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Chapter 55 - Great Change In The Mystic Realm

Chapter 55: Great Change In The Mystic Realm

“Could it be that I didn’t wake up from my dream today? What kind of person is Lin Bai? I don’t think I’ve heard of him before.”

“Bai He actually lost? It can’t be a joke, right? How could he lose? You have to know that Bai He is publicly recognized as a master by the Sword Cultivation Academy. A person from the fifth high school was actually able to defeat him!”

The crowd was discussing animatedly, as lively as a market. In the end, it was the principal of the Sword Cultivation Academy who spoke. His majestic voice filled the entire valley, and only then did they quieten down.


Lin Bai arrived late. Looking at the vast crowd not far away, he hesitated for a moment and subconsciously gripped Ruo Shui’s handle. Could it be that these people had been attracted by the commotion he had caused?

An inexplicable guilt flashed through his eyes. After all, all the swords in the sword tomb were with him. If those who wanted to go to the sword tomb knew about it, they would probably be furious.

“They probably wouldn’t be able to tell.”

An ordinary man would be guilty if he had a treasure. Lin Bai understood this principle. He absolutely could not let others know that he had emptied the sword tomb.

Ruo Shui looked ordinary on the outside, and even Lin Bai had been fooled at first, not to mention the others. Thinking of this, he immediately felt at ease.

Seeing Lin Bai’s arrival, the neat teams rustled for a moment, then quickly regained their calm.

The four principals’ eyes were like torches as they flashed past him. The principal of the Imperial Beast Academy asked, “Why did you come out so late?”

Lin Bai casually replied, “I was chasing a demonic beast and got lost, so I wasted some time.”

Those people didn’t say anything. They sized him up a few times, as if they were considering whether he was telling the truth or not.

If it were anyone else facing these big powerful beings, they would have long been so nervous that they would have lost their footing. On the other hand, Lin Bai acted as if nothing had happened. He didn’t reply too humbly, causing the principal of the Sword Cultivator Academy to look at him with approval.

The few headmasters didn’t continue asking. After all, they still had more important things to do, so there was no need to waste time on such a small matter.

Instead, the headmaster of the Sword Cultivation Academy stopped in his tracks. His gaze paused on Lin Bai’s sword for a moment. “That sword –”

“Headmaster Zhao, what are you looking at?”

The other headmaster followed his gaze and looked over. Headmaster Sun of the Body Cultivation Academy said indifferently, “It’s just an ordinary sword. What’s there for you to pay so much attention to?”

“That trye but I still have a feeling about it.”

Principal Zhao felt that it was a little strange, but he couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was strange. He stretched out his spiritual sense to cover the body of the sword, but there was nothing strange about it.

“Alright, let’s not waste any more time. Don’t forget that we still have to deal with the matter of the sword tomb.”

When principal Zhao heard this, he suppressed the faint doubt in his heart. Perhaps he was thinking too much, so he turned around and retracted his spiritual sense.

Dean Li of the Beast Tamer Academy instructed, “Since everyone has come out, then seal off the Mystic Essence Mystic Realm.”

They looked at each other, and at the same time, the leading teachers began to evacuate the crowd. He told them to return to their respective schools and not to come any closer.

On the way back, everyone was still discussing the matters in the mystic realm. After all, only a few people knew the location of the sword tomb, and most of them didn’t know what had happened.

“The duration of this mystic realm exploration is too short. This is the first time I’ve stopped halfway. Does anyone know what happened?”

“Exactly. It’s been fine for so many years, but this is the first time such a problem has appeared.”

“Don’t tell anyone else. I have a relative from the Sword Cultivation Academy. I heard that something big happened in the sword tomb, so that’s why this is happening.”

Hearing the discussions around them, Chen Wu and Luo Qin became even more curious. They couldn’t help but ask, “Lin Bai, you were in the mystic realm. Do you know what happened in the Sword Tomb?”

Lin Bai silently apologized in his heart.

He also revealed a puzzled look on his face. Without blinking, he said, “I don’t know. I was wondering the same thing.”

At this moment, Bai He suddenly walked over.

“You took the map of the sword tomb. Did you find anything strange there?”

Lin Bai sighed and revealed a regretful expression. “Who would have thought that something like this would happen while we were on the way? I had no choice but to come out.”

Bai He did not say anything. He only gave him a deep look. Lin Bai was not afraid and allowed him to size him up. After all, none of the principals had seen anything, so how could he possibly find anything strange.

On the way back, Luo Qin and Chen Wu were extremely curious. Being stared at by their burning gazes, Lin Bai felt a little helpless.

“If you want to ask something, just ask.”

This sentence was like a switch. Luo Qin and Chen Wu said in unison.

“You actually beat Bai He!”

“How did you beat Bai He!”

Lin Bai spoke with confidence and assurance. When he talked about the matter in the mystic realm, he only covered up the part where he had gone to the sword tomb to obtain Ruo Shui. Hearing this, the two of them were full of ups and downs and were extremely excited.

“Let those people from the four major academies look down on us. This will be a slap in the face. Let’s see if they dare to be arrogant again next time. This is called the saying that there is always someone better than them.”

Luo Qin laughed out loud and felt extremely relieved.

On the other hand, Chen Wu looked at Lin Bai worriedly and asked with concern, “It was simply too dangerous. Are you hurt?”

Seeing Lin Bai shake his head, she was finally relieved.

By the time the three of them returned to the school, the Dean had already been waiting there for a long time. “The mystic realm actually closed early this time. I’m relieved to see that all of you have returned safely. Are all of you alright?”

Luo Qin immediately seemed to have opened the floodgates of his words. “Dean, you don’t know that our operation this time has been full of twists and turns, especially Lin Bai. You don’t even know how awe-inspiring he is. He’s practically beaten the people of the four great academies until they have no attitudes…”

Although the teaching director had more or less received some news previously, when he heard Luo Qin’s explanation at this moment, he could not help but reveal a surprised expression.

Seeing the two of them talking fervently while leaving the person involved at the side, Lin Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw this scene.

Even Chen Wu could not help but roll her eyes. “Don’t bother about them. They must be very tired after staying in the mystic realm for so long. Go back and rest early. I’ll inform you if there’s any news.”

Lin Bai nodded and did not stand on ceremony. After all, he was probably the biggest winner of this trip to the mystic realm. Not only did he subdue Little Black, he had even taken the entire sword tomb away.

However, they seemed to be sealed in his body due to Ruo Shui. He did not know how to use them. He needed to find a place where no one was around to study about this.

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