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Chapter 84 - I’ll Go With You Guys

Chapter 84: I’ll Go With You Guys

When the Dean heard Lin Bai’s words, he could not help but hold his forehead. No matter how he heard it, it sounded as if he was cursing his son to die early. He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t say too much.”

He could tell that the Shao family did not want to get involved in this mess. He reckoned that the He family also had a certain level of strength, which was why the Shao family did not want to offend them. So what if He Linsheng made the first move? The truth that he was laying unconscious on the bed.

“Fellow daoist, they are young and impetuous, so it is inevitable that they will be a little impulsive. However, it is true that they did not injure He Linsheng. The most important reason is that he overdosed on the medicinal pills and resulted in a backlash.”

Seeing that they kept bringing up the medicinal pills, He Qichen became even angrier. “Who are you?”

“I’m their teacher.”

He Qichen sized up the dean from head to toe, and his eyes revealed a hint of contempt. “With this kind of strength, you’re not even qualified to speak in front of me.”

The dean’s expression did not change. “No matter how strong a person is, they still have to be reasonable. So many of us can clearly see that these two children really did not harm He Linsheng.”

He Qicheng did not want to waste any more time with them. “You’re all together. Naturally, you’re colluding to distort the truth, trying to confuse the public. And even if there’s a reason behind the backlash from the pills, these two are also the main culprits.”

He stared fiercely at Lin Bai. “If it wasn’t for him, how could my son have swallowed so many pills?”

Lin Bai had seen unreasonable people before, but he had never seen such unreasonable people. Lin Bai almost laughed out of anger at He Qicheng. “The one who started the challenge was He Linsheng. The one who wasn’t strong enough and got defeated was also He Linsheng. In the end, he still wanted us to take the blame.”

He Qicheng flew into a rage. His five fingers turned into claws as he reached out to grab Lin Bai. He shifted his body and dodged He Qicheng’s attack.

“What is this logic? You can’t beat me in an argument so you want to beat me into a confession? Although we don’t have the background of your He family and use our power to oppress others, there is still reason left in this world.”

“You always say that I injured He Linsheng and that we are making up lies. Why don’t you ask an alchemist to come and see if his internal injuries were caused by excessive consumption of medicinal pills? It will be obvious at a glance whether it is true or false.”

He Qicheng’s expression changed slightly. Previously, he had asked a doctor to come and see him. He only said that He Linsheng’s spiritual power had dried up and did not give a detailed reason. Now, Lin Bai and the others were being so serious, they would be exposed if they really invited an alchemist.

Exposing that He Linsheng had indeed swallowed an excessive amount of medicinal pills was also the main culprit for him vomiting blood and fainting. He looked at he fan with some unease. Seeing that he fan’s expression was uncertain, he hurriedly said.

“Don’t quibble here. You said that you wanted us to go and invite a physician. I think you guys should have taken this opportunity to escape.”

Seeing He Qicheng’s expression, Lin Bai knew that he was extremely guilty. At that time, he definitely did not invite an alchemist. He just wanted to push all the blame onto them.

“If you’re afraid that we’ll escape, I’ll go with you. You don’t have anything to worry about now do you?”

Having said that, He Qicheng was instantly speechless.

He Fan, who had been silent the entire time, frowned at the side. He had originally thought that the ones who had injured He Linsheng were a few kids from the countryside. It was purely a fluke that they had been able to win, or they had relied on some disgraceful method.

But now that he looked at it, the truth was not as he had thought. Their temperament was extraordinary. Those who did not know would have thought that they were core disciples from some sect. Their attitude was neither humble nor arrogant, and they spoke with reason and evidence, making it impossible for anyone to refute them.

Although this group of people had come from a small place and were not very strong, the capital had a clear rule that innocent people could not be killed indiscriminately. If they really did not care about the consequences of their actions, it was likely that they would incur immeasurable consequences.

Seeing that the atmosphere was anxious, a gentle female voice suddenly sounded.

“Since they said that Linsheng had consumed too many medicinal pills, why don’t we invite an alchemist over?”

Lin Bai looked towards the direction of the voice. It was a gentle and delicate-looking woman. Her eyebrows were not well-defined, and her lips were not dyed red. Her pair of autumn water eyes flickered with a gentle light. Her appearance, which did not have any offensive power, was extremely easy to make people feel at ease and wary.

Seeing him look over, He Xueyao nodded her head.

When He Qicheng heard this, he was a little anxious. “Xueyao, how can you listen to slander and speak up for this group of people? Don’t fall for their tricks. It’s just to stall for time.”

He Xue Yao said slowly, “Second uncle, don’t be anxious. Although I’m also very concerned about Linsheng’s accident, the most important thing is to treat him first, right? Only by finding out the source of the illness can we treat the illness properly.”

Her words completely blocked He Qicheng’s path of retreat. Lin Bai looked at He Xueyao without batting an eyelid. He could not figure out what she was up to.

He Fan, who was initially hesitant, was even more shaken when he heard her words.

“Father, I don’t think they can escape either. Just like what he said just now, at worst, we can just take him away. If something really happens to Linsheng, it won’t be too late for us to deal with him then.”

He Qicheng knew very well that delay could lead to change, but He Xueyao just had to stand up and speak at this time.

He Fan thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay, we’ll do as you said. You’ll come with us! The others will stay in the Shao family and are not allowed to leave.”

“Master Shao, you probably won’t help them, right?”

What he meant was that he was worried that Shao Feng would secretly let them go.

Shao Feng put on a fake smile and said, “The Shao family will not act like that. Moreover, I won’t bend the law for personal gain. I’ll only stand on the side of fairness and justice.”

Everyone was a little worried as they watched Lin Bai and the He family leave.

“Senior brother Bai, will anything happen to senior brother Lin?”

Bai He shook his head. For some reason, he had an inexplicable confidence in Lin Bai. “I believe in him. With his strength, he’ll definitely be able to return safely.”

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