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Chapter 67 - Arrive At The Capital City

Chapter 67: Arrive At The Capital City

The crowd was so flustered that they did not know where to go and did not pay attention to their direction. The place where they were running became more and more remote until they did not see the red-spotted poison-eyed scorpion. Only then did they stop.

“Why isn’t the red-spotted poison-eyed scorpion chasing after us?”

Their expressions were unsightly. They were running so fast that they were almost out of breath. “We might have shaken it off.”

It was not easy for them to catch their breath. The Shao family’s disciple sat on the ground without any sense of propriety. However, he accidentally touched something. It was a little dry, and there was a crisp sound when he pinched it. He picked it up curiously to take a look.

It was a piece of skin. More accurately, it was the skin shed by some kind of reptile. Half of the huge black and white pattern was missing, and it was not complete. Just from the pattern, one could tell that this creature was huge.

“What kind of animal’s skin is this?”

“Judging from the pattern, it should be a snake. Moreover, it has been around for a very long time. Even the shed skin is this big. One can imagine how terrifying the original body is.”

A disciple said casually, “Since there is a snake shed here, the snake itself wouldn’t be nearby right?”

When everyone heard this, their faces immediately turned pale. The air was extremely quiet, and they could vaguely hear rustling sounds.

That disciple felt a little strange. “Why aren’t you guys talking? Is there something wrong with what I said?”

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, and his voice trembled. “I’m only joking. How could it be such a coincidence… Hahaha.”

He laughed out loud to ease the awkwardness, but he didn’t notice that his companion’s eyes were getting more and more frightened. He also became panicked. “Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t scare me.”

“Hiss Hiss –”

The rustling sound became more and more obvious, like a reptile passing through the grass. At the same time, there was a continuous hissing sound. He felt a chill coming from his back.

He suddenly turned his head and bumped into the pair of cold and bloodthirsty beast eyes. It suddenly opened its mouth wide, and a fishy wind blew against his face.

The snake stood up and almost covered the sky. Its body was dark and shiny, and its scales flickered with an ice-cold light. Its body was meandering in the grass, and its tail couldn’t be seen at all. It was as if it could coil up the entire Demon Beast Forest.

“It’s all your fault, you jinx. Good things don’t come true, but bad things come true.”

Everyone simply lost their temper. No wonder the red-spotted poison eye scorpion did not continue to chase after them. It turned out that they had already run into the territory of the forest’s black boa. It was at least half a step into the grandmaster realm.

Even the third elder felt extremely numb. If a grandmaster level demon beast appeared later on, he would not be surprised.

A hint of surprise flashed across Lin Bai’s eyes. It seemed that the person behind this was was quite willing to use means to deal with him. He just did not know who was targeting him.

The Shao family, who was far away from the capital city, did not know about the third elder’s bumpy journey.

Shao Feng was a little puzzled. Before they left, the third elder had sent him a message. Based to their journey, they should have arrived a long time ago. It had already been a few days, but there was still no sign of them.

The fourth elder guessed from the side, “Could there be an accident on the way?”

Shao Feng shook his head, “Based on the strength of the third elder, he should be able to handle it. Moreover, although the Demon Beast Forest is dangerous, those powerful demon beasts live in seclusion. As long as they don’t take the initiative to provoke them, there’s no problem at all.”

Just as they were talking, a servant rushed in. “Reporting to the master, the third elder and the others have entered the city!”

Shao Feng could not help but be a little excited. After all, the murderer who killed Shao Yuchen was among them. They would be able to capture him immediately and bring him to justice so that he could comfort his son’s soul in heaven. He spoke with a bleak tone.

“Act according to the plan! Once we find the traces of that thief, we’ll take him down without hesitation!”

The other elders nodded in agreement. When they went out to welcome them, they were shocked by the scene in front of them. They could not help but ask, “Who are you guys?”

The group in front of them looked like refugees who had entered the city. Their clothes were tattered and full of burn marks and holes. Those people also had disheveled hair and dirty faces. There were also bumps of varying sizes on their faces. It was really difficult to distinguish their appearances clearly.

“It’s me!”

Upon hearing the familiar voice, the fourth and fifth elders looked at each other and said in disbelief, “Third elder, how did you end up like this?”

With this image, not to mention the third elder of the Shao clan, even a random person on the street would have a better image.

Even the disciples at the back were far too different from their dignified appearance before they left. People would think that they were beggars.

Hearing this, the third elder felt both angry and embarrassed. His face flushed red like a cooked shrimp. As the third elder of the Shao family, a half-way grandmaster, he actually ended up like this.

It was a long story.

It turned out that when the third elder and the others were being chased by the red-spotted venomous eye scorpion, they were in a panic and didn’t pay attention to their direction. They ran to the territory of the forest black boa, but they still couldn’t escape the fate of being hunted down.

When they finally got rid of the forest black boa, there was another flying centipede. It could be said that they had gone through a lot of hardships along the way, and they finally walked out of the Demonic Beast Forest.

After listening to the third elder’s soul-stirring story, the other elders were even more surprised. It must be known that they had never had so much trouble when they passed through the Demon Beast Forest in the past.

“You guys are so –”

For a moment, they actually did not know what to say. It felt as if they were possessed by the god of misfortune.

Looking at the teams behind them, although they were also in a somewhat miserable state, they were really much better than the third elder and the others. They were clearly weaker, but the unlucky ones were the third elder and the others. How could it not be infuriating.

Of course, there was someone who did this.

“These are the people in the mystic realm? They’re all here, right?”

The third elder nodded. He did not forget the task that Shao Feng had given him. “They’re all here. However, I did not find the person that the master described after observing them along the way.”

The fourth elder sneered and said, “It seems that he’s still hiding very deeply. However, we’ll be able to find him soon when we reach our territory.”

A few people whispered to each other. After that, fourth elder, fifth elder, and the others put on a warm smile, “I believe that all of you must be tired from the journey. You must have worked hard on the journey. Hand over your weapons first. I will bring you to meet the master of the Shao family right now.”

Upon hearing that they had put down their weapons, there was some commotion in the crowd. “Why do you want us to hand over our weapons? You must know that these are all personal belongings. How can we hand them over so easily?”

The fourth elder put on a fake smile. “This is also for the sake of the family head’s safety. All the guests who have come to visit our Shao family have done the same. We will return them to you after we have finished meeting the family head.”

When they thought about the status of the Shao family, it was inevitable that they would do such a thing for the sake of their family head’s safety. It was not appropriate for the crowd to say anything else. All of them obediently handed over their weapons.

Lin Bai’s eyes flashed. He recalled what Bai He had said earlier. They arrived in the capital, and this was still the Shao family, so it was better to act carefully.

Fortunately, the dean of Education had given him a sword on the way, so he handed it over.

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