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Chapter 72 - More Trouble

Chapter 72: More Trouble

Just as Lin Bai was cultivating in the Spirit Gathering Pavilion, the Shao family disciples who could not find him for a long time had no choice but to go back and report to him.

Shao Feng was furious when he heard that. “What! You actually lost him?”

The two disciples only realized how serious the matter was when they saw Shao Feng’s bleak expression as if he was about to eat someone up. They originally thought that they had just lost a student from the country side. Now that they looked at the family head, it seemed that there was something else going on.

A great pressure came from above their heads. The sword technique struck down from the sky with a thunderous momentum. The two disciples suddenly spat out large mouthfuls of blood. Like frightened quails, they trembled and did not dare to raise their heads.

“Please spare our lives, family head. We have been following closely. Who would have thought that the person would disappear in the blink of an eye? He must have discovered our tracking and used some kind of method.”

The third elder’s expression was also not very good. “This Lin Bai is definitely the murderer. Otherwise, how would he have discovered our tracking and thought of ways to get rid of these two disciples? He must be feeling guilty and trying to escape.”

Shao Feng could not contain his anger. He was about to catch Shao Yuchen’s murderer, but because of these two disciples, he let him go. How could he not be angry.

He immediately regretted not listening to the third elder at the beginning. Now that he had let the tiger go back to the mountain, it would be very difficult to find Lin Bai again.

Shao Feng gritted his teeth and said with a slightly murderous tone, “You deserve to die.”

The two disciples kowtowed desperately and begged for mercy, “Master, please spare my life. Master, please spare my life.”

It was too late. At that time, Shao Feng’s spiritual power turned into a sword and was about to hit their skulls, but he was stopped by the fourth elder next to him.

“Family head, it’s useless to punish them now. Since we already know who the murderer is, I heard that the person who came with him, the dean of his school is also here. It’s better to follow the clues and capture his family. It’ll be useful after all.”

What he said made sense. As expected, Shao Feng’s expression became much better. He smiled sinisterly and revealed a hint of malevolence. “Very good. Since he ran away, let his family atone for their sins.”

At this moment, a servant came to report that Lin Bai had returned. Moreover, he was right outside the door. Shao Feng could not believe it. He hurriedly joined the few elders and happened to see Lin Bai walking into the main door.

He immediately revealed a flattered expression. “How could I be able to make everyone welcome me like this?”

The third elder blurted out, “Didn’t you run away?”

Lin Bai immediately revealed a confused expression. “Run? Where am I going to run to? Moreover, am I not here to study. I’m just going out for a walk to get some fresh air. How could I run away?”

After saying that, he seemed to be joking. “Could it be that the Shao family has treated us as prisoners?”

The third elder knew that he had misspoken and quickly said, “Of course not. We’re just worried about your safety. However, where did you go previously? Seeing that you haven’t returned for so long, we were worried that something might have happened to you, but we couldn’t find you no matter how hard we tried.”

Lin Bai waved the plate in his hand. Only then did everyone realize that it was actually the Spirit Gathering Pavilion’s “A” plate.

“You actually went to the Spirit Gathering Pavilion!”

Lin Bai nodded. “I heard that the Spirit Gathering Pavilion’s cultivation room is pretty good. I just spent too much time cultivating. Sorry for troubling everyone to worry about me. If there’s nothing else, I’m going back to my room first.”

Under the watchful eyes of Shao Feng, the elders, and the others, Lin Bai walked in calmly.

The other elders looked at each other. “Elder, look at this –”

They thought that Lin Bai had run away, so there was no doubt that he was the murderer. However, now that he had come back, would he be so stupid if he was really the murderer? Would he walk right into the trap?

“The murderer should be someone else. If he was really guilty, he wouldn’t have come back.”

The third elder, on the other hand, had a different opinion. “Perhaps he released a smoke bomb to confuse us. Anyway, I think this person is very suspicious. There’s actually nothing wrong with him. Why would he ditch the people we sent out?”

“Perhaps it’s just an accident. Moreover, what’s the benefit of doing this? Rather than releasing a smoke bomb, it’s better to directly escape.”

Other than Lin Bai, there were also quite a number of people who went out earlier. The disciples that were sent out to follow them all came back to report, but they did not find anything unusual. Shao Feng could not make up his mind for a while. “Let’s stick to the previous plan. We should not alert the enemy for the time being. Anyway, all the people are here. None of them can escape.”

Lin Bai did not know that he had escaped unscathed. When he returned to the courtyard, the director said, “The Shao family seems to have something to talk to you about. They seem to be quite anxious.”

“We bumped into each other when we entered the house just now. Nothing happened.”

“You don’t know. When they saw that you had not returned for a long time, they looked a little pale. They sent someone to ask me several times. It’s really strange that there’s nothing going on now.”

The Dean’s ridicule made Lin Bai think.

“Oh right, where did you go before?”

“I went to the Spirit Gathering Pavilion to cultivate.”

The Dean had come to the capital before and knew about the Spirit Gathering Pavilion. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but reveal a look of amazement, “Kid, you’re good. I was just about to tell you, but I didn’t expect you to find it yourself. You even have an A class plate.”

Just as the two of them were talking, a commotion came from outside.

“Senior brother Bai is in big trouble. Chen Yan and a few others from the Sword Cultivation Academy have been detained.”

Bai He and the others also rushed over when they heard the news. “What’s going on?”

It turned out that Chen Yan and the others had an argument with someone and were ridiculed as being from the countryside. They were so angry that they argued for a while. They didn’t expect that that person would actually start a fight, and the others were all detained.

It was this disciple who saw that the situation wasn’t looking good and slipped back early in the morning to inform the others.

“Come, let’s hurry and take a look.”

Even though they weren’t from the same academy, they still had to take care of each other when they were out. Most people chose to go, and Lin Bai was naturally among them.

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