gentle voice sounded, “What Alchemist Chen means is that if it is affected, the quality of the pill will drop.”

“Naturally, that is the case. It is also possible that the talent of the alchemist isn’t good enough, resulting in a lack of spiritual energy supply. When the pill is about to be formed, the quality of the pill will drop as well.”

What he meant was that Lin Bai was able to refine the pill, but whether he would succeed in the end was still unknown.

As they talked, the strange medicinal fragrance became stronger and stronger, refreshing people’s minds. Smelling it made people’s spirits rise, and everyone’s attitude, which was originally casual, became extremely cautious.

Especially Chen Yan’s eyes, which were wide open and burning. Those who didn’t know would think that he had discovered some treasure.

Along with the strange medicinal fragrance, a layer of gray fog appeared on the small broken furnace. Then, it slowly turned white, and the milk-like color gradually faded.

Chen Yan knew that this was a sign that the pill was about to be formed. When the fog became transparent, it meant that the pill was formed. He didn’t even dare to blink his eyes, afraid that he would miss a moment.

Seeing him like this, He Qicheng, He Fan, and He Qicheng also became a little nervous.

Just as Lin Bai was fully focused on refining the pill,

a cold light rushed over from behind him. Everyone’s attention was attracted to it, so they did not notice it at all. Lin Bai frowned. The cold light circled around the small broken furnace and was about to enter it.

One had to know that it was about to form a core. If a bit of impurities were to seep in, it would affect the quality of the final core formation. Unfortunately, the Nine Yang True Flame suddenly rose and swallowed it in an instant. It did not even stir up a wave.

All the changes happened in the blink of an eye. It was as if nothing had happened. The medicinal fragrance became stronger and the lid of the cauldron also rose spontaneously.

Chen Yan could not help but shout, “It’s time to condense the pill. Success or failure depends on this one move!”

Everyone’s heart was in their throats. Could Lin Bai succeed?

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